Stocks that have increased the most in 52 weeks

A 52-week high can be considered as a technical indicator that reflects the maximum price of a stock for one year which often forms a strong resistance level. There are many investment strategies based on the value of the 52-week high. One such strategy is when you buy and hold stocks that are making new highs in a new 52-week period, or sell stocks that have failed to do that.

21STCENMGM Twentyfirst Century Management 42.901.90%0.80Buy11.013K
21STCENMGM 21st Century Manag 42.751.91%0.80Buy1.585K
ABHIFIN Abhishek Finlease Limited 9.80-0.51%-0.05Strong Buy1.200K
ADHBHUTIN Adhbhut Infrastructure Ltd. 81.600.00%0.00Buy5897.600M-0.40Financials
ADVPOWER Advance Powerinfra Tech Limite 2.694.67%0.12Strong Buy2.000K31.307M-2.360.00Industrials
AIIL Authum Investment & Infrastruc 75.204.23%3.05Strong Buy31.789K866.912M5.5513.55Financials
ALKASEC Alka Securities Ltd. 0.54-3.57%-0.02Buy25.635K51.808M13.310.04Financials
AMARSEC Amarnath Securities Ltd 43.652.71%1.15Buy485
ANISHAIMPEX Anisha Impex Ltd 25.704.26%1.05Strong Buy10.000K
ASHARI Ashari Agencies Limited 50.35-0.10%-0.05Buy68.874K431.928M20.682.43Financials
BAGADIA Bagadia Colourchem Ltd. 13.994.95%0.66Buy60051.623MBasic Materials
BIHSPONG Bihar Sponge Iron Ltd. 3.293.13%0.10Buy14.480K296.776M-0.20513.00Basic Materials
BLUECHIPT Blue Chip Tex Industries Ltd. 184.40-4.43%-8.55Buy5.736K
BULL Bullish Bonds & Holdings Limit 59.004.98%2.80Buy2.148K
CALCOM Calcom Vision Ltd. 13.680.00%0.00Buy5.700K110.976M7.842.37231.00Consumer Cyclicals
COMBDRG Combat Drugs Ltd. 27.400.00%0.00Buy478
CREATIVE Creative Castings Limited 196.900.00%0.00Buy900
CRMFGETF Canara Robeco Mutual Fund - Ca 2865.002.32%65.00Strong Buy200
DACEFDG Dsp Blackrock Mutual Fund 11.000.00%0.00Buy2
DECANBRG Deccan Bearings Ltd. 27.254.81%1.25Buy250
DECOMIC Deco-Mica Ltd. 35.100.00%0.00Buy2.900K
DELTRON Deltron Ltd. 15.755.00%0.75Strong Buy50
DENORA De Nora India Ltd. 572.85-5.00%-30.15Buy29.266K3.043B65.188.8079.00Industrials
DENORA De Nora India 573.25-5.00%-30.15Buy63.005K3.043B65.188.8079.00Industrials
DHANROTO Dhanalaxmi Roto Spinners Ltd. 46.304.99%2.20Strong Buy993
DHANVARSHA Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited 28.050.00%0.00Buy1.260K
DIKSAT Diksat Transworld Limited 70.505.22%3.50Strong Buy3.000K1.214B1221.840.06Consumer Cyclicals
DOLAT Dolat Investments Ltd. 10.640.00%0.00Buy12.400K1.873B9.361.14Financials
DRHABEEB Dr Habeebullah Life Sciences L 45.050.33%0.15Buy200462.155M-0.79Healthcare
DYNAVSN Dynavision Ltd. 85.004.94%4.00Buy200
ECOPLAST Ecoplast Ltd. 152.55-0.20%-0.30Buy21.599K
ENTRINT Enterprise International Ltd. 13.264.99%0.63Buy8.924K
