CUBE before 1200% rise.

CUBE before 1200% rise. Cellcube Energy is a highly innovative company. A merchant colleague of mine I appreciated, Captain Walker, drew their attention. They manufacture vanadium based batteries. It has a battery life close to 5x that of a conventional lithium ion battery. At present, it is a company with small capitalization and is facing huge development. But let's look at the chart. The exchange rate moves in a regular fractal sequence. Downward waves average 65%, upward corrections 100%. You can also see that this is the 3rd down cycle. In my experience, fractal sequences survive up to 3 sequences. Then another sequence is formed. Here are 3 descending sequences. Therefore, I assume that there may be a rise from this level. As well as the fact that this may be a longer-term ascending sequence. In case the analysis is correct, the target price for the exchange is 0.245usd. I should also note that the current fair value of the stock is 0.135USD (672% higher than the current market valuation).


Thank you for the analysis. I'm very interested in battery technology. There seems to be hundreds of companies all of the world with technology better than lithium ion but don't get the big deals. Tesla apparently follow lot's of these companies so there must be good reason for them sticking to lithium ion. It seems very strange. Although these sort of companies are getting noticed by companies with niche applications like electric planes which require super-light batteries.

For example Oxis energy, their batteries are:

1. Nearly twice as energy dense as lithion-ion 471Wh/kg vs 250Wh/kg with larger room for improvement than li-ion
2. Better energy/volume density
2. Do not explode when pierced
3. Respectable cycle life - at least still better energy density when reached end of cycle life than li-ion
4. Are easy to manufacture on mass
5. Less harmful to the environment
6. Cost effective
7. 100% available depth of discharge vs 80% with li-ion
8. Maintenance free (can leave discharged indefinitely vs li-ion required a cycle every 3-6 months)

Only thing I'm not sure about is how quickly they can be charged, maybe this is usually the main reason?
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meszaros freddie1996
@freddie1996, Thank you for this analysis. That's great.
freddie1996 meszaros
@meszaros, What platform do you use to invest in this stock?
meszaros freddie1996
@freddie1996, I will answer this question privately.
very nice breakdown :)
meszaros LucasMatthew
@LucasMatthew, I agree with you. I believe that in the coming years there will be many opportunities for "penny stocks", especially among innovative companies. I have analyzed several of these companies on my site. Most recently, you can make significant gains on FCEL shares.
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@meszaros, yes I completely agree good work 👍
I'm also interested in your analysis of AVL which appears to have started bubbling.
This is another excellent analysis and expectation. Most companies involved in vanadium at this time are dirt cheap in their share prices. The world has not as yet woken up to the importance of vanadium which is far more easily extracted and in greater abundance than Lithium.

The big issue is about vanadium redox batteries which will totally revolutionise power distribution of electricity across the whole world! This is not just my opinion. It's a fact and all this development has been going on for the last 5 years. It has already been happening in parts of the UK. To learn more start here but there are lots of other sound reports on the utility of vanadium for the future in battery technology.

What typically happens with start up companies is that price will remain low, company fundamentals appear unremarkable and unworthy - then there is a sudden pulse in price as markets open up for a new technology or process. One only needs to look into the history of Google and Amazon to see similar patterns.

It may seem silly around now to invest in these vanadium startups, as it would have appeared silly to those looking at Google and Amazon many years go. It means leaving cash lying around in stocks that may do nothing for a long while. But the true winners will be those who did exactly that. When the crowd arrives there will be a first phase pulse in vanadium companies followed by a retreat - this is a classic pattern. Those who got in very early will have little to worry about. Those who get in late will be struggling with volatility.

Disclaimer : This is opinion only - not financial advice or encouragement to buy into vanadium stocks. As always if you invest your money and lose, kindly sue yourself.
meszaros Captain_Walker
Thank you for this great analysis. I agree with you on the AVL chart. It also seems to me that you may be facing a sharp rise.