GOLD (XAUUSD) | Above 900 pips profit💸

GLOBALPRIME:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Hello traders, In the 4-hour timeframe, the trend on Fibonacci is 0.618, and according to the previous analysis, if it is flat, we expect a 3-wave and a 5-wave .
Now wave B is completing in daily time, this wave has probably formed wave A and now we are inside wave B, wave B is on Fibonacci 0.618 and for the target of 2000 we have to deduct 0.78 from the current price or finally Fibonacci. In order to reach the desired goal in the zigzag shape of wave B in daily time, if it is flat.
In this time frame, I came to the conclusion that in both cases (flat or zigzag ) we have a climb ahead. If this break breaks the resistance of 1845, the flat pattern will be confirmed, but it is better to break its next resistance, 1900, to be completely sure of the climbing trend. .
If you only see this analysis, please see the previous analysis as well, because all the analyzes are related to each other and show you the direction of the trend at different times, so that you can finally get a comprehensive and accurate view of this wonderful market.
Friends, if you are interested in putting a signal at the bottom of each analysis, write in the comments✍🏻
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