Breakthrough the down channel to happen on May the 5th.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Upon my calculations, using the below techniques I'm estimating an important impulsive movement, which likely will be UP direction, and should happens on 05 . 05 .2018.

Methods used:
-ROC crossing MA.
-2 x Fibonacci trend zone. Minimums and maximums appoints both to the same date!
-ESCGO by Lazzy Bear indicators. Helps locating price cycles in time.
-Fibbonacy Channels.
-Simple horizontal support/resistance analysis.
-Angled support/resistance analysis.

Yet, non of all of these together can be useful if you don't have a plan. Trade your own plan :)

Good luck to everyone !

Trade active: Happily it seems BTC has broken its down channel already. Now I'm very curious what is going to happen on May 5th.
Trade closed manually: Now with distance I can see the meaning of the 6th of May calculated with Fibb. It was a local maximum. Even in that day I couldn{t believe that was a max. Since then until now price keeps falling. Fibb. calculations are very interesting.