Stocks that have reached their monthly high

The table below displays the list of stocks that are at their monthly highs. Stocks with the highest monthly price change indicate that there is a constant interest from various market participants. Such price movement can continue when the fundamentals are strong.

1PAS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Palladium 1x Short Daily Etp 49.557.66%3.53Buy415
37ZL Standard Chartered Plc Ads (each Repr 1 Non-Cum Red Prf)reg S 122.050.14%0.18Buy200.000K27.082B2252.890.0186693.00Financials
3ITS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Ftse Mib 3x Short Daily 848.5011.81%89.62Buy1.340K
3LGO Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Gold 3x Leverage Daily Etp (£) 1901.500.77%14.50Buy1.726K
3LGS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Natural Gas 3x Short Daily 3090.0010.06%282.50Strong Buy8.616K
AA4 Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited Red Ord Npv 106.37-0.59%-0.63Neutral26.648K687.207M3.740.290.00Financials
AAVC Albion Venture Capital Tst Plc Ord 1p 69.000.73%0.50Buy4.900K
ACSO Accesso Technology Group Plc Ord 1p 2356.000.83%19.33Buy5.458K615.874M112.560.22749.00Technology
AEFS Alcentra European Floating Rate Income Fund Limited Red Ord Npv Gbp 98.43-0.37%-0.37Buy101.790K
AFS Amiad Water Systems Ltd Ord Ils0.5 170.00-2.86%-5.00Buy2.421K39.661M17.130.10Industrials
AGGP Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Grains 250.001.58%3.90Buy38
AGOU Ashmore Global Opportunities Limited Ord Npv (usd) 3.965.60%0.21Strong Buy3.000K
AIGX Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Ex-Energy 9.100.08%0.01Buy7.000K
AKRN Pjsc Acron Gdr (10 Gdrs Repr 1 Ord) (reg S) 7.654.08%0.30Strong Buy130
ANW Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust Plc Ord 25p 586.800.31%1.80Strong Buy2.583K98.853M8.120.720.00Financials
ARIX Arix Bioscience Plc Ord 0.001p 192.10-1.49%-2.90Buy28.706K187.499M12.00Financials
ASC Asos Plc Ord 3.5p 7548.000.24%18.00Buy116.878K6.297B98.450.773463.00Consumer Cyclicals
ASCI Aberdeen Smaller Companies Income Trust Plc Ord 50p 289.951.38%3.95Strong Buy10.181K
ASPL Aseana Properties Limited Ord Usd0.05 0.530.00%0.00Buy15.000K74.706M-0.060.00Financials
ATT Allianz Technology Trust Plc Ord 25p 1226.50-0.69%-8.50Buy35.879K
ATYM Atalaya Mining Plc Ord 7.5p 200.004.71%9.00Strong Buy67.670K258.335M7.680.25310.00Basic Materials
BGHS Boussard & Gavaudan Holding Limited Ord Eur0.0001 (stg) 1715.000.00%0.00Sell283498.116M9.911.93Financials
BHGU Bh Global Limited Ord Npv Usd 14.200.35%0.05Buy5.572K313.567M107.010.130.00Financials
BHMU Bh Macro Limited Ord Npv (usd) 20.90-0.48%-0.10Buy6.489K
BIOM Biome Technologies Plc Ord 5p 370.0012.12%40.00Buy10.887K7.747M-0.1525.00Basic Materials
BISI Bisichi Mining Plc Ord 10p 75.000.67%0.50Buy3.194K8.008M14.560.05240.00Energy
