Small companies by market capitalization

A company with a market capitalization of less than $1 billion is often called a small cap stock. There is a popular S&P index that includes the top 600 small cap stocks. Note that these stocks tend to be quite volatile due to their size as it takes much less volume to move the price. They shouldn’t be neglected since they have a significant growth potential.

IRF Irf European Finance Investments Ltd Com Shs Usd0.0015 (di) 0.000.00%0.00Buy0160.717K-1.071.00Financials
SNT Sabien Technology Group Plc Ord 0.5p 0.380.00%0.00Sell15.000K413.460K-0.0123.00Industrials
LBP Lb-Shell Plc Ord 5p 0.23-17.86%-0.05Strong Sell105.056K577.470K-0.14436.00Financials
DRG Draganfly Investments Limited Ord Npv 0.32-11.11%-0.04Sell432.067K609.680K-0.000.00Financials
SAPO South African Property Opportunities Plc Ord 1p 1.000.00%0.00Sell10622.930K0.160.062.00Financials
WALG Walcom Group Limited Ord Hkd0.01 (di) 1.000.00%0.00Sell0690.190K-0.0073.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
TOM Tomco Energy Plc Ord Npv 2.500.00%0.00Sell0722.950K-0.260.00Energy
KIN Kin Group Plc Ord 0.5p 3.143.63%0.11Sell15.000K757.810K-17.8525.00Financials
RGP Ross Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.450.00%0.00Sell0807.660K-0.000.00Industrials
ASBE Associated British Engineering Plc Ord 2.5p 40.000.00%0.00Buy452819.600K-0.3926.00Consumer Cyclicals
CHAL Challenger Acquisitions Limited Ord Gbp0.01 0.47-5.80%-0.03Sell562.202K912.910K-0.02Financials
INSP Inspirit Energy Holdings Plc Ord 0.1p 0.06-4.62%-0.00Strong Sell6.452M923.520K-0.005.00Financials
SLNG Slingsby (h.c.) Plc Ord 25p 92.500.00%0.00Sell0925.000K-0.09106.00Industrials
TIR Tiger Resource Finance Plc Ord 0.1p 0.500.00%0.00Sell0944.240K-0.000.00Financials
PIRI Pires Investments Plc Ord 0.25p 2.800.00%0.00Buy52.500K949.220K-0.044.00Financials
PSL Photonstar Led Group Plc Ord 1p 0.41-4.66%-0.02Sell134.157K956.920K-0.0086.00Consumer Cyclicals
GOT Gotech Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.420.00%0.00Sell0997.260K-0.045.00Technology
MILA Mila Resources Plc Ord Gbp0.01 4.380.00%0.00Sell29.488K1.016M-0.01Financials
AGQ Arian Silver Corporation Com Shs Npv (di) 0.240.00%0.00Buy705.263K1.020M-0.016.00Basic Materials
PIP Pipehawk Plc Ord 1p 3.304.76%0.15Sell151.221K1.072M5.810.0170.00Industrials
PGY Progility Plc Ord 0.25p 67.500.00%0.00Buy01.078M-0.28674.00Industrials
FHP Fandango Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.001 0.850.00%0.00Sell01.139M2.00Utilities
MIRA Mirada Plc Ord 1p 0.830.00%0.00Sell01.147M-0.0579.00Technology
PEBI Port Erin Biopharma Investments Limited Ord 0.0001p 5.000.00%0.00Buy01.160M-0.000.00Healthcare
SOP Spinnaker Opportunities Plc Ord 2.5p 4.600.00%0.00Sell01.170MFinancials
SEV Servision Plc Ord 1p 0.850.00%0.00Sell01.212M-0.0237.00Technology
