The script picks up Bank nifty stocks with their current respective weights and plots a Volume Weighted Average Price ( VWAP ) line along with 2 EMAs of your choice and an alert when the EMAs cross over and also when price crosses VWAP .

You can customize the script for MA type and lengths and to remove alert. Basic utility of the script is to analyse volumes driving the Bank Nifty index.

Credits to @daytraderph and his script (Custom Volume ) who's code I used to build this script. Also thanks to my friend @Varun who helped me code it.
Release Notes: Update - 28 June 2020
1. Updated weights as per NSE website
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sorry im newbie
how to get it working?
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Hi Ashish, Can we use this in lower time frame of 5 minutes. Thanks
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Great stuff mate 👍
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aceess is not there sir, kindly provide
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aashish2137 Jannfaiz88
@Jannfaiz88, Thank you
shofar495 aashish2137
@aashish2137, sir how to get this BNF VWAP & MOVING AVERAGE. SIR KINDLY SEND THE DETAILS IN my email shofar495@gmail.com plz waiting for your favourable response