TESLA - The Bumpy road Ahead. (Let's hope the suspension is good)

Faced with a slumping stock price and questions about demand for its vehicles, Tesla has lowered the US base prices of its two most expensive models.

The company on Monday cut $3,000 from the price of the Model S sedan and $2,000 from the Model X SUV.

Tesla wouldn't say if slowing sales influenced the decision. But the company did say it periodically adjusts prices and available options like other car companies. Tesla says the decreases offset price increases from a month ago when it offered longer battery range and added a new drive system and suspension.

The Model S now starts at $71,250 while the X starts at $71,950. Both prices don't include federal and state tax credits.

All this leads us to the conclusion that tesla stock price is still over valued.

Let's put some real world perspective on this.

Ford sell about 2,000,000.00 word wide per year.
Currently there stock is worth around $9 USD.

Tesla figures Deliveries = 76,230+ Vehicles, Production = 83,922 Vehicles and there stock is worth over $200 USD.

Something's very wrong here.
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