Stocks with the highest volatility

The volatility of a stock is the fluctuation of price in any given timeframe. The most volatile stocks may demonstrate price fluctuations of up to several hundred percent during the day. In the developed markets volatility tends to be much lower and doesn’t exceed 20-30% during the quiet periods. Price fluctuations aren’t always obvious when looking at stocks that are priced below $1. You can see price changes in percentages to spot such fluctuations.

AUEM Amundi Etf Amundi Etf Msci Emerging Markets 5.22-1.37%-0.07Buy3.007M
OX3P Source Markets Public Limited Company Dj Stx'600'opt Food&bev S Eur 1.65-99.54%-356.45Neutral0
XDWD Xtrackers (ie) Public Limited Company X Msci World 1c 60.19-0.59%-0.36Buy61.412K
OSDD Source Markets Public Limited Company Stx Europe Mid 200 Source Etf 4783.005586.46%4698.89Buy30.000K
RRE Rockrose Energy Plc Ord 20p 345.00171.65%218.00Buy583.060K19.473M-0.86Energy
KBE Kimberly Enterprises N.v. Ord Eur0.01 0.02-39.22%-0.01Sell0
BOIL Baron Oil Plc Ord 0.025p 0.3534.62%0.09Buy48.696M3.579M-0.0031.00Energy
SNT Sabien Technology Group Plc Ord 0.5p 0.380.00%0.00Sell15.000K413.460K-0.0123.00Industrials
QFI Quadrise Fuels International Plc Ord 1p 9.045.73%0.49Buy2.889M73.719M-0.0015.00Energy
D4LC Downing Four Vct Plc Dp2011 Low Carb Ord 0.1p 30.0071.43%12.50Strong Buy0
AKR Akers Biosciences, Inc. Com Shs Npv 26.00-17.46%-5.50Sell10.561K16.782M-0.5728.00Healthcare
GWMO Great Western Mining Corporation Plc Ord Eur0.0001 0.88-10.26%-0.10Strong Sell24.976M5.779M-0.007.00Basic Materials
ALPH Alpha Pyrenees Trust Ltd Ord Npv 0.060.00%0.00Sell682
PCGE Pcg Entertainment Plc Ord 0.1p (di) 0.20-20.00%-0.05Strong Sell110.567M2.606M9.00Consumer Cyclicals
OKYO Okyo Pharma Corporation Ord Npv (di) 1.500.00%0.00Buy1.224K5.826M-0.050.00Basic Materials
KIN Kin Group Plc Ord 0.5p 3.03-22.31%-0.87Sell1.819M975.400K-17.8525.00Financials
RUR Rurelec Plc Ord 2p 1.070.00%0.00Sell185.194K6.035M-0.0214.00Utilities
CBUY Cloudbuy Plc Ord 1p 4.6024.32%0.90Buy551.271K4.826M-0.0283.00Technology
PHSC Phsc Plc Ord 10p 11.756.82%0.75Buy30.156K1.615M-0.0385.00Industrials
SAPO South African Property Opportunities Plc Ord 1p 1.000.00%0.00Sell10622.930K0.160.062.00Financials
ASBE Associated British Engineering Plc Ord 2.5p 40.000.00%0.00Buy452819.600K-0.3926.00Consumer Cyclicals
RM2 Rm2 International S.a. Ord Usd0.01 (di) 1.00-4.76%-0.05Sell574.831K4.244M-0.09188.00Basic Materials
MDZ Mediazest Plc Ord 0.1p 0.185.88%0.01Buy21.454M2.108M-0.0016.00Consumer Cyclicals
NBB Norman Broadbent Plc Ord 1p 11.75-18.97%-2.75Strong Sell10.800K6.332M-0.0684.00Industrials
BLOC Blockchain Worldwide Plc Ord 1p 8.38-9.46%-0.88Sell528.665K
KEFI Kefi Minerals Plc Ord 1.7p 3.33-5.67%-0.20Sell2.633M11.728M-0.0145.00Basic Materials
VAL Valirx Plc Ord 0.1p 3.620.00%0.00Sell3.639M14.771M-0.0612.00Healthcare
