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The biggest market crash in history is coming very soon! If you cant see this and see that the market is in a massive bubble propped up by stimulus money that will soon be stopped then you shouldn't be trading. I can see new lockdowns coming this winter which will see businesses close down again, many of them wont re open and will go bust which will mean thousands of people losing jobs therefore having no extra money to spend or invest and a housing market crash is just round the corner.

The market has been very easy to trade lately, every time it makes a new high it has a sharp drop which means investors are scared and so they should be! If you factor into this a possible massive cyber attack that could send the market to hell then you really would be stupid to buy into the market.

These are scary times in the market... only if you don't know what you are doing! If you have your eyes open then this could be a very good time to make yourself rich.

On the chart i have key levels marked out that have been used as strong support and resistance , 34859 was broke last week which was a strong level so my next target is 34164.

Hope this information has helped you :)


Good Analysis pal even though my sell target is at 35150.
Brilliant Mate, after yesterday down can you see it going down more?
Premier_FX KU13HAL
@KU13HAL, Thanks, yes i sure can. Message me for a chat if you want.
The market and the economy now relies on stimulus... Why do you believe they will stop injecting the market with steroids....
@BIGFDGE, Things can only get pumped for so long before it bursts. They cant keep printing money and giving it people for free. Have you seen how much debt the US is in?
Premier_FX alexdws
@alexdws, Deffo mate