MAC Marechale Capital Plc Ord 0.8p 2.15-4.44%-0.10Buy100.000K1.240M-0.013.00Financials
MORE Monreal Plc Ord 0.25p 0.23-2.30%-0.01Sell2.064M1.273M-0.03Financials
ALGW Alpha Growth Plc Ord Gbp0.001 1.200.00%0.00Sell714.059K1.276MFinancials
AAAP Anglo African Agriculture Plc Ord 0.1p 0.600.00%0.00Sell2.000K1.362M-0.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
KDR Karelian Diamond Resources Plc Ord Eur0.00025 6.102.95%0.17Sell12.859K1.389M-0.02Basic Materials
HDT Holders Technology Plc Ord 10p 33.500.00%0.00Buy01.393M-0.0763.00Industrials
MOS Mobile Streams Plc Ord 0.2p 1.540.66%0.01Sell116.323K1.397M-0.0322.00Telecommunications Services
URA Ura Holdings Plc Ord 0.15p 0.51-2.46%-0.01Sell434.542K1.408M-0.027.00Financials
MAGP Magnolia Petroleum Plc Ord Shs 0.1p 4.00-3.61%-0.15Sell1.500K1.452M-0.207.00Energy
SVE Starvest Plc Ord 1p 2.750.00%0.00Sell01.455M9.290.010.00Financials
ENGI Energiser Investments Plc Ord 0.1p 1.200.00%0.00Sell01.487M-0.002.00Financials
PMEA Pme African Infrastructure Opportunities Plc Ord Usd0.01 0.090.00%0.00Sell01.494M7.380.010.00Financials
INFA Infrastrata Plc Ord 0.01p 0.29-2.00%-0.01Sell13.914M1.503M-0.003.00Energy
RLD Richland Resources Ltd Com Shs Usd0.0003 0.357.69%0.03Strong Sell116.105K1.547M-0.01670.00Basic Materials
HVE Havelock Europa Plc Ord 10p 4.3013.16%0.50Sell995.509K1.578M-0.04414.00Consumer Cyclicals
CSFG Csf Group Plc Ord 10p 1.050.00%0.00Sell01.686M-0.04161.00Industrials
PHSC Phsc Plc Ord 10p 10.75-8.51%-1.00Sell5.000K1.725M-0.0385.00Industrials
BOX Boxhill Technologies Plc Ord 0.1p 0.086.98%0.01Sell5.636M1.737M-0.0012.00Consumer Cyclicals
UKR Ukrproduct Group Limited Ord 10p 4.500.00%0.00Sell01.785M-0.011640.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
DKE Dukemount Capital Plc Ord Gbp0.001 0.53-1.87%-0.01Buy1.495M1.816MFinancials
TRAF Trafalgar New Homes Plc Ord 1p 0.780.00%0.00Sell01.847M-0.004.00Consumer Cyclicals
NAK Nakama Group Plc Ord 0.01p 1.623.17%0.05Buy15.000K1.914M-0.0152.00Industrials
CLTV Cellcast Plc Ord 1p 2.470.00%0.00Sell01.915M4.620.0122.00Consumer Cyclicals
CLON Clontarf Energy Plc Ord 0.25p 0.31-7.46%-0.03Sell130.533K1.949M-0.000.00Energy
ADL Andalas Energy And Power Plc Ord Npv 0.034.62%0.00Sell90.098M1.950M-0.0011.00Financials
TOOP Toople Plc Ord 0.0667p 1.180.00%0.00Sell200.000K2.063M-0.01Telecommunications Services
PCGE Pcg Entertainment Plc Ord 0.1p (di) 0.19-4.45%-0.01Strong Sell18.107M2.090M9.00Consumer Cyclicals
YOLO Yolo Leisure And Technology Plc Ord 1p 0.45-5.16%-0.02Sell1.500K2.096M2.810.002.00Industrials
HPAC Hermes Pacific Investments Plc Ord 100p 90.000.00%0.00Buy02.100M-0.051.00Financials
TAU Tau Capital Plc Ord 1p 0.060.00%0.00Buy02.102M-0.100.00Financials
JLH John Lewis Of Hungerford Plc Ord 0.1p 1.150.00%0.00Buy6.000K2.148M20.180.0066.00Consumer Cyclicals
AXM Alexander Mining Plc Ord 0.1p 0.11-2.61%-0.00Strong Sell3.066M2.172M-0.004.00Basic Materials