BKS Beeks Financial Cloud Group Plc Ord Gbp0.00125 58.754.91%2.75Buy52.618K27.517M28.00Technology
BME B&m European Value Retail S.a. Ord 10p (di) 431.90-0.16%-0.70Buy683.742K4.328B28.290.1526057.00Consumer Cyclicals
BMT Braime (t.f. & J.h.) (holdings) Plc 'a'non.v Ord 25p 920.002.22%20.00Strong Buy65012.720M12.290.69125.00Industrials
BOE Boeing Co. Com Stk Usd5 336.21-2.25%-7.75Buy700150.010B30.2811.88140800.00Industrials
BOIL Baron Oil Plc Ord 0.025p 0.3534.62%0.09Buy46.711M3.579M-0.0031.00Energy
BON Bonmarche Holdings Plc Ord 1p 103.507.25%7.00Buy61.551K48.268M7.620.131934.00Consumer Cyclicals
BOOM Audioboom Group Plc Ord Shs Npv 3.606.67%0.23Buy2.975M33.503M-0.0159.00Technology
BPCR Biopharma Credit Plc Ord Usd0.01 1.040.97%0.01Buy49.632K677.775MFinancials
BPM B.p. Marsh & Partners Plc Ord 10p 275.892.95%7.89Buy33.549K78.269M4.900.5517.00Financials
BSRT Baker Steel Resources Trust Limited Ord Npv 52.339.01%4.33Buy24.500K
BSV British Smaller Companies Vct Plc Ord 10p 73.500.00%0.00Buy531
BVC Batm Advanced Communications Ld Ord Ils0.01 26.287.27%1.78Strong Buy447.642K98.772M-0.00947.00Technology
BYB Byblos Bank S.a.l Gdr (each Repr 50 Com Shs) (reg S) 76.500.66%0.50Buy1.000K941.181M6.840.251520.00Financials
CARB Etfs Oil Securities Limited Etfs Carbon Securities Eur 7.323.19%0.23Strong Buy1.502K
CBP Curtis Banks Group Plc Ord 0.5p 321.10-2.10%-6.90Buy8.669K176.488M30.070.11458.00Financials
CCP Celtic Plc Ord 1p 133.000.76%1.00Buy107123.678M307.690.06507.00Consumer Cyclicals
CCPC Celtic Plc Cnv Pfd Ord 100p 252.000.00%0.00Buy400123.678M307.690.06507.00Consumer Cyclicals
CER Cerillion Plc Ord 0.5p 152.000.33%0.50Buy3.895K44.713M22.130.07Technology
CGB Db X-Trackers Ii X China Government Bond 22.33-0.22%-0.05Buy13
CGVD Cg Power And Industrial Solutions Limited Gdr (repr 5 Ord Inr2)(reg S) 6.000.00%0.00Buy749587.360M-0.616288.00Industrials
CKN Clarkson Plc Ord 25p 3240.00-0.31%-10.00Buy5.319K982.578M25.461.281392.00Industrials
CLC Calculus Vct Plc Ord 1p 77.000.00%0.00Buy448
CNN Caledonian Trust Plc Ord 20p 220.002.33%5.00Buy5.338K25.335M24.360.096.00Financials
CPC City Pub Group Plc (the) Ord 50p 171.002.40%4.00Buy85.613K94.300M382.150.00392.00Consumer Cyclicals
CPG Compass Group Plc Ord 11 1/20p 1550.500.19%3.00Buy688.357K24.504B21.660.72588112.00Consumer Cyclicals
CPS Cpl Resources Plc Eur0.10 540.001.89%10.00Buy1.089K151.863M13.360.47802.00Industrials
CRC Circle Property Plc Ord Npv 162.50-2.99%-5.00Sell1646.397M4.420.374.00Financials
CSH2 Lyxor Index Fund Lyxor Smart Cash Ucits Etf C-Gbp 101579.000.00%1.50Buy45
DCTA Directa Plus Plc Ord 0.25p 50.00-0.99%-0.50Buy71.560K22.327M-0.1022.00Consumer Cyclicals
DIL2 Damille Investments Ii Limited Ord Shs Npv 85.000.00%0.00Sell1.115K
DNA2 Doric Nimrod Air Two Limited Ord Pref Shs Npv 212.00-0.93%-2.00Sell12.280K369.685M4.020.53400.00Financials
