Stocks that have increased the most in price

Top gainers often continue to soar and reach new highs when their fundamentals are strong. When a stock keeps making new highs it’s important to pay attention since there might be a retracement. The page lets you see top gaining stocks at a quick glance.

RHT Reliq Health Technologies Inc 2.2618.95%0.36Buy2.991M185.535M-0.05Technology
FCA Firm Capital American Realty Part Cad 9.1013.75%1.10Strong Buy10044.118M-1.61Financials
OGD Orbit Garant Drilling Inc. 2.4413.49%0.29Strong Buy101.707K88.187M-0.031100.00Basic Materials
GDL Goodfellow Inc 8.3610.88%0.82Strong Buy4.358K71.115M-1.82893.00Basic Materials
LMC Leagold Mining Corporation 2.8610.85%0.28Buy1.631M432.766M-0.51Basic Materials
BRIO Brio Gold Inc 2.5610.82%0.25Buy322.574K300.944M-0.94Basic Materials
COV Covalon Technologies Ltd 6.299.01%0.52Buy37.388K135.200M70.100.09Healthcare
FDE First Trust Alphadex Emg Mkt Div Etf Cad 17.838.06%1.33Buy100
NRI Nuvo Pharmaceuticals Inc 3.697.58%0.26Buy3.574K42.623M12.410.3040.00Healthcare
NINE Delta 9 Cannabis Inc 2.307.48%0.16Sell1.207M162.885M-0.08Healthcare
ORA Aura Minerals Inc. 2.887.46%0.20Buy1.700K105.386M3.400.92652.00Basic Materials
HXQ.U Horizons Nasdaq 100 Index Etf Usd 37.956.66%2.37Buy2.100K
CYBR Evolve Cyber Security Index Hgd Etf 22.156.13%1.28Buy205
FIH.U Fairfax India Holdings Corporation Usd 17.856.06%1.02Buy62.646K2.632B5.743.11Financials
BPO.PR.Y Brookfield Office Properties Pref Ser Y 17.496.00%0.99Strong Buy100
AYM Atalaya Mining Plc 3.205.96%0.18Buy700454.314M7.680.25310.00Basic Materials
FRX Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc 11.115.81%0.61Buy300208.247M-0.401.00Healthcare
FGE Fortress Global Enterprises Inc 3.755.63%0.20Buy9.887K53.436M-1.85616.00Basic Materials
CJT Cargojet Inc. 61.745.63%3.29Buy25.539K819.511M64.560.97727.00Industrials
MTY Mty Food Group Inc 53.235.62%2.83Strong Buy107.956K1.138B21.992.421550.00Consumer Cyclicals
BLB.UN Bloom Select Income Fund 9.985.61%0.53Sell4.400K
PFB Pfb Corp 9.495.44%0.49Buy1.900K63.735M29.160.33367.00Consumer Cyclicals
PDL North American Palladium Ltd 10.675.12%0.52Buy45.435K620.210M281.900.04447.00Basic Materials
CMU Comet Industries Ltd. 3.105.08%0.15Buy3.000K
RIE.U Rbc Quant Eafe Equity Leaders Etf Usd 18.345.04%0.88Buy1.500K
CJT.A Cargojet Inc. Variable Voting Shs 61.004.99%2.90Buy100819.511M64.560.97727.00Industrials
HCG Home Capital Group Inc. 17.114.97%0.81Strong Buy423.561K1.373B-0.07669.00Financials
NOA North American Energy Partners Inc. 6.354.96%0.30Strong Buy36.472K161.619M45.190.19132.00Energy
RME Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc. 13.204.76%0.60Buy50.146K262.378M13.141.00860.00Industrials
KML Kinder Morgan Cda Ltd 19.974.45%0.85Strong Buy969.473K2.064B62.660.32162.00Energy
ATP Atlantic Power Corp. 2.404.35%0.10Sell125.623K282.063M-0.55277.00Utilities
MCR Macro Enterprises Inc. 2.454.26%0.10Strong Buy9.000K74.119M-0.1056.00Energy
REIT Powershares Sptsx Reit Income Idx Etf 20.754.22%0.84Buy1.000K
