Currency pairs of the European countries

The list of European currencies is mostly based on the European countries with a developed economy. EUR dominates the region since most of the states have adopted the currency as legal tender. It is one of the most-traded currencies in the world along with the CHF and GBP.

EURUSD Euro / U.s. Dollar 1.240.12%
GBPUSD British Pound / U.s. Dollar 1.40-0.05%-0.001.401.401.411.40Buy
USDCHF U.s. Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.93-0.04%-0.000.930.930.930.93Sell
EURGBP Euro / British Pound 0.890.19%0.000.890.890.890.88Buy
EURJPY Euro / Japanese Yen 132.300.29%0.38132.29132.32132.38131.72Sell
USDSEK U.s. Dollar / Swedish Krona 7.980.26%0.027.987.987.997.95Sell
USDRUB U.s. Dollar / Russian Ruble 56.420.07%0.0456.4256.4256.5656.24Sell
USDNOK U.s. Dollar / Norwegian Krone 7.780.04%0.007.787.787.797.76Sell
EURCHF Euro / Swiss Franc 1.150.03%
EURSEK Euro / Swedish Krona 9.910.35%0.039.919.929.929.88Buy
EURNOK Euro / Norwegian Krone 9.660.14%0.019.669.679.679.64Buy
USDPLN U.s. Dollar / Polish Zloty 3.33-0.41%-0.013.333.343.353.33Sell
EURAUD Euro / Australian Dollar 1.57-0.14%-0.001.571.571.571.57Buy
EURCAD Euro / Canadian Dollar 1.560.04%0.001.561.561.561.55Buy
EURPLN Euro / Polish Zloty 4.14-0.26%- Sell
EURDKK Euro / Danish Krone 7.45-0.00%-0.007.457.457.457.45Strong Buy
EURHUF Euro / Hungarian Forint 311.05-0.04%-0.14311.05311.16311.62311.05Buy
CADCHF Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.740.05%0.000.740.740.740.74Sell
CADEUR Canadian Dollar / Euro 0.64-0.08%-0.000.640.640.640.64Sell
CADGBP Canadian Dollar / British Pound 0.570.07%0.000.570.570.570.57Sell
USDALL U.s. Dollar / Albanian Lek 106.350.00%0.00106.35106.40106.35106.32Sell
USDBAM U.s. Dollar / Bosnian Convertible Marka 1.58-0.12%-0.001.581.581.581.58Sell
USDBGN U.s. Dollar / Bulgarian Lev 1.570.00%0.001.571.571.57Sell
USDBYN U.s. Dollar / Belarus Rouble 1.950.00%0.001.951.961.951.95Strong Sell
USDCZK U.s. Dollar / Czech Koruna 20.36-0.20%-0.0420.3620.3820.4620.36Sell
USDDKK U.s. Dollar / Danish Krone 5.99-0.10%-0.015.996.006.015.99Sell
USDGEL U.s. Dollar / Georgian Lari 2.450.20%0.002.452.472.452.45Sell
USDGIP U.s. Dollar / Gibraltar Pound 0.71-0.14%-0.000.710.710.710.71Sell
USDHRK U.s. Dollar / Croatian Kuna 5.980.09%0.015.985.996.005.98Sell
USDHUF U.s. Dollar / Hungarian Forint 250.32-0.16%-0.39250.25250.53251.31250.27Sell
USDISK U.s. Dollar / Icelandic Krona 100.130.08%0.08100.13100.61100.13100.13Sell
USDMDL U.s. Dollar / Moldovan Leu 16.48-0.48%-0.0816.4816.5916.5816.48Strong Sell
USDMKD U.s. Dollar / Macedonian Denar 49.29-0.12%-0.0649.2949.5949.5349.29Sell
USDRON U.s. Dollar / Romanian Leu 3.75-0.19%-0.013.753.753.763.75Sell
