Stocks that have decreased the most in 52 weeks

A 52-week low creates a strong support level, the same way a 52-week high forms a resistance level. The levels are at the opposite sides of the 52-week range. Technical traders and investors often observe this level when trading breakouts. Note that false breakouts happen too and it’s important to analyze the company financials to understand the reasons why the stock has been trading at such low prices.

1JAS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Topix 1x Short Daily Etp 3039.000.91%27.50Sell30
1PAS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Palladium 1x Short Daily Etp 43.45-1.26%-0.56Sell11
2OIS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Wti Oil 2x Short Daily Etp 44.52-9.59%-4.72Sell50
2SFT Sg Issuer Sg Ftse 100 X2 Daily Short Gbp 84.09-0.30%-0.25Sell0
3BAS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Euro Stoxx Banks 3x Short Daily 1243.750.75%9.25Sell8.136K
3BRS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Brent Oil 3x Short Daily Etp 12.16-10.14%-1.37Strong Sell200
3EMS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Emerging Markets 3x Short 20.01-1.50%-0.30Sell30
3ITS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Ftse Mib 3x Short Daily 732.50-8.98%-72.25Sell9.076K
3SEM Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Emerging Markets 3x Short 1420.75-1.93%-28.00Sell60
3SUL Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs 3x Daily Long Sugar 16.89-9.04%-1.68Strong Sell2.700K
3TYL Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Us Treasuries 10 Y 7618.50-0.21%-16.00Sell0
3ULS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost S&p 500 3x Short Daily 413.100.12%0.50Sell14.119K
3USS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost S&p 500 3x Short Daily Et 30/11/62 5.69-0.20%-0.01Sell64.048K
500U Amundi Etf Amundi Etf S&p 500 Ucits Etf - B 49.280.09%0.04Buy180.000K
53GW Fuller, Smith & Turner Plc 6% 1st Cum Prf #1 88.500.00%0.00Neutral0305.057M15.390.624722.00Consumer Cyclicals
5DES Sg Issuer Sg Issuer - Sg Dax X5 Daily Short 10.470.00%0.00Sell1.203K
5GOS Sg Issuer Sg Gold X5 Daily Short Gbp 35.02-4.58%-1.68Sell10
5OUS Sg Issuer Sg Wti X5 Daily Short Usd 2.35-17.94%-0.51Strong Sell557
5SFT Sg Issuer Sg Ftse 100 X5 Daily Short Gbp 62.23-0.77%-0.48Sell0
87FZ Aeci Ld 5 1/2% Cum Prf R2 65.750.00%0.00Neutral0747.576M12.868.296630.00Basic Materials
87IP Witan Investment Trust Plc 3.4% Cum Prf #1 52.500.00%0.00Sell01.974B4.942.247.00Financials
ABA Abaco Capital Plc Ord 0.001p 1.480.00%0.00Sell138.505K17.784M-0.0010.00Financials
ACH Achp Plc Ord 2p 13.000.00%0.00Sell3.891K15.356M66.330.00366.00Financials
AD4 Adept4 Plc Ord 1p 3.55-2.74%-0.10Sell100.000K8.288M-0.0143.00Telecommunications Services
ADAM Adamas Finance Asia Limited Ord Npv (di) 0.760.00%0.00Sell057.974M-0.490.00Financials