PHC Plant Health Care Plc Ord 1p 22.50-13.46%-3.50Buy179.626K38.434M-0.0440.00Basic Materials
OGY3 Etfs Equity Securities Ltd 3x Daily Short Dax 30 Dt Zert 1.6926.61%0.367.128K
OCL4 Amundi Etf Lev Cac (eur) 175.09-17.25%-36.51Strong Sell124
REDX Redx Pharma Plc Ord 1p 13.75-14.06%-2.25Sell132.750K20.236M-0.01145.00Healthcare
SRES Sunrise Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.157.14%0.01Sell21.533M3.002M-0.000.00Basic Materials
CIHL Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited Ord Npv (di) 17.25-13.75%-2.75Sell20.076K17.099M3.370.1036600.00Financials
UPL Upland Resources Limited Ord Npv (di) 2.1012.00%0.23Buy5.820M7.184M-0.00Energy
PYC Physiomics Plc Ord 0.4p 6.881.10%0.07Sell1.426M3.997M-0.016.00Healthcare
C21 21st Century Technology Plc Ord 6.5p 2.500.00%0.00Sell29.290K2.331M-0.0273.00Technology
WEB Webis Holdings Plc Ord 1p 1.00-9.09%-0.10Sell213.253K4.327M1550.560.0068.00Consumer Cyclicals
LBP Lb-Shell Plc Ord 5p 0.28-9.68%-0.03Sell231.904K639.340K-0.14436.00Financials
TSTR Tri-Star Resources Plc Ord 0.005p 0.030.00%0.00Sell58.545M20.751M-0.009.00Basic Materials
MYN Mayan Energy Limited Ord Npv (di) 0.7712.41%0.09Buy19.068M7.989M-0.109.00Industrials
INSP Inspirit Energy Holdings Plc Ord 0.1p 0.07-10.34%-0.01Strong Sell3.012M1.030M-0.005.00Financials
EUSP Eu Supply Plc Ord 0.1p 11.25-10.00%-1.25Sell340.318K8.465M-0.0050.00Technology
CHA Concha Plc Ord 0.1p 0.23-11.54%-0.03Buy1.982M4.532M-0.005.00Consumer Cyclicals
INFA Infrastrata Plc Ord 0.01p 0.3011.11%0.03Sell45.588M1.353M-0.003.00Energy
MATD Petro Matad Limited Ord Usd0.01 9.4514.20%1.18Buy14.804M27.577M4.030.0216.00Energy
GDL Greka Drilling Limited Ord Usd0.00001 (di) 2.17-0.46%-0.01Buy60.000K8.662M-0.01665.00Energy
ANR Altona Energy Plc Ord 0.01p 0.40-0.00%-0.00Sell7.027M6.236M-0.007.00Energy
DTG Dart Group Plc Ord 1.25p 756.1016.41%106.60Buy1.498M964.809M8.330.796322.00Industrials
N4P N4 Pharma Plc Ord 0.4p 31.10-5.47%-1.80Buy2.298M28.731M-0.0031.00Healthcare
CRAW Crawshaw Group Plc Ord 5p 7.25-12.12%-1.00Sell248.570K9.325M-0.02649.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
LCG London Capital Group Holdings Plc Ord 5p 0.80-8.57%-0.07Sell84.510K
SEV Servision Plc Ord 1p 0.850.00%0.00Sell2.430K1.208M-0.0237.00Technology
MCLS Mccoll's Retail Group Plc Ord Gbp0.001 240.00-3.61%-9.00Strong Sell345.814K286.780M26.100.1019319.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
MBO Mobilityone Limited Ord 2.5p 4.40-0.00%-0.00Buy6.589K4.677M13.540.0070.00Industrials
NUOG Nu-Oil And Gas Plc Ord 0.1p 1.277.14%0.08Buy13.125M14.501M-0.007.00Energy
ZEN Zenith Energy Ltd. Com Shs Npv (di) 6.70-12.99%-1.00Sell4.697M11.991M-5.16Energy
GUN Gunsynd Plc Ord 0.01p 0.055.56%0.00Strong Buy87.959M2.197M5.000.003.00Healthcare
ALY Ashley (laura) Holdings Plc Ord 5p 5.47-1.26%-0.07Strong Sell1.320M40.318M33.580.002392.00Consumer Cyclicals
