Whale Volume Index [巨鲸行情] BUAYA GERAKAN (S1)

The Whales AKA The Market Makers / Big Players have a significant impact on financial instruments prices movement because of the Organized Strategic Planning, Information Superiority & Bulk Trading Volume .

This Indicator Is Inspired & Derived From The Idea Above And Aimed To Be An Leading Indicator To Trace The Big Players Historical Movement And Able To Project The Future Price Movement.
However This Current Indicator is currently at S1 which is still at Preliminary Research Stage that contains some bugs and space of improvements.

Version1 【S1 Indicator】
Color Changing Whale Direction Line Changes To Red Indicates Positive Buying Volume Increasing & Breakthru 50 Important Border
When Buying Volume Decreases / Weakens And Crossunder Border "50" Will Change Into Green
Blue Line Indicates Retailer Holding Position

User May Switch To A Smaller Timeframe To Get A Better Picture.

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Release Notes: Update on Some Minor Improvements
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