OANDA:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
So yesterday saw highs of around 1788, i think im late to the party todat but i think its fair to assume that due to the bull volume the same range might be tested. I have taken an impulsive entry and maybe it was even an early entry but lets see how it goes now. ill give it another few hours.
Comment: The idea is not really going as planned and i have started feeling nervous, but this is exactly what happened yesterday and the price tested higher areas.

I mean its the last day of the week so how would that impact the currency dollar.
Maybe give it another hour but again the question is how much DD williing to go. Its safe in a way because gold eventually will become bullish. Its the intra-day which is the issue.

Please comment relating fundamentals


Nice stuff, try making your charts a little cleaner, itll make your life a lot easier. if you scroll through my old charts they were messy and confusing, now that ive simplified them, much nicer.
zarazaib NasBaz
@NasBaz, Thank you so much for the comment, trust me I get so tempted to remove everything, but don't know think I've become used to this, I open another clear one sometimes, but trust me I know what you mean, I have started looking into oil and those aren't as messy, will share that someday, would love for your thoughts. Thank you
NasBaz zarazaib
@zarazaib, igy, trust me click that bin in the bottom left, limit your self to a max of 6 support n resistence lines on the 4hr chart, refine zones on the 1hr and youll see a big change. regarding oil, i dont really like trading it too much because of the high swaps, i did ride it from $58 to $68. im deffo stayin away from it now as i think well start seeing a decline as demand flattens out