HZD Horizon Discovery Group Plc Ord 1p 200.0011.11%20.00Sell139.755K268.356M-0.14247.00Healthcare
PANR Pantheon Resources Plc Ord 1p 51.50-9.01%-5.10Buy1.664M134.333M-0.01Energy
MPM Mporium Group Plc Ord 0.5p 8.1214.04%1.00Buy491.729K41.887M-0.0157.00Technology
RBD Reabold Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.65-7.14%-0.05Sell2.309M10.783M-0.000.00Financials
RRL Range Resources Limited Ord Npv (di) 0.180.00%0.00Sell5.494M12.459M-0.010.00Energy
RMP Red Emperor Resources Nl Ord Npv (di) 1.150.00%0.00Sell9.785K5.348M-0.00Energy
PPP Pennpetro Energy Plc Ord 1p 70.000.00%0.00Strong Buy10.000K
UJO Union Jack Oil Plc Ord 0.025p 0.110.00%0.00Sell7.309M4.550M-0.004.00Energy
ENQ Enquest Plc Ord 5p 32.7012.76%3.70Sell14.106M343.964M5.980.05477.00Energy
EUA Eurasia Mining Plc Ord 0.1p 0.364.29%0.02Buy3.461M6.467M-0.0019.00Basic Materials
GRTB Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Gdr (each Repr 50 Ord Shs)(reg S) 6.20-10.14%-0.70Sell1.100K
EVRH Evr Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.01 10.15-8.56%-0.95Buy5.310M128.499M-0.0014.00Consumer Cyclicals
SVE Starvest Plc Ord 1p 2.750.00%0.00Sell20.000K1.455M9.290.010.00Financials
TERN Tern Plc Ord 0.02p 2.620.00%0.00Sell2.566M4.539M6.390.002.00Technology
BOOM Audioboom Group Plc Ord Shs Npv 3.606.67%0.22Buy2.975M33.503M-0.0159.00Technology
PVG Premier Veterinary Group Plc Ord 10p 46.007.48%3.20Buy132.280K6.568M-0.280.00Healthcare
TRE Trading Emissions Plc Ord 1p 3.103.33%0.10Buy1.176M7.494M15.000.00Industrials
KRS Keras Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.380.00%0.00Buy1.012M8.482M-0.0013.00Basic Materials
ARCM Arc Minerals Limited Ords Npv (di) 2.402.13%0.05Neutral1.356M7.844M-0.0120.00Basic Materials
STEL Stellar Diamonds Plc Ord 1p 5.62-4.26%-0.25Buy567.608K3.643M-0.04148.00Basic Materials
CNN Caledonian Trust Plc Ord 20p 205.00-4.65%-10.00Buy5.338K25.335M24.360.096.00Financials
LOGP Lansdowne Oil & Gas Plc Ord 0.1p 1.353.85%0.05Sell1.819M6.632M-0.002.00Energy
BVC Batm Advanced Communications Ld Ord Ils0.01 26.307.35%1.80Strong Buy915.086K98.772M-0.00947.00Technology
THR Thor Mining Plc Ord 0.01p 3.388.00%0.25Buy5.857M20.364M-0.01Basic Materials
BIOM Biome Technologies Plc Ord 5p 362.009.70%32.00Buy11.219K7.747M-0.1525.00Basic Materials
ZIOC Zanaga Iron Ore Company Limited Ord Npv (di) 15.00-2.28%-0.35Strong Buy757.771K42.792M-0.004.00Basic Materials
PEG Petards Group Plc Ord 1p 21.2011.58%2.20Buy68.181K10.596M10.040.03106.00Industrials
AVN Avanti Communications Group Plc Ord 1p 8.80-0.00%-0.00Buy104.593K14.268M-0.33231.00Telecommunications Services
BLU Blue Star Capital Plc Ord 0.1p 0.28-8.20%-0.03Sell20.156M5.738M-0.001.00Financials
LDSG Leeds Group Plc Ord 12p 35.000.00%0.00Sell28.788K9.573M14.300.02147.00Consumer Cyclicals
GTC Getech Group Plc Ord 0.25p 27.503.77%1.00Buy56.894K9.954M64.630.00114.00Energy
