Fletch SushiRSI

Sushi Roll Trend
Release Notes: Edit: This script is only designed to be used on the 5m time scale. BTC / USDT. Binance data only.
Release Notes: Made some improvements and added plunge protection for dumps
Release Notes: Bug fix
Release Notes: Takes less risk buying in now.
Release Notes: Heikin Ashi Candles sicks, BTC/USDT (Binance), 1 HR Time Period
Release Notes: Added colouring of candle sticks. Yellow = RSI < 28 and White = RSI > 78
Release Notes: Best configuration is now; 30m time frame, heikin ashi candles, Binance BTC/USDT currency pair
Release Notes: Update: Improved Candle Stick Colours

Fuchsia = RSI Oversold ( < 28)
Blue = Sell, sell, sell
White = RSI Overbought ( > 78)
Gold = Might be a good time to buy
Release Notes: Increased net profit from 26% to 30%
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