AEZD Ezz Steel Company - S.a.e. Gds Each Repr 3 Ord Egp5(reg S) 2.250.00%0.00Sell0484.731M-1.24Basic Materials
AGGP Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Grains 234.90-1.34%-3.20Strong Sell1.450K
ALY Ashley (laura) Holdings Plc Ord 5p 6.594.27%0.27Sell1.194M45.995M11.490.012392.00Consumer Cyclicals
APT Axa Property Trust Limited Ord Npv 56.750.00%0.00Strong Sell12.746K
ARO Arricano Real Estate Plc Ord Eur0.0005 (di) 0.450.00%0.00Sell046.472M1.470.31117.00Financials
ASCD Asia Cement Corporation Gds (repr 10 Shs Twd10) 11.900.00%0.00Buy02.516B17.921.715981.00Basic Materials
ATQT Attraqt Group Plc Ord 1p 31.000.00%0.00Sell22.066K33.506M-0.07Technology
BA69 City Of London Investment Trust Plc 4.2% Cum 1st Prf Stk 87.960.00%0.00Neutral01.527B7.980.560.00Financials
BBSN Brave Bison Group Plc Ord 0.1p 0.73-6.45%-0.05Sell360.034K4.735M-0.01118.00Technology
BHRD Be Heard Group Plc Ord Gbp0.01 2.150.00%0.00Sell230.057K21.112M-0.0054.00Consumer Cyclicals
BMD Baronsmead Second Venture Trust Plc Ord 10p 86.000.00%0.00Sell2.948K
BUIL Lyxor Index Fund Lyx Ftse Usa Core Infra Etf 74.99-2.20%-1.69Sell1.000K
BWO Barloworld Ld Ord R0.05 590.000.00%0.00Buy02.058B18.199.0719201.00Industrials
BYB Byblos Bank S.a.l Gdr (each Repr 50 Com Shs) (reg S) 76.000.00%0.00Strong Sell0955.178M6.850.251520.00Financials
CAT Catco Reinsurance Opportunities Fund Limited Ord Usd0.00013716 (di) 1.000.76%0.01Sell26.556K
CBQS The Commercial Bank Of Qatar (q.s.c.) Gdr (5 Gdr Repr 1 Ord) (reg S) 1.25-37.50%-0.75Sell422.284B58.200.481115.00Financials
CLCN Calculus Vct Plc Ord 1p Rfd 01/03/2018 80.000.00%0.000
CLLN Carillion Plc Ord 50p 14.20-28.95%-5.79Sell46.313M61.096M-2.4831628.00Industrials
CLTV Cellcast Plc Ord 1p 2.40-21.31%-0.65Sell581.527K2.364M5.700.0122.00Consumer Cyclicals
CNG China Nonferrous Gold Limited Ord Usd0.0001 (di) 17.25-4.17%-0.75Sell160.000K69.758M-0.03321.00Basic Materials
COGG Go Ucits Etf Solutions Plc Loim Global Government Go Ucits (eur) 8.49-0.92%-0.08Strong Sell100
CORN Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Corn 0.83-0.71%-0.01Strong Sell18.300K
CU31 Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Usd Trsy Bond 1-3yr Etf Usd (acc) 7656.00-0.84%-64.50Strong Sell606
CU71 Ishares Vii Plc Ishrs Usd Trsry Bond 3-7yr Etf Usd (acc) 8981.00-1.41%-128.50Strong Sell5
D4G Downing Four Vct Plc Generalist Ord 0.1p 100.000.00%0.00Neutral0
D4H Downing Four Vct Plc Healthcare Ord 0.1p 100.000.00%0.00Neutral0
D4OO Downing Four Vct Plc Dp2011 Gen Ord 0.1p 15.500.00%0.00Sell0
D4SO Downing Four Vct Plc Dp2011 Str Ord 0.1p 10.550.00%0.00Sell0
DBPA Diamond Bank Plc Gdr (each Repr 100 Ord Shs)(cci) 3.400.00%0.00Sell0144.239M13.170.264371.00Financials
DEMG Deltex Medical Group Plc Ord 1p 1.050.00%0.00Sell1.298M3.289M-0.0183.00Healthcare
DEPS Depa Limited Gdr (each Repr 10 Ord) (regs) 2.720.00%0.00Sell0