USDRSD U.s. Dollar / Serbian Dinar 95.01-0.30%-0.2895.0195.5895.0195.01Strong Sell
USDUAH U.s. Dollar / Ukrainian Hryvnia 26.99-0.02%-0.0126.9927.2427.0026.92Sell
EURALL Euro / Albanian Lek 129.700.00%0.00129.70135.70129.70129.70Strong Sell
EURBAM Euro / Bosnian Convertible Marka 1.960.05%0.001.951.951.961.95Buy
EURBGN Euro / Bulgarian Lev 1.960.00%0.001.961.961.96Buy
EURBYN Euro / Belarus Rouble 2.430.18%0.002.432.432.432.43Sell
EURCZK Euro / Czech Koruna 25.30-0.06%-0.0125.3025.3125.3725.30Sell
EURGEL Euro / Georgian Lari 3.06-0.57%-
EURGIP Euro / Gibraltar Pound 0.880.11%0.000.880.890.880.88Buy
EURHRK Euro / Croatian Kuna 7.44-0.10%-0.017.447.447.447.43Sell
EURISK Euro / Icelandic Krona 124.660.04%0.05124.66124.76124.66124.66Sell
EURMDL Euro / Moldovan Leu 20.51-0.50%-0.1020.5120.5420.6320.51Sell
EURMKD Euro / Macedonian Denar 61.41-0.00%-0.0061.4161.4461.4861.40Buy
EURNZD Euro / New Zealand Dollar 1.680.10%0.001.681.681.681.68Sell
EURRON Euro / Romanian Leu 4.660.07%0.004.664.664.674.66Buy
EURRSD Euro / Serbian Dinar 117.75-0.08%-0.10117.75118.55117.90117.70Strong Sell
EURRUB Euro / Russian Ruble 70.080.19%0.1470.0870.1070.1969.81Buy
EURUAH Euro / Ukrainian Hryvnia 33.66-0.04%-0.0133.6633.6633.6933.20Sell
GBPALL British Pound / Albanian Lek 149.310.00%0.00149.31149.56149.40149.31Strong Sell
GBPAUD British Pound / Australian Dollar 1.77-0.35%-0.011.771.771.771.77Buy
GBPBAM British Pound / Bosnian Convertible Marka 2.21-0.11%-
GBPBGN British Pound / Bulgarian Lev 2.200.00%
GBPBYN British Pound / Belarus Rouble 2.740.16%0.002.742.752.742.74Sell
GBPCAD British Pound / Canadian Dollar 1.76-0.15%-0.001.761.761.761.76Buy
GBPCHF British Pound / Swiss Franc 1.30-0.09%-0.001.301.301.301.30Sell
GBPCZK British Pound / Czech Koruna 28.55-0.23%-0.0728.5528.5928.6828.55Strong Sell
GBPDKK British Pound / Danish Krone 8.41-0.18%-0.028.418.418.448.41Sell
GBPEUR British Pound / Euro 1.13-0.17%-
GBPGEL British Pound / Georgian Lari 3.45-0.35%-0.013.453.463.453.45Buy
GBPHRK British Pound / Croatian Kuna 8.35-0.07%-0.018.358.458.368.35Sell
GBPHUF British Pound / Hungarian Forint 351.00-0.08%-0.27351.01351.42352.13351.00Buy
GBPISK British Pound / Icelandic Krona 140.660.04%0.06140.66140.91140.66140.66Sell
GBPJPY British Pound / Japanese Yen 149.350.14%0.21149.32149.39149.47148.84Sell
GBPMDL British Pound / Moldovan Leu 23.18-0.43%-0.1023.1823.2123.3223.18Sell
GBPMKD British Pound / Macedonian Denar 69.33-0.12%-0.0869.3369.3669.5069.33Sell
GBPNOK British Pound / Norwegian Krone 10.910.00%0.0010.9110.9110.9310.88Sell
GBPNZD British Pound / New Zealand Dollar 1.90-0.07%-0.001.901.901.901.90Sell
GBPPLN British Pound / Polish Zloty 4.68-0.35%-0.024.684.684.704.68Strong Sell
