Correction wave structure.

FX_IDC:USDHUF   U.S. Dollar / Hungarian Forint
Correction wave structure. On the USDHUF pair, I would like to show how the structure of the correction wave develops. If we look at the figure, it can be seen that the size of the descending wave structure indicated by the red line is the same. At the end of each descending wave structure, there is a correction wave marked "A". We also see that the correction wave "A" doubles at the end of each descending wave structure. A very good example of how a descending wave structure is transformed into an ascending wave structure. But let’s move on to the USDHUF movement. You can see that a turn is visible at the current level. The resulting ascending wave structure may double (8A) at the preceding (4A) ascending wave structure. It could also mean that the USDHUF could embark on a lasting uptrend. Target price: 340 HUF