DFIJ Dairy Farm International Holdings Ld Ord $0.05 5/9 (jersey Reg) 9.170.00%0.00Neutral07.908B22.740.36180000.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
DO1B Downing Four Vct Plc Dso B Shs 0.1p 12.500.00%0.00Sell0
DO1D Downing Four Vct Plc Dso D Shs 0.1p 30.000.00%0.00Sell0
DOMT Arabian Food Industries Company Domty S.a.e. Gdr (each Repr 5 Ords) (reg S) 2.100.00%0.00Sell0119.726M1930.450.01Consumer Non-Cyclicals
DP2E Downing Two Vct Plc E Share 0.1p 5.000.00%0.00Sell0
DP2K Downing Two Vct Plc K Shs 0.1p 100.000.00%0.00Sell040.305M78.620.010.00Financials
DP3D Downing Three Vct Plc D Share 0.1p 2.550.00%0.00Sell026.973M2.540.010.00Financials
DP3E Downing Three Vct Plc E Share 0.1p 5.000.00%0.00Sell026.973M2.540.010.00Financials
DP3F Downing Three Vct Plc F Shs 0.1p 42.000.00%0.00Sell026.973M2.540.010.00Financials
DP3J Downing Three Vct Plc J Shs 0.1p 100.000.00%0.00Neutral026.973M2.540.010.00Financials
DSM Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust Plc Red Ord Gbp0.001 96.50-0.41%-0.40Sell47.402K
EGMD Evergreen Marine Corporation (taiwan) Ld. Gdr (repr 10 Com Shs Twd10)(reg S) 5.460.00%0.00Sell01.783B11.181.624966.00Industrials
EOG Europa Oil & Gas (holdings) Plc Ord 1p 4.750.00%0.00Sell239.407K14.919M-0.0012.00Energy
EPIS Epistar Corporation Gdr (each Repr 5 Com Shs) (reg S) 3.250.00%0.00Sell01.501B54.831.035729.00Technology
ERNU Ishares Iv Plc Ishs $ Ultrashort Bd Ucits Etf Usd Dist 72.49-0.83%-0.61Strong Sell113
ESC Escape Hunt Plc Ord 1.25p 117.50-0.84%-1.00Sell1.000K23.805MConsumer Cyclicals
FAGR Etfs Commodity Securities Limited Etfs Longer Dated Agriculture 8.31-0.43%-0.04Sell200
FAL Falcon Media House Limited Ord Gbp0.01 7.12-5.00%-0.38Sell57.500K3.948MConsumer Cyclicals
FDI Firestone Diamonds Plc Ord 1p 9.350.00%0.00Sell126.283K46.571M-0.27202.00Basic Materials
FETD Far Eastern New Century Corporation Gds (each Repr 10 Twd10)(reg S) 8.100.00%0.00Sell0
FHP Fandango Holdings Plc Ord Gbp0.001 0.900.00%0.00Sell01.206M2.00Utilities
FLOW Flowgroup Plc Ord 0.1p 0.460.00%0.00Sell727.814K6.477M-0.15296.00Industrials
FPO First Property Group Plc Ord 1p 45.70-1.72%-0.80Strong Sell374.145K54.754M6.700.0747.00Financials
FPP Fragrant Prosperity Holdings Limited Ord Npv (di) 3.250.00%0.00Neutral0
FRUT Frutarom Industries Ld Gdr Each Repr 1 Ord Nis1.00(regs) 50.000.00%0.00Buy04.017B40.197.834748.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
FTAL Ssga Spdr Etfs Europe I Plc Spdr Ftse Uk All-Share Ucits Etf 51.43-0.10%-0.05Buy3.021M
FTSD Foresight Solar & Infrastructure Vct Plc D Ord 1p 97.000.00%0.00Sell041.421M16.540.06Financials
GAGG Amundi Etf Amundi Index Barclays Global Agg 500m Dr 4057.00-0.62%-25.50Strong Sell1.464K
GATC Gattaca Plc Ord 1p 245.00-10.91%-30.00Sell111.425K92.223M13.100.23740.00Industrials
GBJP Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs Long Jpy Short Gbp 3899.00-0.51%-20.00Strong Sell254
