OANDA:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
Gold is still indecisive while bulls and bears fight this one out. While the trend remains in the up channel we can expect a bounce around here.
USD showing some signs of volatility surround trumps impeachment so a breakout to the downside is on the card for sure!

There are too many buyers in this market for further downfall in my opinion. Trade with care :)

Whether you are a bull or bear, GOOD LUCK!


good work
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I like your work but do you think that price is going tk head down to about 1700? with everything happening in the US at the moment then have a bounce and head back up? or do you think that price is heading upwards now and it won't go down further for a retest?
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xsk UnknownUnicorn8281097
@UnknownUnicorn8281097, If I knew the answer to this question, my broker would hate me! I have read many many financial reports that suggest Gold will be in excess of 2000's in the upcoming year. However the route it takes to get there is under question.

There seems to be a lack in bull power at the moment hence the bears taking over this pair. it is possible for further downside, however I am favouring a long position here. if a breakout of the trend above occurs I will look to enter a short position.

I am currently holding a long position from 1855. It is your own judgement and do not be easily convinced.
@xsk, Yeah I read some articles and feel that price is going up to the 2000's its just when. I was in a short trade but got out right before markets shut in the last dip. After doing some more analysis im feeling like getting long if price break above the resistance area that it is in now. Thanks for the help
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xsk UnknownUnicorn8281097
Yes I think wait for a clear breakout in a direction. We are starting to see some support here and price returning to the 1863 resistance should follow shortly! A breakout about 1863 and then above 1870 would show signs of a powerful bullish move to the upside! Entry just after these levels are breached are the perfect time to enter. Trade with the trend never against it (just wait for the trend to identify itself)! Good luck!
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@xsk, Thank you mate and Hope the trade goes your way
Fantastic analysis