5 Magic Numbers + Extra Data

Additional Float Public Shares Percentage%.
Easily getting data and making decision

"FQ = FQ means the financial year of Latest Quarter Report Data"
"FY = FY means the financial year of Latest Last Year Data"
"TTM = TTM means the financial year of Latest past 12 consecutive months of a company’s performance data"

Net Profit Y : FY
Net Profit Qcurrent : FQ
Net Margin Q (%) : FQ
Total Shares : FQ
Float Public shares : FY
Market Cap : Current Value
P.E.R < 10% : FY
R.O.E Cap > 15% :FY
Dividend Yield (%) :FY
E.P.S X 8.1 < Current Price ( RM ) :TTM
N.T.A < Current Price ( RM ) :FQ
Release Notes: UPDATED R.O.E , P.E.R , Float Share, Float share number is from last year, for current float share you can get see on the right of trading view.
We cannot grab the data. If anybody knows, tell us.
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