Overvalued stocks

Stocks that have significantly increased in price due a large demand are called overbought. This is often the case when there are too many buyers who push the price so high that it can’t be justified by company financials. When sellers start outweighing buyers, the price can change its direction. Another scenario that causes stocks to become overbought is when a company buys back its own stocks. Be careful when buying overvalued stocks as there could be a retracement.

AA Alba Minerals Inc 0.258.89%0.02Buy657.300K10.599M-0.05Basic Materials
AAR.UN Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust 8.090.00%0.00Buy1.820M2.475B7.341.1050.00Financials
AAT Ati Airtest Technologies Inc 0.0727.27%0.01Strong Buy865.200K1.909M-0.02Industrials
AB.H Asbestos Corporation Limited 0.6518.18%0.10Buy4.000K1.844M2.800.23Basic Materials
ACZ.UN American Core Sectors Dividend Fund 12.150.00%0.00Buy2.470K
AFN Ag Growth International Inc. 58.07-0.75%-0.44Buy58.480K945.168M38.771.911667.00Industrials
AIM.PR.B Aimia Inc Pref Series 2 14.006.06%0.80Strong Buy10.867K616.844M-0.833200.00Consumer Cyclicals
AIM.PR.C Aimia Inc Pref Series 3 14.702.08%0.30Buy9.930K616.844M-0.833200.00Consumer Cyclicals
AIMI.P Aim1 Ventures Inc 0.326.67%0.02Strong Buy20.500K
AKG Asanko Gold Inc 1.100.00%0.00Buy665.673K223.885M48.420.03380.00Basic Materials
ALA.PR.B Altagas Ltd Pref Series B 22.510.04%0.01Buy1.272K5.087B62.270.471632.00Utilities
ANX Anaconda Mining Inc. 0.12-7.69%-0.01Buy1.913M54.935M-0.015.00Basic Materials
APE Apogee Opportunities Inc 0.3413.33%0.04Buy129.361K2.693M-0.13Basic Materials
APS Aptose Biosciences Inc 3.501.16%0.04Buy46.723K91.697M-0.8221.00Healthcare
ARU Aurania Resources Ltd 4.756.03%0.27Strong Buy42.987K101.964M-0.31Basic Materials
ATA Ats Automation 17.152.57%0.43Buy359.307K1.569B39.330.433500.00Industrials
ATZ Aritzia Inc 13.75-0.07%-0.01Buy191.588K1.531B98.150.152246.00Consumer Cyclicals
AVL Avalon Advanced Materials Inc 0.150.00%0.00Buy223.402K31.274M-0.02Basic Materials
AZ Arizona Mining Inc 4.617.58%0.33Buy1.463M1.338B-0.0219.00Basic Materials
BAM.PR.B Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc., Pr. Ser 2 17.001.98%0.33Buy2.406K52.478B93.170.4755000.00Financials
BAM.PR.C Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc., Pr. Ser 4 16.82-0.41%-0.07Buy2.920K52.478B93.170.4755000.00Financials
BAM.PR.K Brookfield Asset Mgmt Inc., Pr. Ser 13 17.101.12%0.19Buy15.190K52.330B92.920.5855000.00Financials
BANK Bmo Glb Banks Hgd To Cad Etf 22.65-0.22%-0.05Buy7.310K
BCE.PR.B Bce Inc. First Pr Shares Series Ab 21.150.95%0.20Buy49.504K52.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.D Bce Inc. Preferred Shares Series Ad 21.171.05%0.22Buy9.951K52.358B17.983.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.E Bce 1st Pref Shares Series Ae 21.141.20%0.25Strong Buy43.344K52.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.F Bce 1st Pref Shares Series Af 19.940.45%0.09Buy15.900K52.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.G Bce 1st Pref Shares Series Ag 19.18-0.10%-0.02Buy14.159K52.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.H Bce 1st Pref Shares Series Ah 21.100.86%0.18Strong Buy15.528K52.