LINA/USDT From 5,000£ to 65,000£ (6m)

My View to Linear bullish potential.
You can make a x10 + of your depo in six months

Linear (LINA)
rank 248
Max supply 10 Bn
circulating 3.6Bn (36% of 100%)

Goal 1 : 500% Growth from now (July - August)
Goal 2: 1000% + Growth from now ( October - November)

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Profits to everyone!


I bought LINA at 0.13, but now it is trading around 0.7. When do you think it will bounce back?
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@chemicalangelz if you’re having money for investment, my advice to you it’s a add more liquidity, buy some tokens for good average price. And after Bitcoin’s correction is over ( I think 2-3 weeks) will begin a new bull cycle and you’re sell all your coins with good profit, without loses. Buy,hold wait, and selling after what. Few months and you can make 200%+ profit!
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@FatherOfBillionaires Any update on LINA? Do you think it can reach 1$ in near future?
@chemicalangelz when Bitcoin reach 100k$, Lina can set up a new ATH. But now, BTC don’t let grow. It’s still not a bear market, it’s a looks like healthy correction + % manipulation.
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@FatherOfBillionaires What's the latest analysis? I am in a big loss. Still holding it. Bought it at 0.13. Now it is trading at 0.026. Any suggestions? Strategy?