SRO Spitfire Oil Limited Ord Usd0.0005 (di) 7.50-11.76%-1.00Sell50.000K2.206M-0.080.00Energy
IGSS Ig Seismic Services Plc Gdr (each Repr 2 Ords) (reg S) 0.300.00%0.00Sell02.226M-3.3512163.00Basic Materials
MDZ Mediazest Plc Ord 0.1p 0.17-5.44%-0.01Buy3.234M2.232M-0.0016.00Consumer Cyclicals
PEB Pebble Beach Systems Group Plc Ord 2.5p 1.70-5.56%-0.10Sell19.693K2.243M-0.0396.00Technology
WSL Worldsec Ld Ord Usd0.001 4.000.00%0.00Sell02.275M-0.00166.00Financials
GUN Gunsynd Plc Ord 0.01p 0.05-5.05%-0.00Strong Buy8.676M2.319M5.280.003.00Healthcare
CLP Clear Leisure Plc Ord 0.25p 0.640.79%0.01Sell629.921K2.329M1.020.015.00Financials
C21 21st Century Technology Plc Ord 6.5p 3.0020.00%0.50Buy25.000K2.331M-0.0273.00Technology
PRS Paternoster Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.13-3.63%-0.00Strong Sell1.046M2.416M-0.002.00Financials
DFX Defenx Plc Ord Gbp0.018 18.500.00%0.00Sell20.500K2.418M2.030.12Technology
KAT Katoro Gold Plc Ord Gbp0.01 2.00-10.89%-0.25Sell25.000K2.454M-0.03Basic Materials
KLN Kellan Group (the) Plc Ord 0.01p 0.750.00%0.00Buy146.141K2.547M-0.01162.00Industrials
AEO Aeorema Communications Plc Ord 12.5p 29.000.00%0.00Buy4.608K2.625M12.810.0219.00Consumer Cyclicals
SKIN Integumen Plc Ord 1p 1.180.00%0.00Sell02.628M-0.019.00Healthcare
BRD Bluerock Diamonds Plc Ord 1p 1.83-3.68%-0.07Sell16.000K2.657M-0.022.00Basic Materials
TPOP People's Operator Plc (the) Ord Gbp0.0005 0.091.44%0.00Sell6.018M2.704M-0.0742.00Telecommunications Services
LME Limitless Earth Plc Ord 1p 4.150.00%0.00Sell02.714M-0.00Financials
ECR Ecr Minerals Plc Ord 0.001p 1.07-2.27%-0.03Strong Sell547.643K2.724M-0.014.00Basic Materials
PET Petrel Resources Plc Ord Eur0.0125 2.750.00%0.00Sell02.749M-0.004.00Energy
BZT Bezant Resources Plc Ord 0.2p 0.45-1.10%-0.01Strong Sell5.169M2.786M-0.015.00Basic Materials
MNC Metminco Limited Ord Npv 2.370.00%0.00Sell70.000K2.795M-1.75Basic Materials
PFP Pathfinder Minerals Plc Ord 0.1p 1.17-4.90%-0.06Sell1.494M2.828M-0.000.00Basic Materials
AOR Aortech International Plc Ord 5p 47.80-6.27%-3.20Buy12.413K2.842M-0.013.00Healthcare
PERE Pembridge Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 1.27-1.92%-0.03Sell625.000K2.862M-0.118.00Basic Materials
FBDU Flying Brands Ld Ord Gbp0.01 4.11-3.29%-0.14Sell80.619K2.871M-0.01207.00Consumer Cyclicals
AMP Amphion Innovations Plc Ord 1p 1.380.00%0.00Sell53.143K2.895M-0.067.00Financials
AGTA Agriterra Ld Ord 10p 13.48-3.71%-0.52Strong Sell2002.982M971.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
AERO Strat Aero Plc Ord 0.01p 0.05-5.91%-0.00Strong Sell49.902M3.112M-0.008.00Industrials
SRES Sunrise Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.15-2.93%-0.00Sell6.539M3.216M-0.000.00Basic Materials
MSMN Mosman Oil And Gas Limited Ord Npv (di) 1.00-6.51%-0.07Buy8.668M3.228M-0.02Energy
