Stocks that have lost most of their value

Top Losers is the list of biggest percentage decliners. The stocks can continue their downward movement which is why it’s important to identify the reasons why stocks have been falling. Many traders prefer to buy low and sell high and we provide the tools to do that. Investors often buy the dips and consider it a discounted price if they believe that the fundamentals are strong.

XDWD Xtrackers (ie) Public Limited Company X Msci World 1c 4.10-93.24%-56.45Strong Sell11.412K
LQDE Ishares Plc Ishares $ Ucits Etf Usd (dist) 8.45-92.61%-105.82Sell739.760K
KIN Kin Group Plc Ord 0.5p 3.00-23.08%-0.90Sell1.172M975.400K-17.8525.00Financials
AKR Akers Biosciences, Inc. Com Shs Npv 25.00-20.63%-6.50Sell5.386K16.782M-0.5728.00Healthcare
NBB Norman Broadbent Plc Ord 1p 11.75-20.34%-3.00Sell10.800K6.332M-0.0684.00Industrials
EUSP Eu Supply Plc Ord 0.1p 10.55-15.60%-1.95Sell95.758K8.465M-0.0050.00Technology
LGAS Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Gasoline 3.78-14.37%-0.63Sell2.069K
CIHL Caribbean Investment Holdings Limited Ord Npv (di) 17.25-13.75%-2.75Sell20.076K17.099M3.370.1036600.00Financials
MBO Mobilityone Limited Ord 2.5p 3.80-13.64%-0.60Strong Sell6.589K4.677M13.540.0070.00Industrials
GRTB Guaranty Trust Bank Plc Gdr (each Repr 50 Ord Shs)(reg S) 6.05-12.32%-0.85Sell1.000K
LPET Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Petroleum 52.06-11.85%-7.00Sell2.812K
ZMNO Zamano Plc Ord Eur0.001 3.55-11.25%-0.45Sell6693.978M-0.0522.00Telecommunications Services
GCG Golden Rock Global Plc Ord 1p 8.00-11.11%-1.00Sell4
NGL3 Sg Issuer Sg Nat Gaz X3 Daily Long Gbp 2.48-10.87%-0.30Sell60
MAC Marechale Capital Plc Ord 0.8p 2.01-10.67%-0.24Sell100.000K1.298M-0.013.00Financials
NFX Nuformix Plc Ord 0.1p 2.77-10.65%-0.33Sell1.268M
BLEY Bailey (c.h.) Plc Ord 10p 127.50-10.53%-15.00Sell2.500K9.764M24.300.05123.00Consumer Cyclicals
FASS Fidelity Asian Values Plc Sub Shs 0.001p 17.08-10.11%-1.92Sell10.559K261.224M5.570.680.00Financials
OX6P Source Markets Public Limited Company Stx Euro600 Opt Utilit S Etf Eur 151.99-9.81%-16.5430
OCST Lyxor International Asset Management Ucits Stoxx Eur600 C&m 50.60-9.76%-5.48466
RIFS Reliance Infrastructure Ld Gdr (repr 3 Ord Inr10)(reg S) 20.60-9.65%-2.20Sell1
EVRH Evr Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.01 10.03-9.64%-1.07Buy3.011M128.499M-0.0014.00Consumer Cyclicals
PPP Pennpetro Energy Plc Ord 1p 61.00-9.63%-6.50Sell10.000K
SCGL Sealand Capital Galaxy Limited Ord Shs Gbp0.0001 Each (di) 7.25-9.38%-0.75Sell3.362K36.544MTechnology
KEFI Kefi Minerals Plc Ord 1.7p 3.20-9.22%-0.33Sell2.394M11.728M-0.0145.00Basic Materials
WLFE Wolf Minerals Limited Ord Npv (di) 3.10-8.82%-0.30Sell26.318K31.548M-0.07Basic Materials
IHC Inspiration Healthcare Group Plc Ord 10p 48.01-8.55%-4.49Sell5.770K16.100M39.090.0126.00Healthcare
BLOC Blockchain Worldwide Plc Ord 1p 8.47-8.43%-0.78Sell96.965K
JKX Jkx Oil & Gas Plc Ord 10p 20.20-8.18%-1.80Buy8.627K37.779M-0.14630.00Energy