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.J Bce Inc Preferred Sh Series Aj 21.161.00%0.21Buy5.848K52.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.L Bce Inc Pref Series Al 18.900.53%0.10Buy2.300K52.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.N Bce Inc Preferred Shares Series An 20.301.00%0.20Strong Buy1.100K52.358B17.983.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.S Bce Inc Ser S 21.161.00%0.21Strong Buy1.200K52.263B17.872.6048090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.Y Bce Inc Ser Y Pr 21.151.59%0.33Strong Buy4.348K52.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCE.PR.Z Bce Inc Series Z 21.141.88%0.39Buy10052.034B17.873.2348090.00Telecommunications Services
BCR.H Bluerock Ventures Corp 0.2581.48%0.11Buy33.980K1.246M-0.01Financials
BDI Black Diamond Group Ltd 2.95-1.67%-0.05Buy263.217K166.224M-1.30235.00Consumer Cyclicals
BLX Boralex Inc. 24.521.70%0.41Buy196.569K1.838B-0.09325.00Utilities
BMO Bank Of Montreal 103.320.67%0.69Buy1.526M66.488B12.967.9545000.00Financials
BMO.PR.A Bmo Pref Shares Series 26 23.360.17%0.04Buy30066.488B12.967.9545000.00Financials
BNS.PR.D Bns Preferred Shares Series 31 23.850.08%0.02Buy2.103K97.733B12.556.5588645.00Financials
BNS.PR.Z Bns Preferred Series 32 23.670.17%0.04Buy1.916K97.733B12.556.5588645.00Financials
BPO.PR.W Brookfield Office Properties Pref Ser W 15.16-0.92%-0.14Buy400
BPO.PR.X Brookfield Office Properties Pref Ser V 15.291.93%0.29Buy100
BPO.PR.Y Brookfield Office Properties Pref Ser Y 15.000.81%0.12Buy1.500K
CALL Evolve Us Banks Enhanced Yield Etf 22.150.32%0.07Buy520
CBN.A Ishares Balanced Growth Core Etf Ac 21.910.27%0.06Strong Buy315
CCD Cascadero Copper Corporation 0.1219.05%0.02Buy1.147M19.851M-0.01Basic Materials
CCZ Critical Control Energy Services Corp 0.200.00%0.00Strong Buy27.000K8.807M-0.04251.00Technology
CD Cantex Mine Development Corp 0.0440.00%0.01Buy363.500K3.111M-0.01235.00Basic Materials
CES First Asset Core Us Equity Etf 24.70-0.12%-0.03Buy100
CES.U First Asset Core Us Equity Etf Usd Unhgd 25.212.15%0.53Strong Buy750
CF Canaccord Genuity Group Inc 6.65-0.89%-0.06Buy198.730K761.662M51.810.131953.00Financials
CFF Conifex Timber Inc 6.01-0.33%-0.02Buy32.906K159.399M10.560.57Basic Materials
CJT Cargojet Inc. 62.000.19%0.12Strong Buy12.510K823.419M64.700.97727.00Industrials
CNS Contagious Gaming Inc 0.2391.67%0.11Buy369.869K
CNU Cnooc Limited 191.345.52%10.01Strong Buy25488.981B18.498.5615279.00Energy
CTC.A Canadian Tire Corporation, Cl. A, Nv 170.880.25%0.43Buy226.889K11.663B16.8810.1212356.00Consumer Cyclicals
CUD.A Ishares Sp Us Div Growers Etf Ac 41.750.38%0.16Strong Buy342
CUF.UN Cominar R E Un 14.730.68%0.10Buy392.441K2.710B12.451.18754.00Financials
CXXI.H C21 Investments Inc 1.38-4.17%-0.06Buy38.500K8.252M-0.12Energy
DGR Wisdomtree Us Qlty Div Gwth Idx Etf 26.801.27%0.34Buy1.075K
DIR.UN Dream Industrial Reit 9.350.43%0.04Buy105.239K695.008M239.520.07Financials
DISC Bmo Glb Consumer Disc Hgd To Cad Etf 23.300.30%0.07Buy585
DIVS Evolve Active Cdn Pref Share Etf 21.170.24%0.05Buy21.500K
DPM Dundee Precious Metals Inc. 3.30-0.30%-0.01Buy86.694K590.705M-0.822898.00Basic Materials
