Waiting for Perfect time to buy, please read description..

I know this is not the right time to trade on the NAS 100, because right now the price is really at the peak in the history of the NAS100 , but its ok I am trying to do an analysis,
WARNING: this is too risky, don't enter the market if you are still in doubt..
Ok let start.., if we look at the chart and do analysis with using the fib retracement,
Fibo point 0.5 (13850) is the right point to enter a buy position even though there is a support point at the price (13907) to avoid risk I decided to enter at the fibo point 0.5 (13850) with the target (14440) but it must also be noted that in the fibo 0.5 area there can also be a downward continuation, always pay attention to this level with other technical assistance such as reversal candle patterns and patterns confirmation candle using TF 30 minutes or 1 hour, want to be more accurate use TF 4 H,, if it turns out that fibo 0.5 can't stop the price falling, the price will continue to 13496 up to 13400….
Happy and Safe trade gaeees….


when do you think the price will reach 13850