Currency pairs of the Americas

The economies of the US and Canada play the key role in exchange rates across the 2 continents. Several countries have pegged their local currencies to the USD while countries such as El Salvador and Ecuador even use the USD as legal tender.

EURUSD Euro / U.s. Dollar 1.240.09%
USDJPY U.s. Dollar / Japanese Yen 106.470.16%0.17106.47106.48106.66106.10Sell
GBPUSD British Pound / U.s. Dollar 1.40-0.06%-0.001.401.401.411.40Buy
AUDUSD Australian Dollar / U.s. Dollar 0.790.25%0.000.790.790.790.79Buy
USDCAD U.s. Dollar / Canadian Dollar 1.25-0.06%-
USDCHF U.s. Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.93-0.04%-0.000.930.930.930.93Sell
USDMXN U.s. Dollar / Mexican Peso 18.50-0.11%-0.0218.5018.5018.5318.46Sell
USDBRL U.s. Dollar / Brazilian Real 3.23-0.13%-
EURCAD Euro / Canadian Dollar 1.560.04%0.001.561.561.561.55Buy
CADJPY Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen 84.830.22%0.1984.8484.8484.9884.56Sell
USDANG U.s. Dollar / Netherlands Antillean Guilder 1.780.00%0.001.781.791.781.78Buy
USDARS U.s. Dollar / Argentine Peso 19.760.00%0.0019.7619.7619.7619.76Buy
USDAWG U.s. Dollar / Aruban Florin 1.780.00%0.001.781.801.781.78Sell
USDBBD U.s. Dollar / Barbadian Dollar 2.000.00%
USDBMD U.s. Dollar / Bermudian Dollar 1.000.00%
USDBOB U.s. Dollar / Bolivian Boliviano 6.860.00%0.006.866.966.866.86Buy
USDBSD U.s. Dollar / Bahamian Dollar 1.000.00%
USDBZD U.s. Dollar / Belizean Dollar 2.000.00%
USDCLF U.s. Dollar / Chilean Unidad De Fomento 0.020.00%
USDCLP U.s. Dollar / Chilean Peso 593.400.02%0.10593.40593.70594.10593.20Sell
USDCOP U.s. Dollar / Colombian Peso 2834.500.05%1.502834.502836.502834.502834.00Sell
USDCRC U.s. Dollar / Costa Rican Colon 566.000.03%0.17566.00576.00566.64565.83Buy
USDDOP U.s. Dollar / Dominican Peso 49.080.51%0.2549.0849.3849.0848.83Strong Buy
USDFKP U.s. Dollar / Falkland Islands Pound 0.71-0.14%-0.000.710.710.710.71Sell
USDGTQ U.s. Dollar / Guatemalan Quetzal 7.340.00%0.007.347.347.347.34Buy
USDGYD U.s. Dollar / Guyanese Dollar 205.480.00%0.00205.48210.48205.48205.48Buy
USDHNL U.s. Dollar / Honduran Lempira 23.46-0.17%-0.0423.4623.5623.5023.46Sell
USDHTG U.s. Dollar / Haitian Gourde 63.390.00%0.0063.3964.3963.3963.39Buy
USDJMD U.s. Dollar / Jamaican Dollar 125.190.16%0.20125.19125.69125.19125.19Buy
USDKYD U.s. Dollar / Caymanian Dollar 0.820.00%0.000.820.820.82Buy
USDNIO U.s. Dollar / Nicaraguan Cordoba 31.000.31%0.1031.0031.0031.0031.00Buy
USDPEN U.s. Dollar / Peruvian Sol 3.250.03%
USDPYG U.s. Dollar / Paraguayan Guarani 5569.100.00%0.005569.105619.105569.105569.10Sell
USDSRD U.s. Dollar / Surinamese Dollar 7.420.27%0.027.427.477.427.40Strong Buy
USDSVC U.s. Dollar / Salvadoran Colon 8.750.00%0.008.758.758.75Buy
USDTTD U.s. Dollar / Trinidadian Dollar 6.740.00%0.006.746.796.746.74Buy
USDUYU U.s. Dollar / Uruguayan Peso 28.460.00%0.0028.4628.5628.4628.46Sell
USDVEF U.s. Dollar / Venezuelan Bolivar 24938.000.00%0.0024938.0024988.0024950.0024938.00Buy
USDXCD U.s. Dollar / East Caribbean Dollar 2.700.00%0.002.702.702.70Buy
CADANG Canadian Dollar / Netherlands Antillean Guilder 1.420.10%0.001.421.431.421.42Sell
CADARS Canadian Dollar / Argentine Peso 15.760.06%0.0115.7615.7615.7815.73Buy
CADAUD Canadian Dollar / Australian Dollar 1.00-0.15%- Sell
CADAWG Canadian Dollar / Aruban Florin 1.420.09%0.001.421.431.431.42Sell
CADBBD Canadian Dollar / Barbadian Dollar 1.590.03%0.001.591.601.591.59Sell
CADBMD Canadian Dollar / Bermudian Dollar 0.790.03%0.000.790.800.800.79Sell
CADBOB Canadian Dollar / Bolivian Boliviano 5.530.10%0.015.535.535.535.51Sell
CADBRL Canadian Dollar / Brazilian Real 2.57-0.19%-0.002.572.572.582.56Sell