PRM Proteome Sciences Plc Ord 1p 3.26-8.17%-0.29Sell160.300K9.623M-0.0136.00Healthcare
SRON Saffron Energy Plc Ord 0.1p 4.80-7.69%-0.40Buy1.999M10.400MUtilities
PHC Plant Health Care Plc Ord 1p 24.00-7.69%-2.00Strong Buy171.388K38.434M-0.0440.00Basic Materials
BYOT Byotrol Plc Ords 0.25p 3.60-7.69%-0.30Sell138.500K15.711M-0.0017.00Healthcare
3SUL Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 3x Daily Long Sugar 14.95-7.69%-1.25Sell3.567K
3NIL Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 3x Daily Long Nickel 47.28-7.67%-3.93Buy1.003K
TTST Tata Steel Limited Gdr (each Repr 1 Ord) (reg S) 10.35-7.59%-0.85Sell1.818K8.629B28.5524.1667902.00Basic Materials
BEM Beowulf Mining Plc Ord 1p 7.72-7.54%-0.63Buy82.285K44.606M-0.005.00Basic Materials
SLNG Slingsby (h.c.) Plc Ord 25p 92.50-7.50%-7.50Sell25925.000K-0.09106.00Industrials
AFN Advfn Plc Ord 0.2p 46.25-7.50%-3.75Sell28312.812M52.030.0153.00Industrials
XUCD Xtrackers (ie) Public Limited Company X Msci Usa Consumer Discr 35.03-7.47%-2.83Strong Sell7.359K
BOR Borders & Southern Petroleum Plc Ord 1p 3.01-7.38%-0.24Sell1.146K15.733M-0.005.00Energy
RE. R.e.a. Holdings Plc Ord 25p 306.00-7.27%-24.00Sell3.489K125.169M-0.448368.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
FBRT Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Longer Dated Brent Crude 35.27-7.20%-2.73Sell2.000K
3CFL Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 3x Daily Long Coffee 15.95-7.11%-1.22Strong Sell13.980K
3HCS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Copper 3x Short Daily Etp 50.36-7.09%-3.84Sell252
TYRU Tyratech Inc Com Shs Usd0.001 (di) 2.33-7.00%-0.18Sell400.000K7.820M-0.0017.00Basic Materials
NANO Nanoco Group Plc Ord 10p 39.98-6.92%-2.97Strong Buy469.374K122.809M-0.04110.00Technology
ZEN Zenith Energy Ltd. Com Shs Npv (di) 7.17-6.88%-0.53Strong Sell2.948M11.991M-5.16Energy
IGP Intercede Group Plc Ord 1p 27.02-6.83%-1.98Strong Sell14.000K14.640M-0.07123.00Technology
POL Polo Resources Limited Ord Npv (di) 4.29-6.68%-0.31Sell60.377K14.342M-0.0229.00Financials
AGTA Agriterra Ld Ord 10p 14.00-6.67%-1.00Sell6.686K3.186M971.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
SDI Scientific Digital Imaging Plc Ord 1p 28.00-6.67%-2.00Sell53.754K26.890M20.390.02109.00Healthcare
LSYO Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Soybean Oil 2.18-6.59%-0.15Strong Sell4.003K
RDXS Source Markets Public Limited Company Source Rdx Ucits Etf 128.87-6.57%-9.06Sell400
LTMU Lyxor International Asset Management Lyxor Msci Em Latin America - Acc 32.52-6.57%-2.28Sell2.575K
COS Collagen Solutions Plc Ord 1p 2.62-6.43%-0.18Sell6499.411M-0.017.00Healthcare
3NGS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Natural Gas 3x Short Daily Etp 40.43-6.41%-2.77Buy80
ARCM Arc Minerals Limited Ords Npv (di) 2.20-6.38%-0.15Strong Sell514.458K7.844M-0.0120.00Basic Materials
FEMI Fidelity Ucits Icav Em Quality Income Ucits Usd Acc 5.24-6.37%-0.36Sell89.879K
