Support Resistance Diagonal

Classic diagonal support and resistance based on pivot points . As a result, they form triangles, wedges , channels and other patterns. Realtime update up to 1 second chart.
Release Notes: Added labels with support and resistance prices
Release Notes: Alerts for crossing support or resistance. You can add alerts from the Tradingview Alert menu at the top of page.
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Very impressed
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pikusov srajale2
@srajale2, Thank you very much
Hello, thanks a lot for nice indicator :)
Can you please explain the Resolution settings ?Thanks a lot!
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Best Support and Resistance indicator. But sometimes it stops as "looping error >200". Need to restart the code to work again. Other than this bug, great tool.
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This is awesome, thank you!
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good stuff in here, thanks for sharing
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this is amazing.
Well done, great work! I appreciate. Labels are overlapping, would be great if you have time to fix it. Also, if we can adjust the line width, that would be great!
Hi, Could anyone figure out what's resolution bars?