PAT Patriot One Technologies Inc 2.274.13%0.09Strong Buy2.090M205.743M-0.17Technology
TIL Till Capital Ltd 4.294.13%0.17Sell10014.118M7.990.5415.00Financials
HGD Betapro Cdn Gold Miners 2x Dly Bear Etf 10.404.10%0.41Buy446.006K
LGT.A Logistec Corporation, Cl.a, Mv 44.444.07%1.74Buy100554.116M24.891.881572.00Industrials
IRG Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc. 4.104.06%0.16Buy372.704K248.209M23.770.17461.00Consumer Cyclicals
VIP.UN Redwood Monthly Income 9.933.98%0.38Strong Buy16.239K127.332M12.180.82Financials
RPD.U Rbc Quant European Div Leaders Etf Usd 18.853.97%0.72Buy1.000K
PL Pinnacle Renewable Holdings Inc 13.103.97%0.50119.187K
HEW Horizons Sp/tsx 60 Equal Wgt Idx Etf 13.693.95%0.52Sell208
CCX Canadian Crude Oil Index Etf 8.203.80%0.30Sell500
ADW.B Andrew Peller Limited, Cl.b 16.503.77%0.60Buy3.170K726.046M42.190.391296.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
FTS Fortis Inc 42.083.75%1.52Sell2.534M17.721B18.142.328534.00Utilities
PWF.PR.A Power Fin Ser A Pr 21.253.66%0.75Buy45.037K23.622B11.232.960.00Financials
FST.A First Trust Cdn Capital Strength Etf Ac 27.783.66%0.98Sell1.000K
ARX Arc Resources Ltd. 12.843.63%0.45Sell2.304M4.542B11.681.10478.00Energy
LVU.UN Low Volatility Us Equity Income Fund 10.873.62%0.38Buy3.400K
BEK.B Becker Milk Company Ltd. (the), Cl.b, Nv 15.763.55%0.54Sell1.280K19.978M10.841.455.00Financials
WCN Waste Connections Inc 89.233.52%3.03Strong Buy626.031K23.526B32.602.7415283.00Industrials
OSF.UN Oil Sands Sector Fund 3.833.51%0.13Sell10012.667M-0.18Financials
JE.PR.U Just Energy Group Inc Preferred Usd 22.253.49%0.75Sell300920.765M5.531.361450.00Utilities
RCO.UN Middlefield Can Global Reit Income Fund 11.433.44%0.38Buy1.296K
TUT.UN Top 20 Us Dividend Trust Cls A Units 12.193.39%0.40Buy119
SRX Storm Resources Ltd 2.153.37%0.07Sell3.500K261.347M14.510.1524.00Energy
GRZ Gold Reserve Inc 3.383.36%0.11Sell4.100K322.387M3.750.8274.00Basic Materials
BDI Black Diamond Group Ltd 3.093.34%0.10Buy213.402K171.210M-1.30235.00Consumer Cyclicals
VB Versabank 8.053.34%0.26Strong Buy164.109K170.045M9.530.8579.00Financials
SVI Storagevault Canada Inc. 2.483.33%0.08Buy94.374K856.862M-0.17Financials
ZDY.U Bmo Us Dividend Etf Usd 24.233.28%0.77Buy2.118K
URB Urbana Corporation 3.503.24%0.11Buy3.400K165.000M3.550.99Financials
NEXA Nexa Resources Sa 24.883.24%0.78Buy2.968K3.331B39.190.515387.00Basic Materials
TLF.UN Tech Leaders Income Fund 11.883.21%0.37Buy17.927K
PZA Pizza Pizza Royalty Corp 14.613.18%0.45Sell33.164K359.675M16.890.871600.00Consumer Cyclicals
KEY Keyera Corp 33.883.17%1.04Sell612.597K6.930B22.091.531000.00Energy
MNW Mitel Networks Corporation 11.423.16%0.35Buy215.487K1.370B-0.033300.00Technology
SPPP.U Sprott Physical Platinum Palladium Usd 9.183.15%0.28Neutral500
VNP 5n Plus Inc. 2.633.14%0.08Neutral56.950K220.660M17.650.15666.00Basic Materials
MFC.PR.P Manulife Financial Corp Class 1 Sh Ser 4 19.793.07%0.59Buy11.855K49.427B25.470.9934000.00Financials
HVU Betapro Sp500 Vix St Ftrs 2x Dly Bull 25.293.06%0.75Buy770.175K
MULC Manulife Mltfactor Us Large Cap Hgd Etf 28.743.05%0.85Buy726
