IBD Relative strengtH

This code is to replicate the relative strength indicator as used on investors.com (on lists like the IBD 50, big cap 20 etc).

Let me know if any issues / any updates wanted.
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Isn't the IBD Relative Strength Rating on a scale of 1-99?
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Can it be made as to make it relative to used the 1-99 ranking formula to allow direct comparison between stocks relative strength instead of it being grounded in the stock?
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Quuh M-Trader1
@M-Trader1, Proper question! Is there any answer?
@Quuh, no - the 1-99 ranking formula on IBD is calculated by comparing the relative strength of the stock against all stocks in the index. This would need a database of the stocks with updated list of relative strengths for each
Quuh bluemosaic73
@bluemosaic73, Thanks for answering!
What is the point of Mult and S4?
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Can this be used in other stock market?
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Can you please let me know how to modify this script for the Think or Swim platform?
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