Nem coin great option to invest for a long term

POLONIEX:XEMUSD   NEM / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
NEM uses PoI, also known as proof-of-importance. This means that (unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum ), NEM is environmentally friendly, and more secure. Unlike mining Bitcoin and Ethereum , network upkeep does not require hundreds and thousands of electricity-hogging mining machines.
A NEM node can be run on a computer as simple and cheap as a Raspberry Pi, which is only $35 and takes up very little electricity.
NEM is also superior in security. It uses EigenTrust++ for node reputation, which is not used in any other cryptocurrency, and strengthens the security of the network considerably. It also uses localized spam protection, which shuts down spammers, and only the spammers, when the network is at full capacity. Both are only found in NEM.
NEM was built with a two-tier design in mind as well. If you want a wallet, you don’t need a full node and a copy of the blockchain. Instead, you can just connect to any node, and have access to all the same features without trusting it.

The price went down in the last 3 days from 0.19 to 0.179 and it's a great moment to buy cause as you can see in the graph it shows that the volume is increasing will take time to reach $1 but can rise to 0.30 in the next 2 weeks what will increase your investment by 50% for the long term can rise by more than 5000%
Trade active: NEMcoin raised by 5 cents since my forecast
for every 1000$ investment you could have made $279
and in the future, it will be more than that


wait soon for the correction downside than you can sell and buyback and make a profit on the differences.
I cant recommend how much to buy, cause I don't know how much you can buy I don't know your financial situation.
Between 2000USD to 10000USD will be great for a 2 years investment.
johnk006 LeoAbramovich
@LeoAbramovich, OK you aim to the range I thought about i will start with 2K thanks.
looking forward for your other predictions.

Sounds interesting, How much you recommend to buy ?
thx for the tip for NEM , yesterday because I listened your tip, I made profit on bitcoin
LeoAbramovich mikeburton456
@mikeburton456, Happy to hear trying to assist as much as I can.
I wrote NEM and it adds next to it percentage of something else I meant NEM Coin (XEM)