Cardano long term

BINANCE:ADAUSDT   Cardano / TetherUS
Ada has completed its 5 waves according to Elliot waves and started its correction from 2.48$.
Considering that it has repeatedly attacked the support of about 1$ but failed to break it, we predict that in the continuation of the correction process, it will have a distance to the area of 152$ to 154$.
And breaks this support with strength, continue this decline to about 80 cents, and then to rest on this downward project, we go back to the middle of the limited 1$ to 1.5$ (I mean about 1.24$) .finally with going to about 68 cents, we complete the correction.

This is not a financial advice. Always do your own research , If you want more detailed info, just write to me here a comment, we will try to answer .