Super Rev Strategy

This is a strategy version of the super Rev Study, its a buy sell indicator that uses a combination of 3 super trend lines , EMA , Williams %R , the squeeze momentum indicator and the MK oscillator

The super trend lines and ema are utilised to locate the trend.
The williams %R has been incorporated to determine overbought/oversold conditions.
The MK oscillator is used to filter out trades

The buy and sell flags are generated based on the following conditions:

The location of the price in relation to the super trend lines
if the price is above or below the EMA .
If the Williams %R is oversold/overbought
Mk oscillator over or under

The squeeze momentum indicator can be added as a filter to only allows trade in certain conditions i.e bullish and above the 0 line or avoid trades if bearish and above the 0 line for example.

All the indicators involved can be customised to created a unique indicator

we strongly recommend testing this strategy in bar replay mode to highlight repaint conditions, increasing the candle confirmation on the Mk oscillator settings can be used to minimise these situations

The strategy results in the image, have used the following inputs to generate the results

Starting equity - 10,000
% of equity - 10%
Commission - 0.0075
Slippage - 10 pips

Created by manomanomano, Developed by @badshah_e_alam
Release Notes: %R higher time frame function added
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