DNL Diurnal Group Plc Ord Gbp0.05 180.003.75%6.50Buy3.000K91.227M-0.1819.00Healthcare
DP2F Downing Two Vct Plc F Shs 0.1p 50.006.38%3.00Buy5.000K
DSG Dillistone Group Plc Ord 5p 82.507.84%6.00Buy31.704K16.226M1375.000.00125.00Technology
DSUS Multi Units France Lyx Etf 10y Us T Daily Short Acc 87.750.90%0.78Buy67.000K
DTG Dart Group Plc Ord 1.25p 754.7016.20%105.20Buy1.022M964.809M8.330.796322.00Industrials
DWHT Dewhurst Plc Ord 10p 874.902.33%19.90Buy2559.755M16.250.53369.00Industrials
ECO Eco (atlantic) Oil & Gas Ltd Com Shs Npv (di) 39.209.50%3.40Buy449.121K56.390M-0.063.00Energy
EDV Elderstreet Draper Esprit Vct Plc Ord 5p 56.000.00%0.00Buy5.715K
EFGD Efg-Hermes Holding S.a.e. Gdr (each Repr 2 Ord Egp5)(regs) 2.497.79%0.18Buy86.582K
EJFZ Ejf Investments Ltd 2022 Zdp Npv 103.500.00%0.00Buy3.400K
EPWN Epwin Group Plc Ord 0.05p 87.72-0.88%-0.78Buy102.083K125.056M7.230.122592.00Consumer Cyclicals
ESCH Escher Group Holdings Public Limited Company Ord Eur0.005 181.500.00%0.00Buy13.772K34.136M107.860.02139.00Industrials
EVR Evraz Plc Ord Usd1.00 408.263.46%13.66Strong Buy1.127M5.651B-0.0877951.00Basic Materials
FDSA Fidessa Group Plc Ord 10p 2780.006.72%175.00Buy72.296K1.009B26.161.001727.00Technology
FEDF Multi Units Luxembourg Lyx Etf Fed Funds Us Cash Acc 101.500.02%0.02Strong Buy10
FOXT Foxtons Group Plc Ord 1p 80.401.64%1.30Buy88.217K217.608M20.440.041337.00Financials
FUM Futura Medical Plc Ord 0.2p 42.982.95%1.23Buy548.152K50.391M-0.038.00Healthcare
FXRU Finex Funds Plc Finex Russian Corporate Bonds Usd 115.003.39%3.77Strong Buy48
GBCH Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs Long Chf Short Gbp 5554.000.02%1.00Buy8
GEEC Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited Gdr (each Repr 0.5 Ord Inr10) 94.005.03%4.50Buy1.050K106.616M-0.0131.00Energy
GEND Lyxor Index Fund Lyxor Global Gender Equality 7.240.00%0.000
GFIR Global Fixed Income Realisation Limited Ord Npv Gbp 17.250.00%0.00Sell1.552K
GFM Griffin Mining Limited Ord $0.01 132.110.08%0.11Buy97.884K224.392M13.470.10385.00Basic Materials
GHYS Ishares Vi Plc (the 'company') Ishrs Glbl Hgh Yld Crp Bnd Gbp Hdgd Dist 100.850.23%0.23Sell3.147K
GLAB Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe I Plc Spdr Bbarc Gbl Agg £hdg Ucits Etf 30.140.00%0.000
GLAU Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe I Plc Spdr Bbarc Gbl Agg $hdg Ucits Etf 30.150.00%0.000
GLIZ Gli Finance Limited Zdp Npv 105.000.48%0.50Strong Buy1.447K50.697M-0.08Financials
GMP Gabelli Merger Plus+ Trust Plc Ord Usd0.01 10.500.48%0.05Strong Buy600
GROW Draper Esprit Plc Ord Gbp0.01 458.001.78%8.00Strong Buy7.750K322.253M9.770.4617.00Financials
GUN Gunsynd Plc Ord 0.01p 0.058.44%0.00Strong Buy82.305M2.197M5.000.003.00Healthcare
HAIK Haike Chemical Group Ltd Ord Usd0.002 (di) 29.507.27%2.00Buy7.100K10.547M6.010.052253.00Basic Materials