EDGF.UN European Dividend Growth Fund 9.503.04%0.28Sell8.500K
HRR.UN Australian Reit Income Fund 9.903.02%0.29Strong Sell4.233K
INQ Inscape Corp., Sv 3.093.00%0.09Strong Sell20027.918M296.830.01367.00Industrials
UDA.UN Caldwell Us Dividend Adv Fund 10.422.96%0.30Buy8.692K
ADW.A Andrew Peller Limited, Cl.a 16.422.95%0.47Buy35.128K726.046M42.190.391296.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
PWF.PR.Q Power Fin Corp 4.40 Pct Pref Ser Q 21.822.92%0.62Buy5.200K23.622B11.232.960.00Financials
ZVU Bmo Msci Usa Value Index Etf 21.762.88%0.61Buy2.000K
QDX Mackenzie International Equity Index Etf 96.522.86%2.68100
HZD Betapro Silver 2x Daily Bear Etf 6.282.78%0.17Buy13.785K
ENF Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. 27.822.77%0.75Sell895.128K4.827B13.142.160.00Energy
TNT.UN True North Commercial Reit 6.682.77%0.18Buy79.919K275.802M7.770.860.00Financials
DXU Dyn Ishares Active Us Div Etf 25.002.67%0.65Buy3.000K
HIG.UN Global Healthcare Inc And Grwth Fd 8.852.67%0.23Sell15.272K
IOM Assure Holdings Corp 3.852.67%0.10Buy8.700K136.887M19.640.23Healthcare
CALL Evolve Us Banks Enhanced Yield Etf 22.372.66%0.58Buy900
ALC Algoma Central 14.932.61%0.38Buy2.130K575.586M-0.012000.00Industrials
IFB.UN Investment Grade Infrstrctr Bond Fund 8.732.59%0.22Buy100
PZC Pwrshr Ftse Rafi Cdn Sml Mid Fdamntl Etf 19.862.53%0.49Sell100
EMA Emera Incorporated 41.372.50%1.01Strong Sell1.289M9.444B15.122.747442.00Utilities
RZZ Abitibi Royalties Inc 10.252.50%0.25Strong Buy2.910K116.864M-1.04Basic Materials
CU Canadian Utilities Ltd., Cl.a, Nv 35.292.50%0.86Sell431.321K9.546B17.332.045400.00Utilities
GBT Bmtc Group Inc 16.842.50%0.41Buy6.660K592.189M12.551.342101.00Consumer Cyclicals
HEU Betapro Sp Tsx Cap Engy 2x Dly Bull Etf 7.812.49%0.19Sell47.808K
RID.U Rbc Quant Eafe Div Leaders Usd Etf 19.472.47%0.47Sell200
EQB Equitable Group Inc 63.442.47%1.53Sell32.516K1.046B6.629.66555.00Financials
LXR Lxrandco Inc 4.992.46%0.12Sell8.700K64.603M-3.99175.00Financials
MRG.UN Morguard Na Residential Reit Units 13.632.40%0.32Sell40.970K459.203M7.931.85Financials
HTA.U Tech Achievers Growth And Inc Etf Usd 10.252.40%0.24Buy5.100K
MDS.UN Healthcare Special Opp Fund 10.262.40%0.24Buy19.300K
DXZ Dynamic Ishares Acitve Us Mid Cap Etf 21.892.39%0.51Sell190
CNU Cnooc Limited 180.162.38%4.19Buy21081.712B16.908.6915279.00Energy
ACO.Y Atco Ltd Cl Ii 43.002.38%1.00Sell7504.963B17.092.546751.00Utilities
NGI.UN Ndx Growth And Income Fund 9.042.38%0.21Buy1.800K
FSV Firstservice Corporation 90.012.37%2.08Buy51.772K3.112B49.411.8617000.00Financials
RUS Russel Metals 31.672.36%0.73Strong Buy220.430K1.960B15.872.003150.00Basic Materials
PTF Pender Growth Fund Inc 4.352.35%0.10Sell1.715K1.091MFinancials
BAM.A Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Cl.a Lv 50.592.35%1.16Sell1.281M50.077B55000.00Financials
ONEX Onex Corporation 90.072.31%2.03Sell103.114K9.145B-13.80192000.00Financials
GRL Global Real Estate Div Growers 8.002.30%0.18Sell102
RFP Resolute Forest Products Inc 10.302.28%0.23Sell13.400K924.478M-0.938300.00Basic Materials
