TSLA update.

NASDAQ:TSLA   Tesla, Inc
TSLA update. keeps your analysis accurate. Therefore, I move from the lower level of the accumulation range to the long position. The target price remains unchanged at 1196.16usd


It could happen. I like TSLA. How does one determine a stoploss in the scenario?
meszaros Captain_Walker
I put STOPLOSS under the yellow square (accumulation range). 760 usd below. Another problem has arisen. This is the VIX index. Apparently volatility is expected to increase. The big question is whether investors will climb the "wall of fear" or jump off it. Seeing the current dollar strengthening, now my suspicion is that they are preparing to jump. In the event that this scenario is met, I look forward to taking the Tesla long position. Because right now, I see cyclical stocks rising during the mini panic. Mine companies, Biotech companies, or crypt currencies.