CADBSD Canadian Dollar / Bahamian Dollar 0.800.10%0.000.800.800.800.79Buy
CADBZD Canadian Dollar / Belizean Dollar 1.600.09%0.001.601.611.611.60Sell
CADCHF Canadian Dollar / Swiss Franc 0.740.04%0.000.740.740.740.74Sell
CADCLP Canadian Dollar / Chilean Peso 473.020.12%0.59473.02473.52473.26472.19Sell
CADCOP Canadian Dollar / Colombian Peso 2257.300.02%0.402257.302262.302261.202257.30Strong Sell
CADCRC Canadian Dollar / Costa Rican Colon 454.750.05%0.23454.75455.25455.49453.95Sell
CADCUP Canadian Dollar / Cuban Peso 0.800.03%0.000.800.800.800.80Sell
CADDOP Canadian Dollar / Dominican Peso 39.220.57%0.2239.2239.2739.2739.01Buy
CADEUR Canadian Dollar / Euro 0.64-0.08%-0.000.640.640.640.64Sell
CADFKP Canadian Dollar / Falkland Islands Pound 0.560.04%0.000.560.570.560.56Sell
CADGBP Canadian Dollar / British Pound 0.570.09%0.000.570.570.570.57Sell
CADGTQ Canadian Dollar / Guatemalan Quetzal 5.850.10%0.015.855.855.855.85Sell
CADGYD Canadian Dollar / Guyanese Dollar 165.590.10%0.16165.59166.09165.67165.59Sell
CADHNL Canadian Dollar / Honduran Lempira 18.72-0.11%-0.0218.7218.7718.7718.72Sell
CADHTG Canadian Dollar / Haitian Gourde 50.920.10%0.0550.9250.9750.9550.87Sell
CADJMD Canadian Dollar / Jamaican Dollar 100.000.18%0.18100.00100.05100.0599.86Buy
CADKYD Canadian Dollar / Caymanian Dollar 0.650.03%0.000.650.660.650.65Sell
CADMXN Canadian Dollar / Mexican Peso 14.74-0.17%-0.0314.7414.7414.7814.73Sell
CADNIO Canadian Dollar / Nicaraguan Cordoba 24.67-0.83%-0.2124.6724.7724.6724.66Sell
CADNZD Canadian Dollar / New Zealand Dollar 1.080.04%
CADPAB Canadian Dollar / Panamanian Balboa 0.790.01%0.000.790.800.790.79Sell
CADPEN Canadian Dollar / Peruvian Sol 2.590.09%0.002.592.602.592.59Buy
CADPYG Canadian Dollar / Paraguayan Guarani 4455.700.09%4.204455.704465.704457.904455.70Sell
CADSRD Canadian Dollar / Surinamese Dollar 5.930.33%0.025.935.945.945.91Sell
CADSVC Canadian Dollar / Salvadoran Colon 6.970.02%0.006.976.986.986.97Sell
CADTTD Canadian Dollar / Trinidadian Dollar 5.390.10%0.015.395.405.395.38Buy
CADUYU Canadian Dollar / Uruguayan Peso 22.730.10%0.0222.7322.7422.7422.70Sell
CADVEF Canadian Dollar / Venezuelan Bolivar 7.960.08%0.017.967.977.967.94Sell
CADXCD Canadian Dollar / East Caribbean Dollar 2.150.03%
GBPCAD British Pound / Canadian Dollar 1.76-0.13%-0.001.761.761.761.76Buy
CHFCAD Swiss Franc / Canadian Dollar 1.350.02%0.001.351.361.351.35Buy
JPYCAD Japanese Yen / Canadian Dollar 0.01-0.23%-
AUDCAD Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar 0.990.19%0.000.991.001.000.99Strong Buy
NZDCAD New Zealand Dollar / Canadian Dollar 0.93-0.04%-0.000.930.930.930.93Buy
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar / U.s. Dollar 0.740.01%0.000.740.740.740.74Buy
ANGSRD Netherlands Antillean Guilder / Surinamese Dollar 4.16-0.27%-
ARSBRL Argentine Peso / Brazilian Real 0.160.03%
BOBBRL Bolivian Boliviano / Brazilian Real 0.470.04%0.000.470.470.470.47Sell
BRLARS Brazilian Real / Argentine Peso 6.11-0.03%-
BRLBOB Brazilian Real / Bolivian Boliviano 2.14-0.04%-
BRLCLP Brazilian Real / Chilean Peso 183.900.26%0.48183.90184.40183.90183.40Sell
BRLCOP Brazilian Real / Colombian Peso 874.40-0.07%-0.60874.40879.40880.90874.40Strong Sell
BRLMXN Brazilian Real / Mexican Peso 5.73-0.00%-0.005.735.745.755.72Sell
BRLVEF Brazilian Real / Venezuelan Bolivar 7724.10-0.04%-3.307724.107724.207729.207724.10Buy
CLFCLP Chilean Unidad De Fomento / Chilean Peso 26879.600.05%14.4026879.6026882.6026879.6026865.20Strong Buy
CLPBRL Chilean Peso / Brazilian Real 0.01-0.28%-
COPBRL Colombian Peso / Brazilian Real 0.000.07%
MXNBRL Mexican Peso / Brazilian Real 0.170.00%
VEFBRL Venezuelan Bolivar / Brazilian Real 0.000.00%
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