GXO Granite Oil Corp 2.242.28%0.05Sell32.255K76.587M-0.058.00Energy
OSP Brompton Oil Split Corp 6.292.28%0.14Sell12.057K
TRP Transcanada Corp. 57.612.27%1.28Buy2.580M50.776B22.902.526779.00Energy
GRT.UN Granite Real Estate Investment Trust 49.552.27%1.10Sell86.469K2.336B15.233.2650.00Financials
YXM.B Fa Morningstar Us Momentum Unhdgd Etf 18.502.27%0.41Buy100
SU Suncor Energy Inc. 43.362.24%0.95Sell3.388M71.160B16.202.6912837.00Energy
HADM Horizons Active Intl Dev Mkt Eqty Etf 10.122.22%0.22Strong Sell300
CAS Cascades Inc 16.122.22%0.35Strong Buy188.842K1.531B3.474.7911000.00Basic Materials
FHF First Trust Alphadex Us Financial Etf 28.362.20%0.61Buy500
BBD.A Bombardier Inc., Cl. A, Mv 3.742.19%0.08Strong Buy168.769K8.383B-0.3133850.00Industrials
GTE Gran Tierra Energy Inc. 3.302.17%0.07Buy694.092K1.299B-0.32387.00Energy
TOY Spin Master Corp 54.302.14%1.14Buy40.988K1.527B30.641.78985.00Consumer Cyclicals
TRI.PR.B Thomson Reuters Corporation, Prf Srs 2 19.102.14%0.40Strong Buy36.300K35.749B26.471.9145700.00Industrials
NEPT Neptune Technologies Bioressources Inc 3.852.12%0.08Sell216.861K302.988M10.910.35125.00Healthcare
Y Yellow Pages Limited 7.702.12%0.16Buy14.760K216.180M-22.443400.00Consumer Cyclicals
AP.UN Allied Properties Real Estate Inv Trust 41.902.12%0.87Strong Buy102.734K3.894B10.234.10Financials
XFS Ishares Edge Msci Multifact Usa Idx Etf 26.012.12%0.54Buy3.600K
CJR.B Corus Entertainment Inc., Cl.b, Nv 8.192.12%0.17Sell403.958K1.673B8.440.973330.00Consumer Cyclicals
PZW.U Pwrshr Ftse Rafi Glb Sml Mid Fdamntl Usd 20.572.08%0.42Buy1.060K
VMD Viemed Healthcare Inc 2.482.06%0.05Buy149.415K
GS Gluskin Sheff Associates Inc. 14.922.05%0.30Sell99.930K466.019M12.701.21135.00Financials
HBC Hudsons Bay Company 9.992.04%0.20Sell173.977K1.826B-4.4866000.00Consumer Cyclicals
RAY.A Stingray Digital Group Inc Sv 10.492.04%0.21Strong Buy15.824K419.356M240.160.04400.00Consumer Cyclicals
GMP.PR.B Gmp Capital Inc Series B Preferred 12.492.04%0.25Buy1.500K261.109M-0.78316.00Financials
IQD Wisdomtree Intl Qlty Div Gwth Idx Etf 23.572.03%0.47Sell27.300K
XUT Ishares Sp Tsx Capped Utilities Idx Etf 21.272.01%0.42Sell55.271K
RIG Rbc Quant Global Infras Leaders Etf 18.912.00%0.37Sell3.200K
FLBA Franklin Liberty Core Balanced Etf 19.591.98%0.38100
FUD First Trust Value Line Div Idx Etf C Heg 26.831.98%0.52Buy100
XST Ishares Sp Tsx Capped Cons Stpl Idx Etf 53.671.98%1.04Sell3.299K
HWF.UN Middlefield Healthcare Wellness Div 9.831.97%0.19Buy32.500K
DCF Difference Capital Financial Inc 3.111.97%0.06Sell30018.090M-1.961.00Financials
SNC Snc-Lavalin Sv 53.081.96%1.02Sell438.427K9.315B25.252.1134952.00Industrials
PEA Pieridae Energy Limited 4.691.96%0.09Buy1.056K236.807M-1.70Energy
ZVC Bmo Msci Cda Value Index Etf 19.871.95%0.38Buy600
TTP Td Sp Tsx Capped Comp Index Etf 17.351.94%0.33Sell3.073K
MNT.U Royal Canadian Mint Cdn Gld Reserves Usd 14.331.92%0.27Strong Buy3.000K
PZW Pwrshr Ftse Rafi Glb Sml Mid Fdamntl Etf 25.481.92%0.48Buy1.000K
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