Geek's DMI V2

A significant improvement over traditional DMI and an improvement over my previous DMI tweak.

Example: the red circle is the trend reversal area. Traditional DMI in the middle is slow & ADX in purple often confuses first time users.
My tweaked DMI at the bottom is basically a a slight visual modification of the middle ADX so both perform the same.

The white box shows that distribution is occuring at the topand the V2 DMI quickly shifts in reaction to price but old style DMI lags and missed 50% of the move.

For best results I suggest using this on the daily time frames with Heikin Ashi (even less false reads)

Give it a go and a like if this was useful to you.
Release Notes: + level line (you can set this in the "style" tab.
Release Notes: Examples to be reapplied.
Release Notes: Examples have been reapplied.
(accidentally erased with previous update)
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Can you add level line?

Otherwise this is amazing indicator!
@Xupack Added! Glad you like it.
Xupack GeekWithAKnife
@GeekWithAKnife, thanks!