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Forecast: Gold price action could push a bit higher, but it all depends on 10Y Bond Yield. Trade safe!

About Gold Next Week #
A weekly 3-10-minute forecast video on Gold price for the coming week. I'll also follow up with charts throughout the week as price action develops patterns and pivot reversals points.

- Market sentiment
- Gold Shares, EFT's A-z
- $Dollar
- US10Year T-note

System: I use a hybrid blend of Wave Principle price action, Fibonacci ratios, RSI indicator and some Market Data.
Disclaimer: nothing talked about in this video should be regarded or seen as trade advise, a trade call, a recommendation, or a trade signal. Do your own due diligence or seek advice from a licensed professional before entering a trade.

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Comment: Update! #gold price has been in bearish trend most of the day, London session. Since US session opened we have seen bullish momentum. Perhaps price will go for the $1873 @ 38% fib-level. But we'll see... and trade safe.

Comment: Update! Beautiful Head & Shoulders pattern developed yesterday. Hope some of you cot it...

Mostly sideways trading in US session yesterday. Asia session opened overnight and pushed price higher the same with London session this morning.

Still have target 1 @ $1873 intraday, but we'll see.

Trade safe!
Comment: Update! $1863 and then dropped.

My $1873 target is still insight, but it might not be today, perhaps tomorrow or Thursday?
If price action does some bullish reversals pattern you could find some long trade, but be careful...

Trade safe!
Comment: Update!

Price reversed @ $1839 ish and closed US session @ $1856
Overnight in the Asian session and this mornings London session price has trade sideways. but that might change when US session opens, but we'll see...

From a technical perspective the structure price action is developing is still in favor going to the upside towards 38, 50 and 0.618% fib-level.

Trade safe!
Comment: Caught this beauty on the 1-min... chart today...

Too be honest I am not in profit this week, around break even, but I have two more days too turn that around.

#Gold price has been very messy as I said it would in the Video on Monday. Trade safe and plan your trade and trade your plan.

I'll be back tomorrow...

Comment: Thursday Update!
US session did not show much strength at all. Asia session opend push price a bit higherin the first couple of hour, but price dropped $1836 ish... Londons session, sideways trading. perhaps we'll see some upside?

Have pinpointed my targets for today to keep eye on...
Trade safe!
Comment: Update! Price hit some targets as expected and then dropped. Trading #gold intraday can be annoying because price action is ruthless... one really has to be patient and stick to a disciplined trade plan.
Trade safe!

Comment: Update! Yet another Friday price drop. #Gold price might break the low on Monday? And if it does we might see some bullish pull back on Monday 18th. But we'll see...

If you study the Chart in close first and second week of 2021 you'll see similar behavior form Mondays to Fridays in Price Action.

Trade safe! Have a great weekend.