Stocks that have reached their all-time lows

In contrast to the stocks that grow constantly, stocks that have reached their all-time lows are often characterized by a constant decline in their price, often with little pullbacks. In most cases, this is due to the decline of an entire sector or an industry. For example, stocks that keep falling on a constant basis may represent oil and gas companies when there is an oversupply of oil.

ABRA ABRAPLATA RESOURCE CORP 0.10-4.55%-0.01Strong Sell446.560K8.930M-0.03Basic Materials
ACST ACASTI PHARMA INC 0.750.00%0.00Sell42.960K27.507M-1.2211.00Healthcare
AEX AEX GOLD INC 0.35-11.25%-0.04Strong Sell20.000K19.593M-0.11Basic Materials
AGLD AUSTRAL GOLD LIMITED 0.08-11.11%-0.01Sell64.479K50.091M-0.050.00Basic Materials
AGRL AGUIA RESOURCES LIMITED 0.15-14.29%-0.03Sell148.000K23.118M-0.031.00Basic Materials
ALTA ALTAMIRA GOLD CORP 0.100.00%0.00Sell126.500K5.110M-0.10Basic Materials
AN ARENA MINERALS INC 0.060.00%0.00Sell28.000K
AVI.P ADL VENTURES INC 0.150.00%0.0020.000K
AVL AVALON ADVANCED MATERIALS INC 0.080.00%0.00Sell117.750K18.090M-0.02Basic Materials
AVN AVANTI ENERGY INC 0.05-23.08%-0.01Strong Sell120.000K732.210K-0.09Energy
BAR BALMORAL RESOURCES LTD 0.180.00%0.00Strong Sell105.000K25.640M-0.03Basic Materials
BHR BLACKHEATH RESOURCES INC 0.02-20.00%-0.01Strong Sell135.000K989.320K-0.01Basic Materials
BTU BTU METALS CORP 0.040.00%0.00Strong Sell5.000K1.461M-0.08Financials
BWLK BOARDWALKTECH SOFTWARE CORP 4.74-7.06%-0.36Neutral4.392K32.112M-0.00Technology
BZ BENZ MINING CORP 0.06-29.41%-0.03Sell122.560K2.215M-0.13Basic Materials
CA.H CATALINA GOLD CORP 0.080.00%0.00Sell2.100K824.560K-0.20Energy
CAQ.P COMMERCE ACQUISITION CORP 0.20-20.00%-0.05100.000K
CBE CABO DRILLING CORP. 0.010.00%0.00Sell75.000K939.250K-0.06Basic Materials
CJR.B CORUS ENTERTAINMENT INC., CL.B, NV 4.45-1.11%-0.05Strong Sell567.526K939.489M-3.783330.00Consumer Cyclicals
CKZ.H CASPIAN ENERGY INC 0.010.00%0.00Strong Sell1.000K2.320M-0.032.00Energy
CLE CLEAN COMMODITIES CORP 0.04-11.11%-0.01Strong Sell1.000K4.622M-0.01Energy
CMB CMC METALS LTD. 0.030.00%0.00Sell147.000K1.360M-0.06Basic Materials
CNS CONTAGIOUS GAMING INC 0.070.00%0.00Strong Sell58.250K
COPS CROPS INC 0.04-20.00%-0.01Sell80.000K2.937M-0.04Basic Materials
CPI CONDOR PETROLEUM INC 0.500.00%0.00Sell12.000K21.633M-0.1771.00Energy
CTN CENTURION MINERALS LTD 0.02-20.00%-0.01Strong Sell16.570K1.693M9.580.00Basic Materials
DAR DARELLE ONLINE SOLUTIONS INC 0.020.00%0.00Strong Sell100.000K1.475M-0.01Industrials
DHX DHX MEDIA LTD 2.531.20%0.03Sell518.984K331.050M-0.08464.00Consumer Cyclicals
EHT ENERDYNAMIC HYBRID TECH CORP 0.04-10.00%-0.01Sell275.500K11.320M-0.06Energy
