[Bitcoin] Last bulltrap before the fall !

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Bullish trend up to $ 38,700 max, then reversal.

This publication is a trend hypothesis.

Trade active: Reminder of current bearish factors :
- a large bearish flag
- a strong MACD divergence
- a huge RSI divergence
- a steady increase in institutional short positions (COT report)
- a significant drop in volumes these last months
- a weekly bearish MACD cross
- a death cross in progress
- the great powers want to regulate the market
- China fights mining
Trade active: The reversal area is probably between 34500 and 35500.
Trade active: The reversal is near, 36600 max.
Trade active: Bounce up to 36K then reversal.
Trade active: The reversal seems to have started.
Trade active: New bounce, reversal delayed.
Trade active: Downtrend in the next hours.
Comment: In less than 24h.
Trade active: Resumption of the decline before the end of WE.
Trade active: The start of the huge fall is very near, so be careful.
Trade closed: stop reached: invalidated scenario


Maybe only 36000
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@sl000, I wrote "max" ;)
I'm waiting for this levels..then only think about long
Agreed. Those with the most patience will be rewarded.
@benhen, It's right.