GOAL Goals Soccer Centres Plc Ord 0.25p 76.00-2.56%-2.00Strong Sell38.947K59.796M27.990.03746.00Consumer Cyclicals
HAG Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock Company Gdr (reg S) 0.300.00%0.00Sell0227.005M-36.874734.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
HBO4 Hbos Capital Funding No.4 L.p. 9.54%/fltg Rte Non-Vtg Non-Cum Pref 110.000.00%0.00Buy0
HDY Hardy Oil & Gas Plc Ord Usd0.01 14.750.00%0.00Sell3.294K10.831M-0.0921.00Energy
HKLJ Hong Kong Land Holdings Ld Ord Us$0.10(jersey Reg) 7.410.00%0.00Sell012.095B3.222.211621.00Financials
HR1A Hazel Renewable Energy Vct 1 Plc A Shs 0.1p 5.050.00%0.00Buy0
HR2A Hazel Renewable Energy Vct 2 Plc A Shs 0.1p 5.050.00%0.00Buy0
HRN Hornby Plc Ord 1p 24.200.83%0.20Sell4.117K33.194M-0.13190.00Consumer Cyclicals
HWSL Hadrian's Wall Secured Investments Limited Ord Npv 102.000.00%0.00Sell20.000K125.946M368.230.000.00Financials
HYF Himalayan Fund Nv Ord Eur0.01 35.500.00%0.00Sell0
ICBU Ishares Iii Plc Ishares Intermediate Credit Bond 4.98-1.27%-0.06Sell561
IEGE Ishares Iii Plc Ishrs Eur Govt Bond 0-1yr Etf Eur (dist) 99.42-0.01%-0.01Sell6.893K
IEMB Ishares Ii Plc Ishrs J.p. Morgan $ Em Bond Etf Usd Dist 114.460.22%0.25Sell298.804K
IGSD Ishares Iv Plc Ishs $ Short Dur Corp Bond Etf Usd(dist) 73.21-1.38%-1.02Strong Sell10.000K
IGSS Ig Seismic Services Plc Gdr (each Repr 2 Ords) (reg S) 0.300.00%0.00Sell02.276M-3.3612163.00Basic Materials
IGV Income & Growth Vct (the) Plc Ord 1p 70.00-3.78%-2.75Strong Sell12.975K
INFA Infrastrata Plc Ord 0.01p 0.410.00%0.00Sell1.560M2.154M-0.005.00Energy
ING Ingenta Plc Ord 10p 112.00-12.16%-15.50Sell10.800K21.573M27.690.05138.00Technology
IUSU Ishares V Public Limited Company Ish Sp500 Utilit Sctr Ucits Etf Usd Acc 362.60-1.45%-5.35Sell11.338K
JAR Jardine Matheson Holdings Ld Ord Us$0.25(singapore Reg) 62.350.00%0.00Buy50032.575B6.509.60110000.00Industrials
JDS Jardine Strategic Holdings Ld Ord Us$0.05(singapore Reg) 34.410.00%0.00Neutral031.787B5.976.6730000.00Industrials
JPR Johnston Press Plc Ord 1p 9.68-5.15%-0.53Sell23.937K10.800M-0.982494.00Consumer Cyclicals
JZCP Jz Capital Partners Limited Ord Npv 477.00-0.21%-1.00Sell20.333K
KAKU Kakuzi Ld Stk Kes5 92.500.00%0.00Buy049.015M10.3734.23825.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
KCR Kcr Residential Reit Plc Ord 10p 63.50-15.33%-11.50Strong Sell7.500K3.350M-0.24Financials
KDR Karelian Diamond Resources Plc Ord Eur0.00025 6.500.00%0.00Sell246.903K1.576M-0.02Basic Materials
KHTC Kumho Tire Co Inc Gdr (repr 1/2 Of Com Shs Krw5000) 4.500.00%0.00Sell0
KNM Konami Holdings Corporation Jpy50 57.07-99.11%-6342.93Strong Sell193.179K5.830B27.62228.594606.00Technology
LLD2 Lloyds Banking Group Plc Adr (each Repr 6.413% Pref Shs) 144a 17.00-84.26%-91.00Sell100.000K50.809B16.290.0470255.00Financials
