Stocks getting hammered with this risk off mood and although it might not be the time to go bottom picking, I certainly don't want to miss out on this dip. As things stand, the UK is set to open up in the coming weeks, vaccine roll out continue to be a success, and therefore I am adding some FTSE100 to the list of things to buy.

Long - 7030
TP- 7300
SL - Nothing firm in place at the moment.


hey would you say you are a fundamental trader or technical?
@RyanPerry, Both, I will consider fundamentals in order to have a macro view on the market so that I have a view on which direction it's heading (and possible factors that could serve as headwinds) and then I will exercise technicals to look for an entry point into the market weather that be to go long or short. Only if both views add up, I will place the trade.