RSI Divergence Indicator (I-RSI-MK-V3)

Name: Indicator RSI MK V3
Short Name: I-RSI-MK-V3

Shows RSI Divergence. A red label called R1 means a prediction of an upcoming price reversal where the price will drop. A green label called R1 means the same thing but predicts the price will go up. The H1 labels mean the price will continue the current trend, so a redH1 means the price will continue to drop.

Optionally you can use this with indicator RSI-O-V3-MARK to see the price changes that support the divergence.

Release Notes: Added support for Alerts on divergence.
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hi, would you give me access? thank you
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Hi. I would like to get access. Thank you
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Any chance I can get permission to try this?
Hi, can i access this wonderful script?
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Hey Nathan, I'd love to give your script a try! Could you grant me access, please?
Hey b00ts would I be able to access this to give it a try please? Thank you!
Hi b00ts ! Is it possible to give a try to your I-RSI-MK-V3 ? Thanks a lot for your great work
Can you give me acces to this, please? Thanks!