FCSSOFT Fcs Software Solut 0.550.00%0.00Buy12.119M940.254M-0.25981.00Technology
FIVECORE Five Core Exim Limited 2.780.00%0.001.800K180.978M-0.081542.00Technology
FRANKLIN Franklin Leasing And Finance L 55.050.27%0.15Buy88.000K868.821M-0.02Financials
FREDUN Fredun Pharmaceuticals Limited 142.700.00%0.00Buy140
FSSPL Focus Suites Solutions & Servi 33.65-1.46%-0.501.656M
GARWSYN Garware Synthetics Ltd. 11.753.98%0.45Strong Buy200
GCMCOMM Gcm Commodity & Derivatives Lt 6.789.53%0.59Strong Buy6.000K
GEMSI Gemstone Investments Ltd. 0.854.94%0.04Buy26063.538M22.680.04Financials
GENCON Generic Engineering Constructi 215.50-0.07%-0.15Buy24.758K3.525B30.645.27Industrials
GGPL Gala Global Products Limited 296.853.88%11.10Buy310.158K8.470B380.160.78Industrials
GOENKA Goenka Diamond & J 0.905.88%0.05Strong Buy822.298K285.300M9.440.10172.00Consumer Cyclicals
GOLDBEES Goldman Sachs Gold Exchange Tr 2762.600.61%16.81Buy1.585K
GORANIN Gorani Industries Ltd. 23.100.00%0.00Buy400
GOTHIPL Gothi Plascon (india) Ltd. 16.70-1.01%-0.17Buy1.500K
GSS Gss Infotech Ltd 45.554.00%1.75Buy4.122M771.473M-34.47629.00Technology
GSS Gss Infotech Ltd. 45.804.93%2.15Buy889.024K771.473M-34.47629.00Technology
HISARSP Hisar Spinning Mills Ltd. 21.400.00%0.00Buy100
HITKITGLO Hit Kit Global Solutions Ltd. 0.352.94%0.01Buy1.083K
ICLF Intercontinental Leasing And F 14.394.96%0.68Buy50
IFMIMPX Ifm Impex Global Ltd. 5.914.97%0.28Strong Buy351
INDOEURO Indo Euro Indchem Ltd. 12.510.00%0.00Strong Buy33
INDRAIND Indra Industries Ltd. 40.353.59%1.40Strong Buy15.950K
IPRU2933 Icici Prudential Mutual Fund 11.509.52%1.00Strong Buy1.000K
JAGSONFI Jagsonpal Finance & Leasing Lt 9.114.83%0.42Buy1
JDML Jash Dealmark Limited 50.003.95%1.90Buy6.000K249.250MIndustrials
JETKINGQ Jetking Infotrain Ltd. 72.501.97%1.40Buy9.940K428.294M18.473.93148.00Technology
JRFOODS J.r.foods Ltd. 4.634.99%0.22Strong Buy10
KAPASHI Kapashi Commercials Ltd. 87.901.97%1.70Strong Buy30
KARANWO Karan Woo-Sin Ltd. 1.994.74%0.09Strong Buy86816.388MConsumer Cyclicals
KDDL Kddl Ltd 370.65-5.00%-19.50Buy5.615K4.018B36.5810.131100.00Consumer Cyclicals
KDDL Kddl Ltd. 372.70-5.00%-19.60Buy1.980K4.018B36.5810.131100.00Consumer Cyclicals
KEC Kec International Ltd. 392.050.55%2.15Buy222.976K100.629B24.5615.945496.00Industrials
KEC Kec International 391.40-0.13%-0.50Buy2.347M100.629B24.5615.945496.00Industrials
KENVI Kenvi Jewels Limited 39.100.00%0.0084.000K
KILBURN Kilburn Office Automation Ltd. 5.954.94%0.28Strong Buy702
KKFIN K K Fincorp Limited 9.974.95%0.47Buy1.000K
KSE Kse Ltd. 2668.15-2.08%-56.65Buy5.339K8.538B14.20187.91904.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
LAURLOR Laurel Organics Ltd. 51.550.00%0.00Strong Buy12.500K