NFX Nuformix Plc Ord 0.1p 2.90-6.45%-0.20Strong Sell1.338M
TRP Tower Resources Plc Ord 1p 1.104.76%0.05Buy1.247M3.930M-0.216.00Energy
WRES W Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.57-8.06%-0.05Strong Buy64.089M31.971M-0.006.00Basic Materials
ZMNO Zamano Plc Ord Eur0.001 4.000.00%0.00Sell6693.978M-0.0522.00Telecommunications Services
POL Polo Resources Limited Ord Npv (di) 4.640.87%0.04Buy230.611K14.342M-0.0229.00Financials
TRX Tissue Regenix Group Plc Ord 0.5p 8.000.00%0.00Sell84.628K93.679M-0.0180.00Healthcare
FDSA Fidessa Group Plc Ord 10p 2915.0011.90%310.00Buy127.249K1.009B26.161.001727.00Technology
XTR Xtract Resources Plc Ord 0.02p 2.403.23%0.07Sell4.891M8.151M0.620.044.00Energy
GCG Golden Rock Global Plc Ord 1p 9.000.00%0.00Sell4
KAT Katoro Gold Plc Ord Gbp0.01 2.254.65%0.10Sell100.000K2.454M-0.03Basic Materials
PEB Pebble Beach Systems Group Plc Ord 2.5p 1.802.86%0.05Buy1.250K2.181M-0.0396.00Technology
WLFE Wolf Minerals Limited Ord Npv (di) 3.40-0.00%-0.00Sell38.755K31.548M-0.07Basic Materials
HAIK Haike Chemical Group Ltd Ord Usd0.002 (di) 27.500.00%0.00Buy8.600K10.547M6.010.052253.00Basic Materials
5WTI Sg Issuer Sg Wti X5 Daily Long Gbp 2 77.5610.67%7.47Sell7
NCCL Ncondezi Energy Limited Ord Npv (di) 6.157.89%0.45Strong Buy2.141M15.122M-0.0113.00Energy
CGNR Conroy Gold & Natural Resources Plc Ord Eur0.001 23.50-9.62%-2.50Sell66.052K5.215M-0.038.00Basic Materials
CRV Craven House Capital Plc Ord Usd1.00 5.40-3.57%-0.20Buy6009.573M1.663.250.00Financials
MAC Marechale Capital Plc Ord 0.8p 2.15-4.44%-0.10Buy100.000K1.298M-0.013.00Financials
BNR Blenheim Natural Resources Plc Ord 0.1p 0.43-0.00%-0.00Sell25.050M4.786M-0.004.00Basic Materials
TSG Trans-Siberian Gold Plc Ord 10p 45.009.76%4.00Buy44.900K45.122M19.710.02479.00Basic Materials
SRON Saffron Energy Plc Ord 0.1p 4.65-10.58%-0.55Buy2.458M10.400MUtilities
NWT Newmark Security Plc Ord 1p 0.93-2.63%-0.02Sell551.967K4.453M-0.01158.00Technology
TECH Techfinancials Inc Ord Usd0.0005 (di) 25.004.17%1.00Buy8.472K17.412M13.010.0293.00Industrials
IXI Ixico Plc Ord 1p 38.00-1.30%-0.50Buy18.049K10.441M-0.0661.00Healthcare
UVEL Univision Engineering Limited Ord Npv 1.95-1.27%-0.03Buy482.246K7.578M13.530.0044.00Technology
SUN Surgical Innovations Group Plc Ord 1p 3.677.30%0.25Buy819.662K26.803M22.240.0055.00Healthcare
FIPP Frontier Ip Group Plc Ord 10p 91.008.98%7.50Buy24.881K31.963M23.750.047.00Industrials
AEG Active Energy Group Plc Ord 1p 4.200.48%0.02Buy1.790M36.221M-0.0066.00Industrials
CIR Circassia Pharmaceuticals Plc Ord 0.08p 94.00-4.95%-4.90Sell291.206K329.798M-0.22291.00Healthcare
BOR Borders & Southern Petroleum Plc Ord 1p 3.353.23%0.11Buy1.146K15.733M-0.005.00Energy
VELA Vela Technologies Plc Ord 0.1p 0.68-10.00%-0.07Sell3.586M6.277M25.860.0055.00Consumer Cyclicals