LQQS Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Nasdaq 100 3x Short Daily 190.20-1.01%-1.95Sell319.536K
LUD5 Etfs Foreign Exchange Limited Etfs 5x Short Eur Long Usd 23.19-10.34%-2.67Strong Sell3.396K
MAIS Maistro Plc Ord 1p 5.60-1.75%-0.1024.527K10.049M-0.0531.00Technology
MAJQ Market Access Ma-Istoxx Mutb Japan Quality Etf-Gbp 78.690.00%0.000
MASA Masawara Plc Ord Usd0.01 24.50-15.52%-4.50Strong Sell33.166K35.389M-0.015.00Financials
MDOJ Mandarin Oriental International Ld Ord Us$0.05(jersey Reg) 1.660.00%0.00Buy01.987B58.400.0410000.00Consumer Cyclicals
MGP Medica Group Plc Ord 0.2p 166.00-14.43%-28.00Strong Sell1.918M215.556M81.00Healthcare
MIG Mobeus Income & Growth 2 Vct Plc Ord 1p 85.500.00%0.00Sell0
MIG4 Mobeus Income & Growth 4 Vct Plc Ord 1p 76.000.00%0.00Sell2.500K
MIX Mobeus Income & Growth Vct Plc Ord 1p 63.000.00%0.00Sell8.148K
MORT Mortice Limited Ord Npv (di) 44.500.00%0.00Sell50023.440M15.500.03Industrials
MOSB Moss Bros Group Plc Ord 5p 71.50-2.05%-1.50Sell1.229M73.584M12.820.06938.00Consumer Cyclicals
NRR Newriver Reit Plc Ord 1p 302.00-0.33%-1.00Sell1.023M917.754M19.900.15Financials
NTLG New Trend Lifestyle Group Plc Ord 0.1p 1.250.00%0.00Sell01.546M-0.0196.00Industrials
NTN Northern 3 Vct Plc Ord 5p 91.000.00%0.00Sell7.317K
O054 Ishares Plc Ishares Dj Stoxx Large 200 (otc) 39.320.00%0.004.874K
O055 Ishares Plc Ishares Dj Stoxx Mid 200 (otc) 47.56-0.72%-0.35880
O2XI Xbt Provider Ab Xbt Provider Ab 473.71-15.96%-89.98260
OBSX Lyxor International Asset Management Bear Dj Eurostoxx 50 17.76-0.16%-0.035
OCBX Comstage Etf Nasdaq100 58.720.00%0.00102
OCC1 Amundi Etf Msci China Fcp Eur Ucits 281.82-0.73%-2.08122
OCCX Ubs Etfs Plc Cmci Ex-Agri Sf Uct A(hd-Eur)eur Acc 16.14-91.72%-178.8625.000K
OCNB Lyxor International Asset Management Euro Corp Bond Ex Finls C Eur 134.850.00%0.00450
OCST Lyxor International Asset Management Ucits Stoxx Eur600 C&m 55.03-0.78%-0.44175
OD5B Db X-Trackers Msci Europe Value Trn Etf 1c 22.840.00%0.00212
ODBZ Db X-Trackers Ii Glbl Svn Eur Hedged Idx Etf 19.59-91.28%-205.003.292K
OET5 Etflab Investment Gmbh Deka Msci Europe Ucits 13.460.00%0.00284
OETC Etflab Investment Gmbh Deka Msci Europe Lc Ucits 96.020.00%0.00198
OETK Etflab Investment Gmbh Deka Dax Ausschuettend Ucits 2.89-95.45%-60.5440.000K
OFMI Amundi Etf Ftse Mib Etf 43.350.00%0.0011
OGSC Easy Etf - Gsci Fcp Units Capitalisation Usd 290.610.00%0.0037.000K
OILZ Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Wti Oil 1x Short Daily Etp 82.75-3.67%-3.15Sell600
OINS Lyxor International Asset Management Dj Stoxx 600 Insurance Eur Acc 37.800.00%0.00101.000K
OIZL Boost Issuer Public Limited Company Boost Wti Oil 1x Short Daily Etp 6046.00-4.55%-288.00Sell100
OJBA Julius Baer Exchange Traded Funds Physical Gold Fund Usd A 326.20-73.18%-889.890
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