DQD Wisdomtree Us Qlty Div Gwth Var Hgd Etf 25.971.52%0.39Strong Buy100
DSM Deep South Resources Inc 0.290.00%0.00Buy134.000K15.675M-0.02Basic Materials
DXG Dyn Ishares Active Global Div Etf 24.881.10%0.27Strong Buy3.233K
EBY Emerald Bay Energy Inc 0.040.00%0.00Buy790.100K8.071M-0.01Energy
EGT Eguana Technologies Inc 0.258.70%0.02Buy2.052M50.066M-0.0253.00Industrials
EMA.PR.B Emera Inc Pref Sh Series B 18.991.28%0.24Strong Buy3.300K10.557B17.362.677442.00Utilities
ERF Enerplus Corporation 13.831.62%0.22Buy1.435M3.295B3.294.41472.00Energy
ERL.H Earl Resources Limited 0.1852.17%0.06Buy2.500K
FBU First Asset Us Buyback Index Etf 27.801.02%0.28Buy2.070K
FCY First Asset Cambridge Core Us Equity Etf 24.430.21%0.05Buy450
FEC Frontera Energy Corporation 43.49-0.34%-0.15Buy17.850K2.182B0.7260.332750.00Energy
FFH.PR.F Fairfax Financial Holdings Pref Ser F 19.400.78%0.15Buy1.800K18.783B375.752.7731100.00Financials
FFH.PR.J Fairfax Fncl Holdings Ltd Pref Ser J 22.130.36%0.08Buy90018.783B375.752.7731100.00Financials
FLT Drone Delivery Canada Corp 1.84-0.54%-0.01Buy971.326K270.277M-0.07Industrials
FN.PR.B First National Financial Corp Pref B 15.000.00%0.00Strong Buy3.850K1.716B7.433.85949.00Financials
FNC Fancamp Exploration Ltd. 0.140.00%0.00Buy2.570M21.252M-0.01Basic Materials
FPX Fpx Nickel Corp 0.128.70%0.01Buy275.000K15.384M-0.0115.00Basic Materials
FRE Fremont Gold Ltd 0.1915.62%0.03Strong Buy287.091K5.283M-0.01Basic Materials
FSF First Asset Global Financial Sector Etf 21.84-0.05%-0.01Buy595
FSR First Trust Dw Us Sctr Rtn Idx Etf 23.660.81%0.19Buy100
FTS.PR.H Fortis Inc. Pref Series H 18.830.00%0.00Buy8.363K18.253B17.462.508425.00Utilities
FTS.PR.I Fortis Inc Pref Series I 18.721.24%0.23Strong Buy5.700K18.378B17.582.508425.00Utilities
FUD First Trust Value Line Div Idx Etf C Heg 27.390.77%0.21Strong Buy100
FUM Fa Us Equity Multi Factor Idx Etf 24.97-0.20%-0.05Buy100
FUT Fa Us Tactical Sector Allocation Idx Etf 24.630.74%0.18Strong Buy300
FWZ Fireweed Zinc Ltd 1.361.49%0.02Buy82.989K23.794M-0.03Basic Materials
GBF Globalance Dividend Growers Corp 9.200.11%0.01Buy32.500K
GDG.UN Global Dividend Growers Income Fund 13.341.83%0.24Strong Buy1.104K
GDNP Good Natured Products Inc 0.1214.29%0.01Buy295.200K9.812M-0.04Basic Materials
GDS Gendis Inc 5.250.00%0.00Strong Buy50465.986M8.620.616.00Financials
GMP.PR.C Gmp Capital Inc Series C Preferred 12.700.79%0.10Buy4.400K304.723M-0.78316.00Financials
GRI Galore Resources Inc 0.05150.00%0.03Buy1.220M2.214M-0.00Basic Materials
GSH Golden Share Resources Corp 0.2511.11%0.03Buy22.588K7.973M-0.01Basic Materials
GWO.PR.O Great West Lifeco Pref Series O 19.002.98%0.55Strong Buy6.100K34.919B14.362.4624300.00Financials
GXS Goldsource Mines Inc 0.090.00%0.00Buy161.586K15.027M-0.054.00Basic Materials
HAC Horizons Seasonal Rotation Etf 19.700.46%0.09Strong Buy20.260K
HAW.P Haw Capital Corp 0.309.09%0.03Buy3.000K
HBF Brand Leaders Plus Income Etf 9.770.72%0.07Buy5.746K
HBF.U Brand Leaders Plus Income Etf Usd 9.97-0.80%-0.08Buy350
HBG.U Hamilton Capital Global Bank Etf Usd 18.591.31%0.24Buy200
HBM Hudbay Minerals Inc. 12.501.63%0.20Buy1.198M3.214B141.900.092040.00Basic Materials
HEA.U Horizons Enhd Income Us Equity Usd Etf 12.350.16%0.02Buy270
