Instabots previous highs and lows

Adds previous daily, weekly and monthly highs and lows to the chart.

By default it just adds the price line to the chart. Change the default option to plot the highs and lows onto the chart, like below...

Release Notes: Default colours are a little better, plus the labels are more compact when showing indicator labels.
Release Notes: tweaked
Release Notes: S & R colour coding wrong way round
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Can you tell me what line of code you used to get the labels to show up on the right?
@agant, That's just a config setting in TradingView. Open up your settings, go to the 'Scales' table and enable 'Indicator Labels'.
instabot instabot
@instabot, table = tab :-)
@instabot, Hey my friend, I am learning pine script and I love your script. is it possible to get the code from you?