Undervalued stocks

As opposed to overbought, oversold means that stock prices have decreased substantially. A stock can become undervalued as a result of a major sell-off. Another scenario is when large buyers take out stop orders before the subsequent repurchase at a better price. Traders and investors need to identify the reasons of such price decline in order to make an informed decision.

ABCP11 FII ABC IMOBCI 15.50-0.64%-0.10Sell88.700K
ABEV3 AMBEV S/A ON 20.16-0.84%-0.17Sell23.561M317.774B42.300.4951400.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
ALMI11 FII TORRE ALCI 1501.01-1.90%-29.00Sell45
AMAR3 LOJAS MARISAON NM 4.77-2.45%-0.12Strong Sell405.100K992.183M-0.5714416.00Consumer Cyclicals
BBAS3 BRASIL ON EJ NM 30.09-2.08%-0.64Sell9.555M87.543B7.564.0699161.00Financials
BBPO11 FII BB PRGIICI 135.04-0.16%-0.21Sell28.519K
BBRC11 FII BB CORP CI 130.30-0.15%-0.19Sell1.033K
BBVJ11 FII C JARDIMCI 50.02-2.87%-1.48Strong Sell2.949K
BCFF11 FII BC FFII CI 80.500.00%0.00Sell15.827K
BOBR4 BOMBRIL PN 3.70-0.80%-0.03Strong Sell10.600K200.489M2.232.351756.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
BPAC11 BTGP BANCO UNT 20.10-0.99%-0.20Sell87.300K20.762B24.680.82Financials
BPHA3 BR PHARMA ON NM 1.61-6.40%-0.11Strong Sell172.900K193.370M-14.3415191.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
BRCR11 FII BC FUND CI 92.37-1.73%-1.63Sell21.742K
BRDT3 PETROBRAS BRON ED NM 18.65-1.43%-0.27Sell5.861M
BRSR3 BANRISUL ON EJ N1 15.78-0.38%-0.06Sell8006.683B5.952.8610732.00Financials
BTTL3 BATTISTELLA ON 2.950.00%0.00Sell10.000K46.660M-0.09Industrials
CARD3 CSU CARDSYSTON NM 6.73-3.17%-0.22Strong Sell171.600K288.822M6.371.096600.00Financials
CBEE3 AMPLA ENERG ON 20.500.00%0.00Sell1003.396B-0.31970.00Utilities
CBOP11 FII C BRANCOCI 65.15-2.03%-1.35Sell3.985K
CCRO3 CCR SA ON NM 10.60-1.76%-0.19Sell5.921M21.669B11.350.9514625.00Industrials
CNES11 FII CENESP CI ER 78.150.04%0.03Sell198
CTNM4 COTEMINAS PN 7.30-1.08%-0.08Sell5.900K236.817M4.541.63Consumer Cyclicals
ECOO ISHARES ECOO 82.69-1.42%-1.19Sell0
ECOO11 ISHARES ECOOCI 82.84-0.89%-0.74Sell230
ECOR3 ECORODOVIAS ON NM 7.94-3.41%-0.28Strong Sell2.838M4.566B10.280.814201.00Industrials
EDGA11 FII GALERIA CI ER 40.40-0.54%-0.22Sell2.374K
ELET3 ELETROBRAS ON N1 15.06-1.25%-0.19Strong Sell3.240M21.111B-2.3121235.00Utilities
EQTL3 EQUATORIAL ON NM 60.70-1.65%-1.02Strong Sell1.453M12.195B13.894.461178.00Utilities
ESTR3 ESTRELA ON 40.000.00%0.00Sell6.000K17.621M-53.91Consumer Cyclicals
ETER3 ETERNIT ON NM 0.48-12.73%-0.07Sell3.518M97.878M-1.54631.00Basic Materials
FFCI11 FII RIOB RC CI 165.00-2.54%-4.30Sell3.501K
FIGS11 FII GEN SHOPCI 69.00-3.44%-2.46Strong Sell32.099K
GOVE11 IT NOW IGCT CI 32.60-1.30%-0.43Sell1.610K
HAGA4 HAGA S/A PN 1.550.00%0.00Sell59.700K27.566M-0.12Consumer Cyclicals
HBOR3 HELBOR ON NM 1.131.80%0.02Sell5.125M505.330M-0.92183.00Financials
HETA3 HERCULES ON 4.010.25%0.01Sell1.600K2.567M-102.96Consumer Cyclicals
HGBS11 FII CSHGSHOPCI 227.440.02%0.04Sell10.981K
HGLG11 FII CSHG LOGCI 133.200.83%1.10Sell22.760K
HGRE11 FII HG REAL CI 139.000.17%0.23Sell6.290K
HTMX11 FII HOTEL MXCI 123.001.81%2.19Strong Sell3.622K
HYPE3 HYPERA ON NM 28.000.36%0.10Sell2.195M17.537B15.401.846513.00Healthcare