HEAD Headlam Group Plc Ord 5p 589.001.38%8.00Strong Buy45.574K492.987M15.100.392348.00Consumer Cyclicals
HONY Honeycomb Investment Trust Plc Ord 1p 1137.270.20%2.27Sell1.383K339.661M9.291.22Financials
HR1O Hazel Renewable Energy Vct 1 Plc Ord 0.1p 113.000.00%0.00Buy194
HRG Hogg Robinson Group Plc Ord 1p 117.00-2.50%-3.00Buy30.941K393.131M18.200.074622.00Industrials
HSS Hss Hire Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01 25.72-0.12%-0.03Buy44.339K43.828M-0.243254.00Industrials
HSW Hostelworld Group Plc Ord Eur0.01 386.501.31%5.00Strong Buy60.192K364.603M41.660.09240.00Technology
HUNT Hunters Property Plc Ord 4p 51.002.00%1.00Buy10.000K16.385M23.020.02164.00Financials
HVT Heavitree Brewery Plc Ord 5p 440.002.33%10.00Buy20015.834M15.890.2814.00Consumer Cyclicals
IIP Infrastructure India Plc Ord 1p 3.750.00%0.00Buy3.000K
INLZ Inland Zdp Plc Zdp 10p 147.500.00%0.00Buy6.711K
INM Independent News & Media Plc Ord Eur0.01 0.11-1.14%-0.00Buy6.000K132.845M3.120.03876.00Consumer Cyclicals
INVR Investec Plc Non-Red,non-Cum,non-Part Prf Shs 1p 565.000.00%0.00Buy8476.281B12.940.489900.00Financials
JD. Jd Sports Fashion Plc Ord 0.25p 386.20-0.27%-1.04Buy1.115M3.774B18.910.2116218.00Consumer Cyclicals
JPEC Jpmorgan Elect Plc Managed Cash Shs 0.001p 100.500.00%0.00Sell763342.983M14.660.540.00Financials
JPIZ Jpmorgan Income & Capital Trust Plc Zero Div Pref Shs 1p 189.500.00%0.00Buy2.016K
JPYP Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs Long Jpy Short Usd £ 2690.004.26%110.00Buy188
JWNG Jaywing Plc Ord 5p 26.000.00%0.00Buy1.405K22.593M-0.03582.00Consumer Cyclicals
KAY Kings Arms Yard Vct Plc Ord 1p 21.300.00%0.00Buy1.000K
LAGR Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Agriculture 7.07-0.44%-0.03Buy110
LCHF Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs Long Chf Short Usd 47.68-0.17%-0.08Strong Buy12
LGRA Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Grains 3.831.56%0.06Buy3.324K
LJPY Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs Long Jpy Short Usd 37.790.60%0.23Strong Buy38
LNIK Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Nickel 89.182.14%1.87Strong Buy4.100K
LSOB Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Soybeans 29.203.55%1.00Strong Buy650
LTI Lindsell Train Investment Trust Plc Ord 75p 883.602.03%17.60Strong Buy51
LZIC Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Zinc 13.400.37%0.05Buy300
MAI Maintel Holdings Plc Ord 1p 850.003.03%25.00Buy1.841K120.675M21.820.40548.00Telecommunications Services
MATD Petro Matad Limited Ord Usd0.01 9.5415.35%1.27Buy13.364M27.577M4.030.0216.00Energy
MAV4 Maven Income & Growth Vct 4 Plc Ord 10p 75.500.00%0.00Sell511
MDZ Mediazest Plc Ord 0.1p 0.185.88%0.01Buy21.454M2.108M-0.0016.00Consumer Cyclicals
MERL Merlin Entertainments Plc Ord 1p 354.703.59%12.30Buy2.562M3.491B16.560.2119489.00Consumer Cyclicals