ENS.PR.A E SPLIT CORP PREF SHARES 10.040.40%0.04Sell8.200K
EP EMPIRE METALS CORP 0.12-20.00%-0.03Strong Sell5005.881M-0.01Basic Materials
GBLT GBLT CORP 0.22-13.73%-0.04Sell61.852K24.699MIndustrials
GLI GLACIER LAKE RESOURCES INC 0.04-10.00%-0.01Strong Sell16.000K2.578M-0.02Basic Materials
GLW GALWAY GOLD INC 0.040.00%0.00Sell28.500K
GNC GAINEY CAPITAL CORP 0.05-9.09%-0.01Strong Sell16.000K2.936M-0.01Financials
GNF GREENFIELDS PETROLEUM CORPORATION 0.120.00%0.00Sell23.200K21.534M-0.086.00Energy
GXS GOLDSOURCE MINES INC 0.06-8.33%-0.01Strong Sell201.000K12.225M-0.024.00Basic Materials
HAW.P HAW CAPITAL CORP 0.150.00%0.00Sell15.000K
HGY HORIZONS GOLD YIELD ETF 4.64-0.75%-0.04Strong Sell1.845K
HPL HORIZON PETROLEUM LTD 0.040.00%0.00Sell8.000K1.701M-0.06Energy
HQD BETAPRO NASDAQ 100 2X DAILY BEAR ETF 6.48-1.37%-0.09Sell67.206K
HRC HELIO RES CORP 0.08-15.79%-0.01Sell660.000K836.450K-0.09Basic Materials
HSD BETAPRO SP500 2X DAILY BEAR ETF 3.92-1.13%-0.04Sell133.076K
HUT HUT 8 MINING CORP 2.808.11%0.21Sell162.167K219.596M-1.56Financials
HZU BETAPRO SILVER 2X DAILY BULL ETF 12.04-2.51%-0.31Sell95.275K
ILI INFINITE LITHIUM CORP 0.10-9.09%-0.01Strong Sell175.500K6.990M-0.03Basic Materials
IO INCA ONE GOLD CORP 0.060.00%0.00Sell22.000K
IPLP IPL PLASTICS INC 13.280.23%0.03Neutral53.931K
KGL KILO GOLDMINES LTD. 0.03-16.67%-0.01Sell1.010M5.094M-0.03Basic Materials
KNE KANE BIOTECH INC 0.060.00%0.00Sell5.000K4.810M-0.05Healthcare
KPT KP TISSUE INC 9.71-2.80%-0.28Strong Sell31.328K92.894M-0.62Consumer Non-Cyclicals
KRN KARNALYTE RESOURCES INC 0.35-9.09%-0.04Strong Sell19.133K10.965M-0.1510.00Basic Materials
KTN KOOTENAY SILVER INC 0.140.00%0.00Strong Sell12.000K28.280M-0.01Basic Materials
LAT LATIN AMERICAN MINERALS INC. 0.03-14.29%-0.01Sell50.000K4.542M-0.03Basic Materials
LMR LOMIKO METALS INC 0.0511.11%0.01Sell14.000K1.800M-0.06Basic Materials
LX.H LINCOLN VENTURES LTD 0.150.00%0.00Sell16.800K
MAE MARITIME RESOURCES CORP. 0.08-5.88%-0.01Sell1.047M7.349M-0.04Basic Materials
MDO MANADO GOLD CORP 0.0525.00%0.01Sell92.000K587.780K-0.05Basic Materials
MGX.P MG CAPITAL CORPORATION 0.07-6.25%-0.0125.500K
MIR MEDMIRA INC 0.010.00%0.00Strong Sell24.300K9.881M-0.0065.00Healthcare
MLN MARLIN GOLD MINING LTD 0.23-4.17%-0.01Sell2.000K42.918M-0.280.00Basic Materials
MML.P MAGNITUDE MINING LTD 0.250.00%0.005.000K
MMY MONUMENT MINING LIMITED 0.06-7.69%-0.01Strong Sell108.000K20.948M-0.04Basic Materials
MOS MOBI724 GLOBAL SOLUTIONS INC 0.090.00%0.00Sell173.327K18.203M-0.03Technology
MTH MAMMOTH RESOURCES CORP 0.04-20.00%-0.01Sell5.000K1.443M-0.02Basic Materials
NEV NEVADA SUNRISE GOLD CORPORATION 0.10-4.76%-0.01Sell13.700K4.451M-0.012.00Basic Materials