ITM Itm Power Plc Ord 5p 36.556.87%2.35Buy475.526K110.811M-0.0272.00Energy
AGTA Agriterra Ld Ord 10p 14.00-6.67%-1.00Strong Sell9.186K3.186M971.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
MSG Milestone Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.24-4.08%-0.01Sell1.221M4.431M-0.0014.00Consumer Cyclicals
FASS Fidelity Asian Values Plc Sub Shs 0.001p 19.000.00%0.00Sell10.956K261.224M5.570.680.00Financials
AFC Afc Energy Plc Ord 0.1p 11.430.22%0.03Sell1.238M44.608M-0.0144.00Energy
TPOP People's Operator Plc (the) Ord Gbp0.0005 0.09-2.70%-0.00Sell43.516M2.779M-0.0742.00Telecommunications Services
ECO Eco (atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd Com Shs Npv (di) 39.008.94%3.20Buy545.486K56.390M-0.063.00Energy
DSG Dillistone Group Plc Ord 5p 82.507.84%6.00Buy31.704K16.226M1375.000.00125.00Technology
OX6P Source Markets Public Limited Company Stx Euro600 Opt Utilit S Etf Eur 151.99-9.81%-16.5430
OCST Lyxor International Asset Management Ucits Stoxx Eur600 C&m 50.60-9.76%-5.48233
5OUS Sg Issuer Sg Wti X5 Daily Short Usd 2.55-9.75%-0.28Sell0
PDL Petra Diamonds Limited Ord 10p (di) 71.904.66%3.20Buy2.864M365.803M28.350.025602.00Basic Materials
SDI Scientific Digital Imaging Plc Ord 1p 29.00-3.33%-1.00Buy166.006K26.890M20.390.02109.00Healthcare
COS Collagen Solutions Plc Ord 1p 2.70-6.90%-0.20Sell25.649K9.411M-0.017.00Healthcare
RIFS Reliance Infrastructure Ld Gdr (repr 3 Ord Inr10)(reg S) 20.60-9.65%-2.20Sell5
CNR Condor Gold Plc Ord 20p 49.00-5.77%-3.00Sell84.605K31.910M-0.1350.00Basic Materials
BSD B.s.d Crown Ltd Ord Nis0.01 (di) 21.005.00%1.00Buy45.323K25.868M-0.31Technology
SAL Spaceandpeople Plc Ord 1p 35.002.94%1.00Buy73.238K6.637M167.490.00118.00Consumer Cyclicals
KMR Kenmare Resources Plc Ord Eur0.001 279.007.31%19.00Buy16.639K284.964M8.820.301344.00Basic Materials
AFRB Afi Development Plc B Ord Usd0.001 0.24-2.43%-0.01Sell42.345K
TYM Tertiary Minerals Plc Ord 0.01p 1.58-4.55%-0.07Sell3.070M5.919M-0.009.00Basic Materials
OBC Online Blockchain Plc Ord 5p 92.005.75%5.00Buy57.289K7.536M370.210.003.00Financials
NANO Nanoco Group Plc Ord 10p 39.80-7.33%-3.15Strong Buy851.012K122.809M-0.04110.00Technology
MTR Metal Tiger Plc Ord 0.01p 2.08-3.49%-0.08Sell5.941M23.550M-0.004.00Industrials
RMM Rambler Metals & Mining Plc Ord 1p 7.880.00%0.00Sell35.805K43.292M-0.01140.00Basic Materials
DP2F Downing Two Vct Plc F Shs 0.1p 50.006.38%3.00Buy5.000K
BMR Bmr Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01 1.900.00%0.00Sell700.316K6.379M-0.0134.00Basic Materials
SAR Sareum Holdings Plc Ord 0.025p 0.98-0.00%-0.00Strong Buy10.552M26.766M69.640.002.00Healthcare
TAVI Tavistock Investments Plc Ord 1p 3.2510.17%0.30Sell136.000K15.847M983.330.0026.00Financials
EBQ Ebiquity Plc Ord 25p 85.50-5.00%-4.50Sell23.440K66.598M20.020.05919.00Industrials
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