LEADFIN Lead Financial Services Ltd. 7.954.88%0.37Strong Buy4926.235M4.471.78Financials
LIBORDFIN Libord Finance Ltd 14.70-4.73%-0.73Strong Buy2.300K
MEGACOR Mega Corporation Ltd. 1.260.00%0.00Buy16.346K126.000M32.170.042.00Industrials
MIRCH Mirch Technologies (india) Ltd 0.444.76%0.02Strong Buy750
MMNL Mig Media Neurons 250.000.00%0.004.000K
NATHUEC Natura Hue Chem Ltd. 4.370.00%0.00Buy100
NEELKAN Neelkanth Rockminerals Ltd. 11.550.00%0.00Buy2.000K
NETWORK Network Ltd. 5.004.82%0.23Strong Buy40245.742M-1.56Financials
NIDL Narendra Investments (delhi) L 49.550.00%0.00Buy250
NIYOGIN Niyogin Fintech Limited 111.651.96%2.15Strong Buy7.073K
OASISEC Oasis Securities Ltd. 44.00-4.76%-2.20Buy4
OBIL Oceanaa Biotek Industries Ltd 147.055.00%7.00Strong Buy126.786K1.995B52.592.80Industrials
ORIENTLTD Orient Press Ltd. 217.30-1.25%-2.75Buy10.090K2.169B41.695.20500.00Basic Materials
OSWAYRN Oswal Yarns Ltd. 6.824.92%0.32Strong Buy35
OTCO Otco International Ltd. 56.250.00%0.00Strong Buy370
PHOTON Photon Capital Advisors Ltd. 44.100.23%0.10Buy500
PHRMASI Phaarmasia Ltd. 48.25-1.93%-0.95Buy115
PML Paul Merchants Ltd. 5641.758.59%446.15Buy8515.800B28.48198.13Financials
POLARIS Polaris Cons & Ser 469.90-0.01%-0.05Buy112.133K48.289B25.3418.676989.00Technology
POLARIS Polaris Consulting & Services 448.70-0.22%-1.00Strong Buy72.549K48.289B25.3418.676989.00Technology
POOJA Poojawestern Metaliks Limited 62.800.00%0.00Strong Buy12.000K
PRIMAGR Prima Agro Ltd. 33.800.00%0.00Buy200
PRIMAIN Prima Industries Ltd. 17.100.00%0.00Buy120
PRIMIND Prime Industries Ltd. 1.364.62%0.06Strong Buy350
PTIL Prabhat Telecoms (india) Limit 265.30-4.24%-11.75Buy22.500K2.206B-11.04Technology
QGOLDHALF Quantum Gold Fund - Exchange T 1370.000.59%8.00Strong Buy99
QGOLDHALF Quantum Gold Fund 1370.200.45%6.20Buy342
QUEST Quest Softech (india) Ltd 3.750.00%0.00Buy50
RAJINFRA Rajeswari Infrastructure Limit 6.614.92%0.31Buy50036.559M-1.70Financials
RAJSPTR Rajasthan Petro Synthetics Ltd 4.404.27%0.18Buy100
RAMASIGNS Ramasigns Industries Limited 18.15-5.71%-1.10Buy104172.879MBasic Materials
RAMAVISION Rama Vision Ltd. 18.900.00%0.00Buy40.767K
RAMGOPOLY Ramgopal Polytex 7.604.83%0.35Buy2.357K
RCBFIVBG Reliance Mutual Fund 9.05-9.50%-0.95Sell700
RCBFIVDD Reliance Mutual Fund 11.000.00%0.0017
RCBFIVDG Reliance Mutual Fund 11.0010.00%1.00120
ROOPAIND Roopa Industries Ltd. 15.422.05%0.31Strong Buy4.298K
SADHNA Sadhna Broadcast Ltd 23.224.97%1.10Sell86
SADHNANIQ Sadhana Nitrochem Ltd. 218.750.00%0.00Strong Buy4.216K2.013BBasic Materials
SAMYAKINT Samyak International Ltd. 11.555.00%0.55Strong Buy900
SANTASPN Santaram Spinners Ltd. 5.754.93%0.27Strong Buy100
SATIA Satia Industries Limited 202.200.00%0.00Buy502.022B3.7753.62Basic Materials
