OBV with linear regression
so we have two type of linear regression channel
1. base on the OBV line (red =bearish,green= bullish trend ) (length 50)
2-regular (length 100)
when ever the OBV change direction if it bellow lower part of liner and it bullish so can be buy signal
if opposite can be short signal
not perfect but seems to work ,so it crude work but with some addition maybe in future i make it better
for the signals
on the other hand the combination the two channels seems to predict trend very good
the dashed line is regukar linear channel trend
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Hello Rafael. Great script as your many others!
Would it be possible to add an alert? (I tried but i don't know why its not triggering). I really loved your OBV MACD Indicator but this one seems to trigger better trades and the lines help you to spot the trend breaks.
Thank you!
I love it!
Great work as always. Thanks. When LR1 is up and LR2 is down do we still buy under LR1 as the color of the OBV line turns green? Or should we respect LR2 for trend direction? Would really appreciate an answer.
What a great combination tools; appreciated your generosity mate <3
really great usefull indicator thank
Some great ideas u get. Really great
A very useful indicator!