REAT React Group Plc Ord 0.25p 0.39-7.23%-0.03Strong Sell60.000K3.247M-0.0028.00Industrials
AMED Amedeo Resources Plc Ord 10p 10.000.00%0.00Sell9.000K3.274M-0.044.00Financials
IMTK Imaginatik Plc Ord 1p 1.40-5.08%-0.07Buy69.956K3.307M-0.0139.00Technology
KEM Kemin Resources Plc Ord 1p 1.900.00%0.00Sell03.322M-0.000.00Basic Materials
AVM Avocet Mining Plc Ord 1p 15.64-2.22%-0.35Strong Sell1.024K3.354M-0.16567.00Basic Materials
PROX Proxama Plc Ord 0.01p 0.02-1.96%-0.00Sell3.935M3.436M-0.0069.00Financials
FCR Ferrum Crescent Limited Ord Npv (di) 0.100.00%0.00Buy7.630M3.440M-0.01Basic Materials
PML Papua Mining Plc Ord 0.1p 0.97-3.50%-0.04Strong Sell362.537K3.442M-0.0341.00Basic Materials
IME Immedia Group Plc Ord 10p 24.000.00%0.00Sell03.494M-0.0334.00Consumer Cyclicals
STEL Stellar Diamonds Plc Ord 1p 5.50-2.22%-0.12Buy227.505K3.497M-0.04148.00Basic Materials
ABM African Battery Metals Plc Ord 0.001p 0.061.82%0.00Sell145.382M3.548M-0.0060.00Basic Materials
PEL Paragon Entertainment Limited Ord 0.1p (di) 1.900.00%0.00Sell55.000K3.566M6.670.00100.00Industrials
NAUT Nautilus Marine Services Plc Ord 1p 10.000.00%0.00Sell03.621M-0.2120.00Energy
CON Connemara Mining Company Plc Ord Eur0.01 4.170.36%0.01Sell353.268K3.638M-0.000.00Basic Materials
ADA Adams Plc Ord Eur0.01 0.050.00%0.00Sell03.647M-0.002.00Financials
NGR Nature Group Plc Ord 0.2p 4.50-5.26%-0.25Sell13.618K3.766M-0.0467.00Industrials
FAL Falcon Media House Limited Ord Gbp0.01 6.880.00%0.00Sell03.809MConsumer Cyclicals
ROSE Rose Petroleum Plc Ord 0.1p 3.40-0.00%-0.00Sell82.140K3.840M-0.0552.00Basic Materials
OEX Oilex Ld Ord Npv 0.23-4.16%-0.01Sell1.518M3.858M-0.0045.00Energy
GBP Global Petroleum Limited Ord Npv 2.111.93%0.04Sell161.146K3.882M-0.014.00Energy
CMB Cambria Africa Plc Ord 0.01p 1.100.00%0.00Sell03.889M-0.0187.00Financials
MAFL Mineral & Financial Investments Limited Ord 1p (di) 11.301.57%0.17Sell70.000K3.898M-0.0031.00Financials
WEB Webis Holdings Plc Ord 1p 0.99-0.70%-0.01Strong Sell350.704K3.944M1404.000.0068.00Consumer Cyclicals
STI Stratex International Plc Ord 1p 0.75-11.76%-0.10Sell933.057K3.972M-0.0019.00Basic Materials
ZMNO Zamano Plc Ord Eur0.001 4.000.00%0.00Sell6693.989M-0.0522.00Telecommunications Services
CHA Concha Plc Ord 0.1p 0.21-9.13%-0.02Sell7.072M4.009M-0.005.00Consumer Cyclicals
PYC Physiomics Plc Ord 0.4p 6.45-6.18%-0.43Sell549.538K4.042M-0.016.00Healthcare
WTE Westmount Energy Limited Ord Npv 8.683.58%0.30Buy6.282K4.044M-0.020.00Energy
MOGP Mountfield Group Plc Ord 0.1p 1.600.00%0.00Sell10.000K4.068M13.330.0025.00Industrials
GLR Galileo Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 1.55-2.94%-0.05Sell75.000K4.074M-0.01Basic Materials
AUK Aukett Swanke Group Plc Ord 1p 2.470.00%0.00Buy21.781K4.081M-0.00246.00Industrials
HAWK Nighthawk Energy Plc Ord 0.25p 0.468.00%0.03Sell220.843K4.108M-0.0116.00Energy
