Volatility semaphore Support&Resistance multi timeframe [LM]

Hello Traders,

I would like to introduce you volatility semaphore support&resistance levels. The idea is the same as the pivot
semaphore script of mine to spot the importance of support&resistence.

It is little bit different than previous script as it uses different line API than previous volatility support& resistance multi timeframe . You have more control over hat and how many lines are rendered(better to use odd numbers in line count setting as it always finds 2 S/R lines). Also this indicator has setup for contol whether you want wicky candles or no by setting percentage of candle body that is accepted.

I hope you will enjoy it.
Release Notes: fixing problem with resolution settings
Release Notes: removed unused general setting
Release Notes: another unnecesary code removed
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very accurate lines. thanks
looks is nice can use it in low tf? many thanks
lmatl naba_naif
@naba_naif, of course you can otherise i wouldn't bother to include multi timeframe setting :-)
@lmatl, many thanks great done