I remain short on USDTRY...

OANDA:USDTRY   U.S. Dollar / Turkish Lira
I have a vision of a diminishing double-wave system. The fractals behind the wave system are also visible in the analysis. From this, I can see that the exchange rate adjustment is going down. The doubling of the first-sided fractal may be the major part of the now-waning declining wave. In case my analysis is correct, the target price for the exchange is 5.51121usd


In, and green!
a nice set up, I love your fractal analysies, it sometimes feels like you speak a different language to most traders but your results speak for themselves!
meszaros Slippery09
@Slippery09, I always appreciate the successful feedback. That's why I'm glad you can make a profit with my analysis. These analyzes do not include risk management. These are calculated by each trader himself. I think a lot about presenting live trades. Those are more exciting.
Slippery09 meszaros
@meszaros, If you need a guinea pig... Ha Ha, cheers buddy, I've just opened a very small spread bet account and I'm trying to build up some capital for it, just taking safe trades, need to turn £250 into £1000 for my first target.

(not my only account)
meszaros Slippery09
@Slippery09, Well, if I calculate 300% profit ...... well ..... permanently hard to achieve. I only know 14-16 hour daily trading, but only approach it.