C4XD C4x Discovery Holdings Plc Ord 1p 68.00-6.21%-4.50Sell2.951K33.752M-0.1719.00Healthcare
OET5 Etflab Investment Gmbh Deka Msci Europe Ucits 12.63-6.17%-0.833.860K
AHCG Action Hotels Plc Ord 10p 21.60-6.09%-1.40Sell66.333K33.957M-0.02694.00Consumer Cyclicals
TLY Totally Plc Ord 10p 39.00-6.02%-2.50Sell41.656K22.722M-0.0832.00Technology
STAR Starcom Plc Ord Npv 3.76-6.00%-0.24Strong Buy90.856K10.270M-0.0132.00Technology
LSUG Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Sugar 3.37-5.91%-0.21Sell6.334K
AFSU Lyxor International Asset Management Lyxor South Africa - Acc $ 43.88-5.90%-2.75Sell8.310K
UC03 Ubs (irl) Etf Plc Ubs Etf - Msci Usa A-Dis 63.55-5.78%-3.90Sell3.000K
DEST Destiny Pharma Plc Ord Gbp0.01 131.00-5.76%-8.00Strong Sell11.874K57.067M-0.048.00Healthcare
TRX Tissue Regenix Group Plc Ord 0.5p 7.55-5.62%-0.45Strong Sell81.632K93.679M-0.0180.00Healthcare
INDI Indus Gas Limited Ord 1p 320.00-5.60%-19.00Sell245594.665M29.480.11Energy
USVL Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe Ii Plc Spdr Msci Usa Value Weighted Etf 38.70-5.59%-2.29Sell2.700K
MNOD Pjsc Mmc Norilsk Nickel Adr (10 Adrs Each Rep 1 Ord) 19.35-5.56%-1.14Sell1.000M21.528B12.731.5182006.00Basic Materials
TYR Tyratech Inc Com Shs Usd0.001 (di / Regs) 2.55-5.56%-0.15Sell100.000K7.820M-0.0017.00Basic Materials
EBQ Ebiquity Plc Ord 25p 85.00-5.56%-5.00Strong Sell19.772K66.598M20.020.05919.00Industrials
CTR Charles Taylor Plc Ord 1p 272.00-5.56%-16.00Sell646198.652M21.900.131418.00Financials
DGRG Wisdomtree Issuer Plc Wt Us Qual Div Growth Ucits Etf - Usd 1506.75-5.53%-88.25Strong Sell18.305K
RB. Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc Ord 10p 6205.00-5.53%-363.00Strong Sell1.298M46.226B21.993.0334700.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
SGVB Lyxor Index Fund Lyx Etf Sg Global Value Beta Acc 135.60-5.46%-7.83Sell25
NCYT Novacyt S.a. Eur1/15th (cdi) 61.00-5.43%-3.50Sell12.000K23.322M-0.31113.00Healthcare
GDP Goldplat Plc Ord 1p 7.10-5.33%-0.40Sell52.000K12.558M9.630.01545.00Basic Materials
CWR Ceres Power Holdings Plc Ord 1p 13.80-5.32%-0.78Sell447.328K148.048M-0.01123.00Energy
OETU Etflab Investment Gmbh Deka Msci Usa Ucits 20.14-5.30%-1.13858
RIV River And Mercantile Group Plc Ord Gbp0.003 304.00-5.30%-17.00Sell25.794K265.989M20.980.16208.00Financials
STX Shield Therapeutics Plc Ord 1.5p 27.00-5.26%-1.50Sell3.379K33.181M-0.1529.00Healthcare
EEP Eastern European Property Fund Limited Ord 1p 27.00-5.26%-1.50Sell2.631K4.199M-0.270.00Financials
SZIC Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 1x Daily Short Zinc 16.07-5.25%-0.89Sell415
ATQT Attraqt Group Plc Ord 1p 30.33-5.22%-1.67Buy2.973K34.038M-0.07Technology
3EMS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Emerging Markets 3x Short 20.80-5.21%-1.14Neutral180
XFRM Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Ex-Agriculture & Livestock 9.98-5.19%-0.55Sell24
SUD5 Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs 5x Long Eur Short Usd 70.69-5.16%-3.84Buy50