IDVL4 INDUSVAL PN N2 0.64-7.25%-0.05Sell110.800K178.970M-1.46344.00Financials
JHSF3 JHSF PART ON NM 1.200.00%0.00Sell1.748M631.661M-0.03Financials
JRDM11 FII SHOPJSULCI 74.50-1.32%-1.00Sell1.371K
KEPL11 KEPLER WEBERBNS 10.000.00%0.00Sell300246.942M-1.481925.00Industrials
KEPL3 KEPLER WEBERON 9.36-0.85%-0.08Sell50.000K246.942M-1.481925.00Industrials
LINX3 LINX ON NM 19.40-1.52%-0.30Sell370.700K3.255B39.090.511418.00Technology
LIQO3 LIQ ON NM 1.530.00%0.00Sell30.800K
LLIS3 LE LIS BLANCON NM 23.50-2.08%-0.50Sell8.300K1.231B3.486.891833.00Consumer Cyclicals
LPSB3 LOPES BRASILON NM 3.59-1.10%-0.04Sell477.200K452.588M-0.52500.00Financials
LUPA3 LUPATECH ON NM 1.950.52%0.01Sell52.400K29.182M-0.58718.00Industrials
MALL11 FII MALLS BPCI 100.000.01%0.01Sell3.941K
MBRF11 FII MERC BR CI 999.00-3.94%-41.00Sell495
MTSA4 METISA PN 14.510.00%0.00Sell6.300K131.811M10.071.441065.00Industrials
MXRF11 FII MAXI RENCI 9.60-1.54%-0.15Sell58.499K
NORD3 NORDON MET ON 2.00-13.04%-0.30Sell50013.166M-0.61Basic Materials
OFSA3 OUROFINO S/AON NM 18.90-6.67%-1.35Strong Sell579.600K1.086B22.470.901011.00Healthcare
PARD3 IHPARDINI ON EJ NM 19.50-2.84%-0.57Sell762.900K2.613B20.570.98Healthcare
PFRM3 PROFARMA ON NM 4.510.67%0.03Sell108.400K551.459M-2.367904.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
PLAS3 PLASCAR PARTON 4.54-9.20%-0.46Sell3.800K24.706M-14.483204.00Consumer Cyclicals
PMAM3 PARANAPANEMAON NM 1.05-3.67%-0.04Strong Sell1.344M750.299M-0.292229.00Basic Materials
PNVL4 DIMED PN 285.00-13.63%-44.99Sell2001.689B28.9413.124494.00Consumer Non-Cyclicals
POSI3 POSITIVO TECON NM 2.84-0.35%-0.01Sell179.700K250.230M-0.432092.00Technology
RBRR11 FII RBRHGRADCI 93.00-1.42%-1.34Neutral2.731K
RCSL3 RECRUSUL ON 3.000.00%0.00Strong Sell2.900K9.882M-7.26106.00Consumer Cyclicals
RNEW3 RENOVA ON N2 0.75-1.32%-0.01Sell19.000K306.932M-8.70155.00Utilities
RNEW4 RENOVA PN N2 0.721.41%0.01Sell26.300K306.932M-8.70155.00Utilities
RNGO11 FII RIONEGROCI 80.100.15%0.12Sell4.349K
SAPR4 SANEPAR PN N2 9.30-1.06%-0.10Sell413.900K5.599B6.441.467165.00Utilities
SBSP3 SABESP ON NM 26.200.38%0.10Sell1.785M17.736B7.363.5513610.00Utilities
SLED4 SARAIVA LIVRPN N2 3.91-3.22%-0.13Sell117.500K117.389M-1.793860.00Consumer Cyclicals
SPTW11 FII SP DOWNTCI 69.87-2.14%-1.53Sell6.597K
STBP3 SANTOS BRP ON NM 2.59-5.47%-0.15Sell1.158M1.815B708.010.002987.00Industrials
TBOF11 FII TBOFFICECI ER 80.000.00%0.00Sell24.169K
TCNO4 TECNOSOLO PN 1.650.00%0.00Strong Sell10.000K10.649M2.830.58250.00Industrials
UCAS3 UNICASA ON NM 2.17-2.25%-0.05Strong Sell317.500K145.859M-0.12872.00Consumer Cyclicals
UGPA3 ULTRAPAR ON NM 48.66-3.45%-1.74Sell1.440M27.880B21.492.3616448.00Energy
USIM5 USIMINAS PNA N1 9.01-6.15%-0.59Strong Sell18.617M14.428B41.450.2351182.00Basic Materials
VIVR3 VIVER ON NM 1.20-7.69%-0.10Sell4.200K785.588M-22.70256.00Financials
VLOL11 FII OLIMPIA CI 85.01-0.01%-0.01Sell1.062K
VULC3 VULCABRAS ON NM 6.86-1.86%-0.13Sell564.200K1.708B7.220.9723878.00Consumer Cyclicals
XBOV11 CAIXAETFXBOVCI 77.85-1.58%-1.25Sell10
XPCM11 FII XP MACAECI 94.98-1.37%-1.32Sell7.890K
XPML11 FII XP MALLSCI ER 98.49-0.36%-0.36Sell4.601K
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