HEW Horizons Sp/tsx 60 Equal Wgt Idx Etf 14.52-0.75%-0.11Buy6.600K
HFY.U Hamilton Capital Glbl Fin Yield Etf Usd 13.850.58%0.08Buy1.000K
HHF Horizons Morningstar Hdg Fd Idx Etf 14.900.27%0.04Strong Buy5.865K
HID Wisdomtree Us High Div Idx Etf 21.790.83%0.18Buy100
HMX Hunt Mining Corp 0.480.00%0.00Buy22.500K30.535M70.910.01Basic Materials
HOU Betapro Crude Oil 2x Daily Bull Etf 9.420.32%0.03Buy949.251K
HPF Energy Leaders Plus Income Etf 5.680.53%0.03Buy24.078K
HPF.U Energy Leaders Plus Income Etf Usd 5.99-0.50%-0.03Buy1.729K
HQU Betapro Nasdaq 100 2x Daily Bull Etf 62.552.17%1.33Buy53.113K
HRC Helio Res Corp. 0.010.00%0.00Buy121.000K3.918M-0.00Basic Materials
HSE Husky Energy Inc. 19.060.63%0.12Buy901.055K19.037B72.680.265150.00Energy
HSE.PR.B Husky Energy Inc Pref Series 2 18.450.05%0.01Buy7.400K19.037B72.680.265150.00Energy
HSH Horizons Sp500 Cad Hedged Index Etf 66.620.77%0.51Buy7.933K
HSU Betapro Sp500 2x Daily Bull Etf 56.421.88%1.04Buy62.135K
HUC Horizons Crude Oil Etf 13.090.46%0.06Buy346
HUD Hudson Resources Inc. 0.59-1.67%-0.01Buy173.000K82.068M-0.08Basic Materials
HUL Us Equity Plus Income Etf 9.680.41%0.04Strong Buy2.967K
HVU Betapro Sp500 Vix St Ftrs 2x Dly Bull 16.12-3.99%-0.67Buy1.297M
HWO High Arctic Energy Services Inc. 4.300.00%0.00Buy171.417K229.410M9.460.46809.00Energy
HXF Horizons Sp Tsx Capped Fncl Index Etf 42.45-0.02%-0.01Buy2.553K
HXQ.U Horizons Nasdaq 100 Index Etf Usd 37.920.74%0.28Strong Buy485
HXS.U Horizons Sp 500 Index Etf Usd 52.610.92%0.48Buy8.525K
IFC.PR.D Intact Financial Corp Pref Shares Ser 4 24.001.01%0.24Buy1.460K14.211B18.845.4212000.00Financials
IFR International Frontier Resources Corpora 0.30-6.25%-0.02Buy224.180K46.207M-0.03Energy
IIP.UN Interrent Real Estate Investment Trust 9.701.89%0.18Buy258.706K798.098M4.432.16264.00Financials
INSR Bmo Glb Insurance Hgd To Cad Etf 23.050.88%0.20Buy4.016K
IRON Alderon Iron Ore Corp 0.330.00%0.00Buy171.140K43.604M-0.730.00Basic Materials
ITG Intact Gold Corp 0.19-2.56%-0.01Buy18.200K10.984M-0.07Basic Materials
KGF King George Financial Corp 0.8528.79%0.19Strong Buy50033.623M3.320.26Financials
KLS Kelso Technologies Inc 0.942.17%0.02Buy56.269K46.443M-0.0847.00Industrials
KS Klondike Silver Corp 0.090.00%0.00Buy558.239K10.368M0.00Basic Materials
LAD New Carolin Gold Corp 0.3015.69%0.04Buy1.215M46.239M-0.07Basic Materials
LB.PR.H Laurentian Bank Of Cda Pr Ser 13 24.501.62%0.39Strong Buy59.721K2.080B9.905.393700.00Financials
LEN Lund Enterprises Corp 0.2042.86%0.06Buy36.500K1.307M-0.017.00Basic Materials
LVU.UN Low Volatility Us Equity Income Fund 11.111.00%0.11Buy700
MAX Midas Gold Inc 0.86-2.27%-0.02Buy1.224M163.994M-0.0436.00Basic Materials
MCK Manson Creek Resources Ltd 0.360.00%0.00Buy20.000K11.748M-0.01Basic Materials
MCLC Manulife Mltfactor Cdn Large Cap Uh Etf 26.29-0.04%-0.01Strong Buy1.600K
MID.UN Mint Income Fund 7.180.28%0.02Strong Buy20.200K204.184M-0.0436.00Financials
MINE Inomin Mines Inc 0.120.00%0.00Buy24.500K1.940M-0.03Financials
MLG Ml Gold Corp 0.232.22%0.01Buy2.056M18.894M-0.03Basic Materials
MLY American Cumo Mining Corporation 0.1123.53%0.02Buy597.500K12.003M-0.050.00Basic Materials
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