Nifty Volume profile + VWAP + EMA

The script picks up nifty stocks with their current respective weights and plots a Volume Weighted Average Price line along with 2 EMAs and an alert when the EMAs cross over.

You can customize the script for EMA lengths and to remove alert. Basic utility of the script is to analyse volumes driving the Nifty 50 index.

Credits to @daytraderph and his script (Custom Volume ) who's code I used to build this script. Also thanks to my friend @Varun who helped me code it.
Release Notes: Update 28-Jun-2020

1. Updated constituent entity weights as per latest available on NSE website
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sir the vwap says bnf which i suppose stands for bank nifty also the chart is of bank nifty but the weightage is of nifty50 ??
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@enfer8, The indicator is for nifty only.. the chart is bank nifty by mistake.
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Good Efforts Sir and nice concept of weightage
volume. Why Vwap value shows different level.
aashish2137 Kirandeepc
@Kirandeepc, Thank you. What do you mean different level?
I have observed buy sell label showing wrong. If possible correct it sir
aashish2137 raja74sekhar
@raja74sekhar, What label do you require for buy/ sell indicator?
Great effort but Sir why is the VWAP showing Different levels from the vwap of investing.com ?
aashish2137 dr_anant_madaan
@dr_anant_madaan, I'm not sure because Investing doesn't share how they arrive at their VWAP line. Maybe the constituent entities are a bit different?