NVME Blackfire X

NVME Blackfire X Indicator is a trend-confirmation indicator that includes Buy and Sell signals on the chart, Support & Resistance lines, Automatic Trendlines , Session Highs and Lows, Previous MTF Candle's Highs and Lows, Strategy Mode with Working Win/Loss Calculator, Built-In Position Size Calculator, Institutional Zones, Re-Entry Points and Filters, Customisable Market Dashboard and Alerts for Many Features.

The 2 main settings for the algorithm are 'Sensitivity' and 'Agility'. When you place Blackfire X onto your charts, you should be met automatically with the best settings we've found so far and don't worry if you are struggling to find settings because our system has an onboard system that provides you with an automatic "Best Settings" for the current pair that you are on. You can choose to enable this feature on the algorithm settings or simply see what is ideal on the dashboard too.
The 'Sensitivity' controls how quickly the algorithm responds to the market's trend changes. The higher the sensitivity, the less trades on the chart. The lower the sensitivity, the more trades you'll find on the chart.
The 'Agility' controls where the signals are placed within the trend change, a lower agility will give you signals closer to its reversal points and a higher agility will give you slower signals.

We also have the option to change the indicator to your trading style, there are four modes that heavily impacts the algorithm's calculations.
These are "default", "swing mode", "scalp mode", "strategy mode".

"Default" is our normal algorithm module that utilises the user's input to provide signals using a basic filtration system.
"Swing Mode" is our algorithm that has been modified to give signals that are more delayed for swing traders.
"Scalp Mode" is our algorithm that has been modified to give signals that are quick and fast for scalps.
"Strategy Mode" utilises our default mode but instead places the user in a mode where trades will only appear if a stop loss or a take profit area has been met by the price after the signal call.

Our third key option is our bar colour switches, there are multiple options such as "Cloud-Based", "Pivot Based", "S/R Based", "Change-Based" and "Two Colour Modes". NVME Blackfire X colours the candles in the direction of the trend and a green colour shows an uptrend, a purple colour shows an unconfirmed trend or often a ranging area and a red colour shows a downtrend.

We must let traders know that the signals should be used carefully and with a trader's strategy rather than following signals for the sake of it being printed there!

Since we want this algorithm to have necessary features and respond fast too, we have chosen only trend-following and analysis features that will be quick to use and easy to understand. We want this to be different from our Vanquisher X algorithm as that is a massive multi-tool full of features for traders to enjoy.

The first main feature is our 'Trend Cloud' system, it utilises two moving average plots that creates a cloud filling and with our algorithm you can customise both of the moving averages to any currently existing moving average in the PineScript Library.
The second feature is our 'Institutional Zones' system, which plots area of the market where the institutions have placed orders and these can be used as an extra support and resistance zone for trades. There is an input option that allows the user to get more or less zones and it is called "The Detection Strength", increasing this will show more zones whilst decreasing it will show less.
The third feature is our 'Automatic Trendlines' system, which utilises two input methods ('Trendline Period' and 'Trendline Detection Ratio'), the period controls how many bars of data to lookback to for the trend-lines and the detection ratio controls how many trend-lines are plotted onto the chart.
The fourth feature is our 'Session High and Lows' system, which plots the highest high and the lowest low of each session in the trading hours, these plots can be useful for breakout traders.
The fifth feature is our 'MTF Candle Info' system, which plots the candle's high and low or the candle's open and close for a timeframe and the previous candle of choice. This can also be used for breakout traders such as having a lower timeframe breakout for a higher timeframe plot.
The sixth feature is our 'Adaptive S/R Zones', which plots support and resistance zones into any market pair that are accurate points at which the market could react and reject from.

* Informative Market Dashboard *
Our simple panel on your chart displays the most relevant data from all of our features and calculations in real-time.

  • Confirmation
    The confirmation simply tells the user what the previous signal was and this can be useful if the user may decide to have their signals turned off on the charts.

  • Market State
    The market state informs the user the direction of the trend whether it be ranging, in an uptrend or downtrend, you'll see the emoji that corresponds to that.

  • Recommended Sensitivity
    This feature will show the user what the recommended sensitivity is for the current pair that the user is on and the user may find this helpful if they don't know what settings to use.

  • Recommended Agility
    This feature will show the user what the recommended agility is for the current pair that the user is on and the user may find this helpful if they don't know what settings to use.

  • Trend Control
    The trend control feature calculates data using the user set bars back input and it determines all the factors within the trend to give you an informative response, an uptrend will have "Bulls by: " + percentage of control and a downtrend will have "Bears by" + percentage of control.

  • Pair Strength
    The pair strength is measures the control of bulls or bears in the form of the market strength and it will give the same response as the trend control but the percentage will be based on the buying or selling pressure.

  • Pair's Change
    The pairs change measures the change in price from point A to point B, if the change is greater than 0%, the dashboard will inform you that Bulls are in control, and if not the dashboard will inform you that Bears are in control.

  • Market Money
    The market money measures the amount of volume and money that is going into the current asset and if the net change is greater than 0%, bulls will be in control, if not then bears are giving the market their money.

  • NVME Oscillator X
    This is our very own oscillator that has been integrated into our dashboard, allowing the user to see the trend of our other indicator without having to fill their charts up with more noise. If the oscillator is in a downtrend then the dashboard will state that its in a downtrend and if it is in an uptrend then it will show an uptrend text.

  • Volatility
    This feature measures the amount of volatility in any pair and provides user with the percentage value so they can see whether or not the market is extremely volatile at the current time.

  • Current Session
    This feature will tell the user what session they are currently on such as London, Europe, New York, Asia, Australia.

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hi can i use it?
hi can i use it?