GBPRON British Pound / Romanian Leu 5.26-0.10%-
GBPRSD British Pound / Serbian Dinar 132.88-0.17%-0.22132.88133.88133.16132.88Strong Sell
GBPRUB British Pound / Russian Ruble 79.120.01%0.0179.1079.1379.3278.83Buy
GBPSEK British Pound / Swedish Krona 11.190.20%0.0211.1911.1911.2011.15Buy
GBPUAH British Pound / Ukrainian Hryvnia 38.01-0.03%-0.0138.0138.0138.0837.52Sell
CHFALL Swiss Franc / Albanian Lek 115.020.00%0.00115.02115.27115.04115.02Buy
CHFAUD Swiss Franc / Australian Dollar 1.36-0.12%-0.001.361.361.361.36Buy
CHFBAM Swiss Franc / Bosnian Convertible Marka 1.690.08%0.001.691.701.691.66Buy
CHFBGN Swiss Franc / Bulgarian Lev 1.700.00%0.001.701.701.701.69Buy
CHFBYN Swiss Franc / Belarus Rouble 2.110.17%
CHFCAD Swiss Franc / Canadian Dollar 1.350.04%0.001.351.361.351.35Buy
CHFCZK Swiss Franc / Czech Koruna 21.97-0.07%-0.0221.9721.9922.0521.96Buy
CHFDKK Swiss Franc / Danish Krone 6.47-0.01%-0.006.476.476.486.46Buy
CHFEUR Swiss Franc / Euro 0.87-0.01%-0.000.870.870.870.87Buy
CHFGBP Swiss Franc / British Pound 0.770.10%0.000.770.770.770.77Buy
CHFGEL Swiss Franc / Georgian Lari 2.65-0.53%-0.012.652.662.652.65Strong Buy
CHFGIP Swiss Franc / Gibraltar Pound 0.760.07%0.000.760.770.760.76Buy
CHFHRK Swiss Franc / Croatian Kuna 6.46-0.13%-0.016.466.466.466.45Buy
CHFHUF Swiss Franc / Hungarian Forint 270.130.05%0.13270.12270.34270.60270.08Buy
CHFISK Swiss Franc / Icelandic Krona 108.310.10%0.11108.31108.33108.31108.31Buy
CHFJPY Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen 114.910.28%0.32114.91114.93114.94114.41Sell
CHFMDL Swiss Franc / Moldovan Leu 17.80-0.56%-0.1017.8017.8217.9117.80Buy
CHFMKD Swiss Franc / Macedonian Denar 53.34-0.04%-0.0253.3453.3753.3853.29Buy
CHFNOK Swiss Franc / Norwegian Krone 8.390.06%0.008.398.408.408.36Buy
CHFNZD Swiss Franc / New Zealand Dollar 1.460.06%0.001.461.461.461.46Buy
CHFPLN Swiss Franc / Polish Zloty 3.60-0.28%-0.013.603.603.613.60Buy
CHFRON Swiss Franc / Romanian Leu 4.05-0.02%- Buy
CHFRSD Swiss Franc / Serbian Dinar 102.60-0.10%-0.11102.60102.65102.67102.31Buy
CHFRUB Swiss Franc / Russian Ruble 60.880.09%0.0660.8860.9060.9560.61Buy
CHFSEK Swiss Franc / Swedish Krona 8.610.34%0.038.618.618.618.57Strong Buy
CHFUAH Swiss Franc / Ukrainian Hryvnia 29.22-0.04%-0.0129.2229.2329.2528.82Buy
JPYCHF Japanese Yen / Swiss Franc 0.01-0.30%-
JPYEUR Japanese Yen / Euro 0.01-0.30%-
JPYGBP Japanese Yen / British Pound 0.01-0.18%-
AUDCHF Australian Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.730.22%0.000.730.730.740.73Sell
AUDEUR Australian Dollar / Euro 0.640.14%0.000.640.640.640.64Sell
AUDGBP Australian Dollar / British Pound 0.570.30%0.000.570.570.570.56Sell
NZDCHF New Zealand Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.680.01%0.000.690.690.690.68Sell
