Ripple - XRP Daily Detailed Analysis |19 April 2018

Hello Traders

Here's another detailed daily analysis of Ripple - XRP, but first, make sure to check out my previous analysis in Related Ideas section. We nailed the target by only 0.01$ difference which is impressive!

I believe we have started our journey of Intermediate wave 5 where the next long term target could be around 0.97 - 1.00 $.

From swing and day trader perspective; I am anticipating a correction stage for next 24-48 hours. There's a strong support around 0.69157$ region. This is a critical zone, if this support breaks, we will enter wave 1 territory zone which means the Elliott wave count has failed.
However, there is more chance that we keep up from this region, where it seems to be 0.618 fib level and also as I mentioned, there's a strong support. In this case, we can expect wave 5 to reach higher highs.

  • First Scenario :
    (Doubble top)
    Target = 0.74 - 0.75 $

  • Second Scenario :
(More bullish )

Target = 0.79 - 0.80 $

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author : R.N behind_crypto