P-Signal v2.2

P-Signal v.2.2 is an open PINE script version of previously published P-Signal v.2.0. This version allows to observe the signal image for a multi frame - a specific set of periods. In this version it is {T, 2T, 4T, 8T, 16T}, where T equals the “working” time i.e. period for which a chart is observed.

Moreover p-Signal v2.2 allows to catch "winning" combinations with help of alerts. When alert is active, you'll receive a notification if combination exists after bar was closed. There are two combinations in this version: “High” and “Straight”. The “Straight” combination is less frequent, but stronger than "High" .

It is Important ! For correct operation T should not exceed the values of hourly time frames! Otherwise use P-Signal v1.2 !

More information about this can be found on my website https:\\

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