MFON Pjsc Megafon Gdr (each Repr 1 Ord) (reg S) 9.952.59%0.25Buy289.882K
MIG Mobeus Income & Growth 2 Vct Plc Ord 1p 88.001.73%1.50Buy1.931K
MIG3 Maven Income And Growth Vct 3 Plc Ord 10p 66.500.00%0.00Sell580
MIG4 Mobeus Income & Growth 4 Vct Plc Ord 1p 76.000.00%0.00Sell514
MKLW Mucklow (a & J) Group Plc Ord 25p 514.160.62%3.16Buy17.134K323.437M6.420.8014.00Financials
MPLF Marble Point Loan Financing Limited Ord Shs Npv 1.010.00%0.000
MTH Mithras Investment Trust Plc Ord 2p 228.000.88%2.00Strong Buy1.000K
MUBL Mbl Group Plc Ord 7.5p 9.500.00%0.00Sell101.643M-0.0453.00Consumer Cyclicals
N4P N4 Pharma Plc Ord 0.4p 33.231.00%0.33Buy1.702M28.731M-0.0031.00Healthcare
O082 Ishares Plc Ishs Eur I.l Gov B Ucits Etf Eur Acc Otc 208.958.34%16.08Strong Buy8.401K
OGY3 Etfs Equity Securities Ltd 3x Daily Short Dax 30 Dt Zert 1.6926.61%0.367.128K
OILZ Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Wti Oil 1x Short Daily Etp 87.517.91%6.42Buy153
OSDD Source Markets Public Limited Company Stx Europe Mid 200 Source Etf 84.780.79%0.67Sell60.000K
OTMP Onthemarket Plc Ord 0.2p 168.502.74%4.5057.474K99.275M-0.0057.00Technology
OTPD Otp Bank Plc Gdr (each Repr 1/2 Ord Huf100)(reg S) 23.001.77%0.40Buy19.389B13.27885.3033342.00Financials
OXA1 Db Etc Plc Physical Gold Euro Hdg Etc 97.460.39%0.38Strong Buy666
OXH Oxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust Plc Ord 10p 27.500.00%0.00Buy141
PEBI Port Erin Biopharma Investments Limited Ord 0.0001p 5.000.00%0.00Buy181.160M-0.000.00Healthcare
PFAG Etfs Hedged Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Gbp Daily Hedged Longer Dated Agri 575.380.17%1.00Buy38
PGM Phoenix Global Mining Limited Ord Npv (di) 5.255.53%0.28Strong Buy1.287K11.430M-0.016.00Basic Materials
PGY Progility Plc Ord 0.25p 67.500.00%0.00Buy1911.078M-0.28674.00Industrials
PHC Plant Health Care Plc Ord 1p 24.00-7.69%-2.00Strong Buy171.388K38.434M-0.0440.00Basic Materials
PHD Proactis Holdings Plc Ord 10p 191.330.44%0.83Buy23.700K176.968M-0.05215.00Technology
PHDC Palm Hills Developments S.a.e Gdr (each Repr 20 Ord) (reg S) 3.820.00%0.00Buy5.639K369.256MFinancials
PIN Pantheon International Plc Ord 67p 1885.00-0.79%-15.00Buy14.605K
PNS Panther Securities Plc Ord 25p 307.000.00%0.00Sell31054.288M5.610.5536.00Financials
PPIX Prophotonix Limited Com Shs $0.001 (di) 9.452.16%0.20Buy25.000K10.650M8.210.02183.00Technology
PSON Pearson Plc Ord 25p 697.60-0.43%-3.00Buy742.708K5.509B-2.6232719.00Consumer Cyclicals
PVG Premier Veterinary Group Plc Ord 10p 46.157.83%3.35Buy125.387K6.568M-0.280.00Healthcare
QRT Quarto Group Incorporated Com Stk Usd0.10 172.000.00%0.00Buy22.109K33.878M12.930.13499.00Consumer Cyclicals
QUIZ Quiz Plc Ord 0.3p 146.700.65%0.95Buy18.150K181.066M27.740.051390.00Consumer Cyclicals
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