NIP NIPPON DRAGON RESOURCES INC 0.03-16.67%-0.01Sell1.333K4.910M-0.01Basic Materials
OK OK2 MINERALS LTD 0.040.00%0.00Sell42.000K3.431M-0.04Basic Materials
PRG PRECIPITATE GOLD CORP 0.04-18.18%-0.01Sell60.000K3.408M-0.02Basic Materials
PRS PRISM RESOURCES INC 0.060.00%0.00Sell32.000K2.848M-0.020.00Basic Materials
PTP PETRICHOR ENERGY INC 0.02-20.00%-0.01Strong Sell80.000K706.210K-0.23Energy
PWF.PR.Z POWER FINANCIAL CORP 5.15 PCT PREF SER V 23.40-0.09%-0.02Sell7.451K21.965B11.202.770.00Financials
QOC.P QUENDALE CAPITAL CORP 0.27-10.00%-0.035.000K
QYOU QYOU MEDIA INC 0.20-2.50%-0.01Strong Sell572.350K17.332M-0.12Consumer Cyclicals
RHV.P RAINY HOLLOW VENTURES INC 0.28-20.29%-0.07Strong Sell13.000K
RJX.A RJK EXPLORATIONS LTD., CL.A, SV 0.050.00%0.00Sell40.100K936.940K-0.220.00Basic Materials
RTM RT MINERALS CORP 0.080.00%0.00Sell9.000K387.040K-0.22Basic Materials
RVL REVELO RESOURCES CORP 0.020.00%0.00Sell144.000K3.350M-0.02Basic Materials
RZL RIZAL RESOURCES CORPORATION 0.010.00%0.00Sell158.301K3.610M-0.01Basic Materials
SAM STARCORE INTERNATIONAL MINES LTD. 0.153.45%0.01Sell29.300K7.185M3.720.04342.00Basic Materials
SAU ST AUGUSTINE GOLD AND COPPER LTD 0.030.00%0.00Buy45.850K18.144M-0.0031.00Basic Materials
SEV SPECTRA7 MICROSYSTEMS INC 0.124.35%0.01Sell159.825K21.529M-0.12Technology
SGM SUTTER GOLD MINING INC. 0.01-25.00%-0.01Sell5.000K1.859M-0.060.00Basic Materials
SGN SCORPIO GOLD CORPORATION 0.01-25.00%-0.01Sell11.000K2.496M-0.04Basic Materials
SJL SAINT JEAN CARBON INC 0.04-12.50%-0.01Sell160.000K2.493M-0.02Basic Materials
SNX.H SIXONINE VENTURES CORP 0.17-12.50%-0.03Sell500912.570K-0.0632.00Financials
TGR TIGER INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES 0.04-50.00%-0.04Strong Sell3.000K413.620K-0.010.00Basic Materials
TGX TRUE NORTH GEMS INC. 0.010.00%0.00Sell40.000K1.540M-0.00Basic Materials
TOM TOLIMA GOLD INC 0.010.00%0.00Strong Sell20.000K712.030K-0.00123.00Basic Materials
TVL TRAVERSE ENERGY LTD. 0.170.00%0.00Sell125.000K17.605M-0.05Energy
VLT VOLTAIC MINERALS CORP 0.2010.81%0.02Sell19.500K2.580M-0.18Basic Materials
VOLT VOLT ENERGY CORP 0.12-11.11%-0.01Sell5.000K1.026M3.330.04Energy
WA WESTERN ATLAS RESOURCES INC 0.10-19.23%-0.03Strong Sell147.500K7.241M-0.02Basic Materials
WIF.H WINDFIRE CAPITAL CORP 0.100.00%0.00Strong Sell16.800K535.690K-0.05Energy
XOP CANADIAN OVERSEAS PETROLEUM LIMITED 0.010.00%0.00Buy103.000K15.211M-0.0213.00Energy
YMI YELLOWHEAD MINING INC 0.150.00%0.00Strong Sell4.000K2.064M-0.093.00Basic Materials
YRB YORBEAU RESOURCES INC 0.04-12.50%-0.01Strong Sell20.000K12.309M2.00Basic Materials
ZKL CHINA KELI ELECTRIC COMPANY LTD 0.010.00%0.00Sell7.000K904.700K-0.06Industrials
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