NZDEUR New Zealand Dollar / Euro 0.59-0.07%-0.000.590.600.600.59Buy
NZDGBP New Zealand Dollar / British Pound 0.530.09%0.000.530.530.530.53Buy
CZKBAM Czech Koruna / Bosnian Convertible Marka 0.080.00%
CZKDKK Czech Koruna / Danish Krone 0.290.05% Buy
CZKHUF Czech Koruna / Hungarian Forint 12.28-0.07%-0.0112.2812.2812.3112.27Buy
CZKPLN Czech Koruna / Polish Zloty 0.16-0.33%-
CZKSEK Czech Koruna / Swedish Krona 0.390.57%0.000.390.390.390.39Buy
DKKBAM Danish Krone / Bosnian Convertible Marka 0.260.00%
DKKCZK Danish Krone / Czech Koruna 3.39-0.09%-0.003.393.403.403.39Sell
DKKGIP Danish Krone / Gibraltar Pound 0.120.13%
DKKHUF Danish Krone / Hungarian Forint 41.70-0.12%-0.0541.7041.8041.8241.70Buy
DKKISK Danish Krone / Icelandic Krona 16.730.04%0.0116.7316.7616.7316.73Sell
DKKNOK Danish Krone / Norwegian Krone 1.300.11%0.001.301.301.301.29Buy
DKKPLN Danish Krone / Polish Zloty 0.56-0.25%-0.000.560.560.560.56Strong Sell
DKKRSD Danish Krone / Serbian Dinar 15.84-0.07%-0.0115.8415.8915.8615.83Strong Sell
DKKSEK Danish Krone / Swedish Krona 1.330.31%0.001.331.331.331.32Buy
HRKBAM Croatian Kuna / Bosnian Convertible Marka 0.260.00%
HUFBAM Hungarian Forint / Bosnian Convertible Marka 0.610.00%0.000.620.640.610.61Sell
HUFCZK Hungarian Forint / Czech Koruna 0.080.02% Sell
HUFDKK Hungarian Forint / Danish Krone 0.02-0.06%- Sell
HUFSEK Hungarian Forint / Swedish Krona 0.030.32% Buy
ISKDKK Icelandic Krona / Danish Krone 0.06-0.04%-
NOKBAM Norwegian Krone / Bosnian Convertible Marka 0.200.00%
NOKCZK Norwegian Krone / Czech Koruna 2.62-0.18%-0.002.622.622.632.62Sell
NOKDKK Norwegian Krone / Danish Krone 0.77-0.03%-0.000.770.770.770.77Sell
NOKISK Norwegian Krone / Icelandic Krona 12.890.01%0.0012.8912.9212.8912.89Sell
NOKPLN Norwegian Krone / Polish Zloty 0.43-0.44%-0.000.430.430.430.43Strong Sell
NOKRSD Norwegian Krone / Serbian Dinar 12.20-0.20%-0.0212.2012.2512.2312.20Sell
NOKSEK Norwegian Krone / Swedish Krona 1.030.41% Buy
PLNCZK Polish Zloty / Czech Koruna 6.110.26%
PLNDKK Polish Zloty / Danish Krone 1.800.32%0.011.801.801.801.79Strong Buy
PLNHUF Polish Zloty / Hungarian Forint 75.000.24%0.1875.0075.1575.0774.83Strong Buy
PLNRUB Polish Zloty / Russian Ruble 16.910.46%0.0816.9116.9216.9216.80Buy
PLNSEK Polish Zloty / Swedish Krona 2.390.69%0.022.392.392.392.37Strong Buy
RONSEK Romanian Leu / Swedish Krona 2.120.37% Buy
RUBDKK Russian Ruble / Danish Krone 0.11-0.11%-
RUBPLN Russian Ruble / Polish Zloty 0.06-0.46%-
RUBSEK Russian Ruble / Swedish Krona 0.140.14%
SEKBAM Swedish Krona / Bosnian Convertible Marka 0.190.00%
SEKCZK Swedish Krona / Czech Koruna 2.55-0.38%-0.012.552.552.562.55Sell
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