CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL   Crypto Total Market Cap, $
The crypto market has been squeezed for 2 months now, with selling pressure coming to an end we should see a run-up soon close to the ATH . The Tot market cap will reach 2.13 trillion ish in the next couple of months. Everybody will shout the resume of the bull market...unfortunately that won't be the case unless the momentum is extraordinary. If we look at the previous corrections, they all follow the Elliott Wave principles, whether they were flat, zigzag etc, they all hit the target perfectly before resume the bull market so we can expect this time to be the same. The market will bounce now to then fall steeply around august to 800 billion ( BTC will reach 22K) I suggest you shop all your crypto because then we will have a massive pump to reach 6 trillion at least ( BTC will reach 180k). Now if you look at the black res and supp lines (horizontal) they all correspond to ultra-high volumes, these are where smart money have sold or bought with aggressiveness. Make sure to assess the market as we move forward and adjust things in real time (be extremely cautious when BTC will hit 58 k as high selling pressure will enter the market) These will all present support and resistance area. For in-depth details please do not hesitate to comment.