MG - Multiple Moving Averages & Candle Wick Alerts - 1.0


- Each moving average has customizable length, type and source
- The ability to change the source of all moving averages with one input (changing an individual MA source will override the general for that MA)
- At a glance comparison of 20 SMA and 20 VWMA to gauge volume trend
- Wick alerts which can be toggled for each moving average.
- Bullish wick alerts are when the wick is the only part of the candle to drop below the moving average
- Bearish wick alerts are when the wick is the only part of the candle to reach above the moving average
- Simple candle closed alert if you want a notification, for example each hour.

Defaults: Four SMAs (20, 50, 100, 200) and a 20 VWMA .

Recommended Usage:

- Set the general source (sets the source of all moving averages) to 'low' when in an uptrend and 'high' in a downtrend to maximize Risk : Reward.
- Use Fibonacci levels, oscillators .etc for confluence

NOTE: The moving average component of this indicator is the same as the previous indicator (
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