TRP Tower Resources Plc Ord 1p 1.3018.18%0.20Buy6.022M4.128M-0.216.00Energy
RGM Regency Mines Plc Ord 0.01p 0.530.00%0.00Sell615.197K4.136M-0.004.00Basic Materials
DEMG Deltex Medical Group Plc Ord 1p 1.405.66%0.07Buy3.195M4.150M-0.0183.00Healthcare
MSG Milestone Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.24-4.08%-0.01Sell1.221M4.251M-0.0014.00Consumer Cyclicals
FDBK Feedback Plc Ord 0.25p 1.730.00%0.00Neutral73.252K4.251M-0.0025.00Financials
LEG Legendary Investments Plc Ord 0.1p 0.11-11.92%-0.02Sell4.833M4.281M43.330.003.00Financials
GRL Goldstone Resources Limited Ord 1p 1.70-1.30%-0.02Sell1.000K4.319M-0.010.00Basic Materials
NWT Newmark Security Plc Ord 1p 0.93-2.63%-0.02Sell551.967K4.336M-0.01158.00Technology
MLVN Malvern International Plc Ord 5p 3.870.00%0.00Buy04.419M-0.01203.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
EEP Eastern European Property Fund Limited Ord 1p 28.505.56%1.50Buy04.432M-0.270.00Financials
AYM Anglesey Mining Plc Ord 1p 2.520.92%0.02Sell9.625K4.440M-0.003.00Basic Materials
PRIM Primorus Investments Plc Ord 0.01p 0.15-4.62%-0.01Strong Sell31.662M4.475M-0.000.00Basic Materials
FLOW Flowgroup Plc Ord 0.1p 0.320.00%0.00Sell849.828K4.484M-0.15296.00Industrials
BRH Braveheart Investment Group Plc Ord 2p 16.00-4.48%-0.75Sell10.000K4.536M9.100.027.00Financials
TERN Tern Plc Ord 0.02p 2.56-2.67%-0.07Sell50.744K4.539M6.390.002.00Technology
BILL Billing Services Group Limited Com Shs Usd0.59446 2.50-9.09%-0.25Sell3.142K4.543M0.950.03130.00Industrials
UJO Union Jack Oil Plc Ord 0.025p 0.112.76%0.00Sell1.016M4.550M-0.004.00Energy
RRR Red Rock Resources Plc Ord 0.01p 0.90-2.70%-0.03Sell1.231M4.616M-0.005.00Basic Materials
MBO Mobilityone Limited Ord 2.5p 4.400.00%0.00Buy6.589K4.677M13.540.0070.00Industrials
CGNR Conroy Gold & Natural Resources Plc Ord Eur0.001 23.801.28%0.30Sell21.640K4.727M-0.038.00Basic Materials
BBSN Brave Bison Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.80-3.03%-0.02Sell50.000K4.738M-0.01118.00Technology
BNR Blenheim Natural Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.41-4.05%-0.02Sell1.873M4.786M-0.004.00Basic Materials
BOIL Baron Oil Plc Ord 0.025p 0.34-3.91%-0.01Buy5.210M4.817M-0.0031.00Energy
TRT Transense Technologies Plc Ord 50p 48.90-3.17%-1.60Sell12.200K4.822M-0.2228.00Industrials
TND Tandem Group Plc Ord 25p 97.500.00%0.00Sell214.900M4.770.2189.00Consumer Cyclicals
NTOG Nostra Terra Oil And Gas Company Plc Ord 0.1p 3.85-1.91%-0.07Sell1.778M4.923M-0.034.00Energy
MPAY Mi-Pay Group Plc Ord 10p 11.00-8.33%-1.00Sell3.000K4.991M-0.014.00Industrials
OPP Origo Partners Plc Ord 0.01p 1.400.00%0.00Sell05.036M-0.0514.00Financials
OPPP Origo Partners Plc Conv. Pref Shs Npv 0.300.00%0.00Buy05.036M-0.0514.00Financials
RM2 Rm2 International S.a. Ord Usd0.01 (di) 1.2519.05%0.20Sell574.831K5.065M-0.09188.00Basic Materials
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