XRP The Sleeping Giant

So XRP what do you have in store for us today....

Supposed rumors of an AMEX CEO stating that tests utilising XCurrent/XRapid were "successful", "And in a matter of seconds, through this test, our clients were able to transfer funds in a very transparent and seamless way, from one part of the world to the other one.”

Could be false hope, or it could be the start of a sentiment switch in this market, who knows. Anything can happen as we are aware. Big moves can happen over night, within minutes. As traders/investors, we want to find the
times when the market is telling us the easiest part of the story. This waiting around, waiting for volume is fine and all, it gives us time to clear our minds are take a step away for a minute, focus.

SO, Where do I think the market is heading in the next few weeks to a few months.

I believe by December 31st we will be in a completely different climate, discussing completely different things. My original standpoint was that we were going to be in a multi-year bear market, which is what the historical data
led me to believe but if we scale the chart back (Set vertical to Logarithmic) you can see that, Yes, we do have a long way down. However, the market moves both ways. We are waiting for a reaction rally in the realm of 70-80 cents
which is where our resistance level lies.

From 30 cents, where we currently are, we can fall 50% towards 15 cents, worst case scenario in the weekly time frame for anyone holding.

In the opposite direction we have nearly 221% to climb towards the Major resistance around $0.80-$1, pushing further we could see an almost exact 1000% increase from this point on, buying XRP for the long term, is definitely
a good idea if you're not interested in trading it. The opportunities we have around us are plentiful, currently my short term outlook is bearish , with possible signs of an upcoming bullish reversal towards 80 cents.

Lets see what happens guys.

Comment: We've just crossed the major weekly trend line and are fighting to stay above or below it, usually we would see a reaction rally here. Could be a false break to the upside and then down towards 20-25 cents... maybe lower...

Potential for a retrace is strong however and would analyse carefully before making a decision as to how to trade this... I'm gonna wait till monday morning kicks off..
Comment: Nice little price spike in the last 12 hours. If it carries on and its not just some false hope we could be reaching 35-45 cents again in no time!
Comment: Honestly i have a slight feeling this could be a fake bullish breakout what we are seeing here. In my opinion though the size of that candle is definitely important to take note of.

Stay cool guys
Comment: Nice 10-20% profit there guys, well done if you took the long option.
Comment: Can we break $0.40? Volume is high at the moment we make a push towards $0.44 first, retrace and hopefully stabilise at $0.40 for the next stage of accumulation towards $0.50!

Keep a close eye guys stay safe
Hopefully trade in the green range zone before climbing higher, if volume dips and we start slumping, we may head back towards 28-29 cents and play around in the support region
Comment: Keep a close eye on this one, If we can hold the $0.40 support region we may head higher towards $0.50. HOWEVER, volume has dropped and there is a "more" probable chance of hitting $0.36 cents very soon before moving higher.


do you think XRP has the potential to push back down to the .28 region in the next couple of weeks?