UKR Ukrproduct Group Limited Ord 10p 4.60-5.15%-0.25Sell5241.785M-0.011640.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
CU2U Amundi Etf Amundi Etf Msci Usa Ucits Etf - B 316.29-5.15%-17.17Sell819
UC93 Ubs Etf Ubsetf Msci Switzerland Hdg To Gbp A-Acc 1529.50-5.15%-83.00Strong Sell227
SOPH Sophos Group Plc Ord 3p 505.50-5.07%-27.00Sell491.856K1.111B1473.00Technology
MNC Metminco Limited Ord Npv 2.25-5.06%-0.12Sell70.000K2.712M-1.75Basic Materials
UPGS Up Global Sourcing Holdings Plc Ords 0.25p 37.50-5.06%-2.00Sell134.252K32.457M5.250.08234.00Consumer Cyclicals
HNT Huntsworth Plc Ord 1p 75.00-5.06%-4.00Sell6.667K260.836M-0.011517.00Consumer Cyclicals
CIR Circassia Pharmaceuticals Plc Ord 0.08p 93.90-5.06%-5.00Sell31.303K329.798M-0.22291.00Healthcare
AUK Aukett Swanke Group Plc Ord 1p 2.47-5.00%-0.13Buy5.729K4.081M-0.00246.00Industrials
FBH Fbd Holdings Plc Ord Eur0.60 10.55-4.95%-0.55Sell500329.062M15.480.70897.00Financials
IEEU Ishares Iv Plc Ishs Edge Msci Europe Multifactor 7.07-4.90%-0.36Sell88.032K
DHSG Wisdomtree Issuer Plc Wisdomtree Use Eft - Gbp Hedged 1429.25-4.89%-73.50Strong Sell1.700K
SGZ Scotgold Resources Limited Ord Npv (di) 24.26-4.86%-1.24Buy1016.027M-0.08Basic Materials
LIME Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 2x Daily Long Industrial Metal 7.08-4.84%-0.36Sell22.603K
UB12 Ubs Etf Ubs Etf Msci Europe (eur) A-Dis 5333.00-4.84%-271.00Strong Sell12.914K
FKE Fiske Plc Ord 25p 69.00-4.83%-3.50Sell2.643K7.803M186.980.0025.00Financials
MCLS Mccoll's Retail Group Plc Ord Gbp0.001 237.00-4.82%-12.00Strong Sell287.866K286.780M26.100.1019319.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
HKLB Hong Kong Land Holdings Ld Ord Us$0.10(bermuda Reg) 7.05-4.82%-0.36Sell8.800K11.534B3.122.211621.00Financials
3BSR Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Brent Oil 3x Short Daily Etp 1035.25-4.80%-52.25Sell500
WTI Weatherly International Plc Ord 0.5p 2.19-4.78%-0.11Buy1.309M24.398M-0.03151.00Basic Materials
SI3S Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 3x Daily Short Silver 23.01-4.78%-1.16Sell400
S6EW Ossiam Lux Ossiam Stoxx Europe 600 Ew Nr Etf 85.70-4.78%-4.30Strong Sell120
HCM Hutchison China Meditech Limited Ord Usd1 4595.00-4.77%-230.00Sell3.709K3.063B307.930.15349.00Healthcare
AWSG Ubs (irl) Etf Plc Ubs Etf Acwi Sri Hdg Gbp Dis 920.85-4.72%-45.65Sell162.000K
LAUS Multi Units Luxembourg Lyxor Etf Australia S&p Asx 200 Cls B £ 1697.75-4.70%-83.75Sell133
SMSD Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (att) Gds (repr 1/2 Non Vtg Pfd)(reg S) 951.00-4.68%-46.67Buy1.586K232.975B9.37261374.0098557.00Technology
JPEX Source Markets Public Limited Company Source Stoxx Japan Exporters Ucits Etf 14.91-4.65%-0.73Sell900
XRH0 Db Etc Plc Xtrackers Physical Rhodium Etc 138.51-4.64%-6.74Sell400
IOG Independent Oil & Gas Plc Ord 1p 15.86-4.63%-0.77Strong Sell4.354K19.985M-0.2213.00Energy
ASIT Aberforth Split Level Income Trust Plc Ord 1p 93.52-4.57%-4.48Sell15.818K