SBIGETS Sbi Mutual Fund - Sbi Gold Exc 2801.210.58%16.16Strong Buy279
SETFGOLD Sbi Mutual Fund 2811.050.62%17.35Strong Buy5.194K
SHAILY Shaily Engineering Plastics Lt 1366.906.89%88.10Buy9.085K11.370B58.5623.34Basic Materials
SHEETAL Sheetal Diamonds Ltd. 5.70-5.00%-0.30Buy4.350K
SHRIBCL Shri Bholanath Carpets Limited 8.604.50%0.37Buy500
SHRJAGP Shri Jagdamba Polymers Ltd. 209.752.97%6.05Strong Buy2.313K1.837B21.819.62Basic Materials
SILVERO Silver Oak Commercial Ltd. 5.240.00%0.00Buy200
SINDHUTRAD Sindhu Trade Links Limited 47.704.95%2.25Buy12.452B3.6513.07Financials
SORILHOLD Soril Holdings And 253.85-5.00%-13.35Strong Buy866.720K12.875B-6.59Financials
SORILHOLD Soril Holdings And Ventures Li 253.70-5.00%-13.35Strong Buy202.160K12.875B-6.59Financials
SPORTKING Sportking India Ltd. 47.904.93%2.25Strong Buy50
SRGSFL S R G Securities Finance Ltd 39.859.93%3.60Buy6.000K
SRUSTEELS Sru Steels Limited 16.2124.98%3.24125
STERPOW Sterling Powergensys Ltd 9.164.93%0.43Strong Buy195
SWARAJAUTO Swaraj Automotives Limited 125.900.00%0.00Buy3.900K
SWORDEDGE Sword-Edge Commercials Limited 3.55-0.84%-0.03Buy1.936K
SYSTMTXC Systematix Corporate Services 25.400.00%0.00Buy300
TPROJECT Thirani Projects Ltd 31.701.60%0.50Strong Buy491.110K
TRANSFRE Trans-Freight Containers Ltd. 22.250.00%0.00Buy2.145K
TRCFIN Trc Financial Services Ltd. 16.850.00%0.00Buy4.000K
TTKHEALTH Ttk Healthcare Ltd. 1305.70-2.53%-33.95Strong Buy51.872K10.070B39.7432.631853.00Healthcare
TTKHLTCARE Ttk Healthcare 1296.65-2.22%-29.50Strong Buy277.696K10.070B39.7432.631853.00Healthcare
TUMUSEL Tumus Electric Corporation Ltd 75.900.00%0.00Buy450
TUNITEX Tuni Textile Mills Ltd. 0.490.00%0.00Sell136.099K64.009M-0.0141.00Consumer Cyclicals
UNIPLY Uniply Industries 451.35-2.46%-11.40Buy105.368K10.791B43.7810.31Basic Materials
UNIPLY Uniply Industries Ltd. 449.30-3.19%-14.80Buy15.678K10.791B43.7810.31Basic Materials
UNISHIRE Unishire Urban Infra Ltd 8.641.29%0.11Buy160.000K
VANTAGE Vantage Corporate Services Ltd 14.574.90%0.68Buy50
VIATL Vishvesham Investments And Tra 14.454.94%0.68Strong Buy5
VINAYAKPOL Vinayak Polycon International 13.804.62%0.61Buy1.011K
VIRTUALS Virtualsoft Systems Ltd. 2.204.76%0.10Buy200
VISTARAMAR Vistar Amar Limited 22.150.00%0.00Strong Buy300
YORKEXP York Exports Ltd. 17.144.96%0.81Buy4.431K
ZENCAP Zenith Capitals Ltd. 134.100.07%0.10Buy4
ZENITHBIR Zenith Birla(india 1.453.57%0.05Strong Buy1.573M190.357M0.00Basic Materials
ZENITHBIR Zenith Birla (india) Ltd. 1.074.90%0.05Strong Buy8.150K190.357M0.00Basic Materials
ZSARACOM Saraswati Commercial (india) L 15.444.96%0.73Buy1715.912M0.07216.130.00Financials
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