USDWTI Daily. Being 2 steps ahead.

Hello everyone. I hope it goes all well for You. I have been working this set up out this evening. Crude Oil seems to be struggling and is not giving us a wild rally eventhough we had two consecutive very bullish stockpile reports. The first one that came out on July the 6th has not endured the bears pressure and session closed much lower than the days high. Have a look Yourself and please share Your view at this idea with us! It may be a little bit too optimistic and too far ahead reaching, but what makes us successfull if not being endlessly positive about our own ideas? As You can see above we have a bullish butterly forming out in the space of the next several weeks. The trend has been respected as well as supply/demand levels along with fibonacci have been accomplished. I hope the idea is well explained. Should You have any questions, advises or even different, more sensible idea? Feel free to message me!


Thanks for posting. Wave C SL should be hit by now.
coast2207 hungbui
@hungbui, No problem. The Crude Inventories are out of their mind, doesnt normally happen that way in the era of drilling boom. Next call is to double the position and entry at 49.30$/Barrel with TP moved 1 yellow line higher. What do You think ?
hungbui coast2207
@coast2207, Im waiting for a pending dip then buy actually. Lets see today EIA report.