UC89 Ubs Etf Ubsetf Msci Emu Hdg To Usd A-Dis 24.13-4.56%-1.15Strong Sell1
SUMM Summit Therapeutics Plc Ord 1p 166.10-4.54%-7.90Strong Sell5.567K122.895M-0.0144.00Healthcare
CAB Cabot Energy Plc Ord 1p 4.18-4.52%-0.20Sell46628.403M2.120.0211.00Energy
SMEU Source Markets Public Limited Company Source Msci Europe Ucits Etf 253.53-4.52%-12.00Sell567
UC04 Ubs (irl) Etf Plc Ubs Etf-Msci Usa (usd)a-Dis 4562.00-4.50%-215.00Sell204
ITEC Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe Ii Plc Spdr Msci Europe Technology Ucits Etf 61.86-4.49%-2.91Sell190
XDWG Xtrackers (ie) Public Limited Company X Msci World Gbp 13.38-4.48%-0.63Strong Sell1.843K
AVN Avanti Communications Group Plc Ord 1p 8.41-4.43%-0.39Sell52.696K14.268M-0.33231.00Telecommunications Services
MCS Mccarthy & Stone Plc Ord 8p 142.40-4.43%-6.60Sell587.971K800.621M10.800.142264.00Consumer Cyclicals
HAIK Haike Chemical Group Ltd Ord Usd0.002 (di) 26.28-4.42%-1.22Buy7.000K10.547M6.010.052253.00Basic Materials
XGDD Db X-Trackers X Global Select Div 100 Swap 34.33-4.41%-1.58Sell2.875K
MTMY Matomy Media Group Ltd. Ord Nis0.01 (di) 65.00-4.41%-3.00Sell3.150K65.350M-0.09394.00Consumer Cyclicals
HYUD Hyundai Motor Company Gdr (repr 1/2 Nv Cap Kwn5000)(reg S) 41.40-4.39%-1.90Sell32726.735B10.3814890.5966404.00Consumer Cyclicals
EWG European Wealth Group Limited Ord 5p 22.00-4.35%-1.00Sell1.017K23.073M-0.0358.00Financials
NRAM Amundi Etf Amundi Index Msci North America Dr 4840.50-4.35%-220.00Strong Sell8.937K
SJPP Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs Short Jpy Long Usd £ 3788.00-4.33%-171.50Sell99
FYX First Trust Global Funds Public Limited Company Firsttrustussmallcapcorealphadexucits 22.05-4.33%-1.00Sell5.200K
FRUE Franklin Libertyshares Icav Frk Libertyq U.s. Equity Ucits Etf 27.53-4.33%-1.25Sell499
CLSU Clearstar Inc. Ord Usd0.0001 (di) 44.50-4.30%-2.00Sell4.070K16.881M-0.0438.00Industrials
FUSD Fidelity Ucits Icav Us Quality Income Ucits Etf Usd Inc 5.59-4.28%-0.25Sell7.025K
LTOD Larsen And Toubro Limited Gds (repr 1 Ord Inr2)(reg's') 19.96-4.27%-0.89Sell3.243K
LIV Livermore Investments Group Limited Ord Npv 40.40-4.27%-1.80Strong Sell1.900K73.772M5.620.086.00Financials
VOR Vordere Plc Ord Gbp0.02 17.00-4.23%-0.75Sell12.000K33.369M-0.020.00Financials
FPX First Trust Global Funds Public Limited Company Firsttrust Us Ipo Index Ucits 1794.50-4.19%-78.50Sell7
CP9U Amundi Index Solutions Amundi Index Msci Pacific Ex Japan Dr 596.03-4.18%-26.02Sell1.257K
5SIL Sg Issuer Sg Silver X5 Daily Long Gbp 18.96-4.18%-0.83Sell522
BMV Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd Ord Npv (di) 2.73-4.18%-0.12Sell107.146K5.834M4.590.01Basic Materials
IGC India Capital Growth Fund Limited Ord 1p 102.77-4.17%-4.48Sell232.450K120.659M3.870.280.00Financials
LGT Lighthouse Group Plc Ord 1p 23.00-4.17%-1.00Buy66.820K30.010M10.890.02143.00Financials
BC12 Better Capital Pcc Limited Ord Gbp1.00 (2012) 23.00-4.17%-1.00Sell23.830K98.372M240.380.000.00Financials
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