CryptoPeep Candle Rule Strategy

Wow such a simple but powerful script, I had this idea about a year ago but did not really believe it would work as so simple and ever since i have over complicating scripts without back testing my first idea.
Please let me know your thoughts.

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Release Notes: Best Viewed on BTC 4hr
Release Notes: With Study Stop Loss
Release Notes: With Time Limit window instead of day limit
Release Notes: Make in line with study
Release Notes: precision=8
Release Notes: fine tune
Release Notes: New trialing stop loss
Release Notes: buyline correction
Release Notes: Less Exits
Release Notes: improve stoploss
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Hi could I try this script please?
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CryptoPeep mgibson91
@mgibson91, please let me know what you think. 4hrs on btc seems best results. If you get 2000 limit reduce days back.
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Hi. Might I pretty please try your gaspingly simple indicator? Would you also consider sharing the constructs of it as you now have me very intrigued? Either way thanks for your time and have a great day wherever you are.
Can I get access?
@srp007, ok done please let me know what you think